April 23, 2021

The World’s Most Beautiful Types Of Pigeons

The pigeons that we see in cities are just the tip of the feathered iceberg but there are lots of beautiful and unusual pigeon species that many of us haven’t ever heard of.

Pigeons become more interesting when you start learning more about them. Some scientists argue that the common city pigeon, the rock pigeon, might have been the very first bird that humans have ever domesticated. They’re featured as figurines, in mosaics, and on coins from ancient Mesopotamia since at least 4500 BC.

Some of us may have thought more than once that pigeons might be dumb sometimes, but that’s not the case. In 2017, some researchers published a study that proved that pigeons understand the concepts of space and time, just like humans and primates. Also, pigeons are expert navigators. They can find their way back to their nests from 1.3k miles (nearly 2.1k km) away. And the coolest part is that they’re able to do this even if they’ve been taken from their nests and moved in complete isolation and rotated so they don’t know which direction they’re moving in.

1. Brown Frillback Pigeon


2. Victoria Crowned Pigeon

The Virginia Zoo

3. The Nicobar Pigeon

Sue Demetriou

4. Pink-Necked Green Pigeon


5. Bronzewing Pigeon


6. Jacobin Pigeons


7. Indian Fantail


8. Blue Crowned Pigeon

9. Grey Frillback Pigeon

10. Lahore Pigeon


11. Red White Roller Pigeon


12. Archangel Pigeons


13. English Trumpeter Pigeon

Graham Manning

14. English Barb


15. Brunner Pouter Pigeon


16. Lahore Pigeon


17. Old Dutch Capuchine


18. Fantail Pigeon