April 21, 2021

World’s Most Expensive Private Islands Available on Rent

Have you ever thought of escaping from everything in a worthy world of your own with your loved ones? Imagine in a desert or beach islands where there isn’t a single soul in sight, in a luxury yacht ride in a hypnotic sunset backdrop. Below we have a list of the world’s most expensive private islands that are dripping with luxury and memorable experiences.

Satellite Island, Tasmania

Nestled off the Tasmania coast, this was the erstwhile home of a writer, which was discovered on a French expedition during the late 18th century. Though initially it was much sought after as an observatory, today is acts a luxurious private retreat for those looking for some lonesome relaxation. Apart from a plethora of indigenous bird species sea eagles and robins, guests can experience a range of activities such as kayaking and scuba diving. The privately-owned island can be rented for around a dozen people max at $3,900/night.

Wadigi Island, Fiji

There will only be hosted six guests at a time at this swish Fiji getaway that is accessible only via a short helicopter ride from Nadi International Airport. What makes it so unusual and memorable is that the 5-star luxury property brings together the best of idyllic beaches, gourmet cuisine, and state of the art accommodation. Also, the adjoining Monuriki Island served as a shooting location for Tom Hank’s flick, Castaway. Apart from a dedicated boat captain, guests have 27 by 7 access to a couple of chefs and housekeepers. Priced between around $2,400 to $7000/night.

Lizard Island, Australia

Believed to be the continent’s most exclusive island, Lizard Island is nestled about 150 miles from Cairns. Though it survived a couple of destructive cyclones, the island was renovated and brought back to its luxurious appeal. There are two dozen pristine sand beaches apart from the crystal clear sea and perennially pleasant weather. Lizard Island has 40 well-appointed suites and villas to costs around $6000/night.

Dolphin Island, Fiji

The 14-acre private holiday retreat belongs to Alex Heerren of the Huka Retreats. He completely revamped the island a few years ago to offer vacationers the ultimate castaway feel, which is unfortunately available only on a very selective basis. The cost is around $6000/night for a maximum of 8 guests. Guests staying here are treated to everything from scrumptious, fresh seafood, and headily beautiful tropical weather. Participate in a range of water sport activities or enjoying endless pampering sessions at the spa, which uses only oil extracted from native plants for all treatments.

Thanda Island, Tanzania

Nestled a mere 16 nautical miles from the mainland coast of Tanzania, Thanda Island is owned and run by a couple of Swedish businessmen. It is evident that the duo is concerned about natural ecology and keeping the landscape spotless. There is a private reserve, solar-powered energy, lots of walking trails, and a bunch of water adventure activities diving and snorkeling. A three-night stay costs $10,000/per night on a full board basis only.

The Brando, French Polynesia

The Brando is named after none other than Marlon Brando himself. This is where the tumultuous and quintessential poster bad boy of Hollywood penned his memoirs. Nestled half an hour away from Tahiti, it is soaked in luxury and ecologically rich. The dozen-odd islands were rumored to be bought by the actor of $200,000. Today The Brando features 35 elegantly appointed villas nestled atop gorgeous, secluded beaches, which can be rented for a whopping $18,500/night.

Cousine Island, the Seychelles

Cousine Island’s greenery and flourishing vegetation are due to the owner’s conversation efforts. Located 1000 miles to the east of Africa, this 62-acre island offers among a range of other swish amenities, a library bar, an open restaurant, a gorgeous freshwater pool, and a recently revamped two-bedroom Presidential Villa that opened in 2016. Guests at the island can enjoy customized local and international delicacies, made by expert chefs. The luxe private island can house 12 adults (in addition to 6 children) with full board at $26,000/night.

Ariara Island, Philippines

A one and half hour flight from Manila brings visitors to this stunning 120-hectare island that promises absolute luxury and privacy. Ariara features eight well-appointed villas, each of which offers endless ocean views. The villas are nestled smack in the middle of a well-preserved natural environment and can house no more than 18 guests at a time. Guest residences offer sprawling bedrooms that are replete with four-poster beds, marble baths, private balconies, and large walk-in wardrobes. The cost of hiring Ariara Island for six guests is $30,000/night.

Musha Cay, Bahamas

Musha Cay is a luxury destination owned by illusionist David Copperfield, spread across 150 acres and encircled by 10 islands on the ultra swish Copperfield Bay, one of which is equipped with a mammoth private jet landing strip. The island is available on rent only to handpicked guests, thus ensuring absolute discretion and seclusion. Musha Cay offers 5 luxuriously appointed beach homes with tons of facilities including a large beach cinema, billiards, and a sprawling tennis court. There’s an in-house entertainer. Musha’s rental is $39,000/night for max 24 guests.

Coco Prive Kuda Hithi, Maldives

Coco Prive is known to be of one Maldives’ most private and swish islands. It opened about 5-6 years ago and has been much sought after by luxury seekers since. The primary accommodation is a two-storied residence (flanked by palm trees). There are also 5 single bedroom villas, with a couple of them outfitted with infinity pools. Guests have yachts, speedboats, and a range of waters sports equipment at their disposal. Coco Prive also has around the clock spa and a chef who whips up delicious, customized meals. Renting the island will put you back by a whopping $45,000/night for a group of 10 guests.

Isla Tagomago, Ibiza

This celebrity favorite island nestled off the Ibiza coast is known for its serene appeal. Come night, and Ibiza transforms into a hub for party lovers wanting to make the most of the region’s glitz and glamour. The island, of course, is a tranquil retreat away from boisterous nightclubs but is still with 5-10 minutes from the party hotspots. Isla Tagomago is also a short drive away from Ibiza’s international airport. The rent is $109,000/week. Guests can enjoy multiple activities such as bird watching and water sports.