April 14, 2021

You Can Find These Cute “Please Don’t Die” Planters On Etsy And Get Some Green Thumb Vibes

Bringing the outdoors inside is trending. From fresh farmers market bouquets to succulents galore, Pinterest-worthy plants are all the rage. But, it’s not just about beautifying your space– there are some unbe-leafable benefits for your well-being when you go green. Fresher air. Fewer toxins. Good vibes—it’s a win-win. But there’s one lil issue for some of us – we can’t seem to be able to keep those plants alive for long.

For those of you who, like me, aren’t very good at keeping plants alive, here’s a plant pot with the same words you say to those plants every time you actually remember to water them – PLEASE DON’T DIE.

If your green thumb isn’t the most vibrant, but you refuse to stop collecting plants, this planter couldn’t be more perfect.

Etsy | PixieCutsBoutique

Anyone who has houseplants can relate to these cheeky pots, even if you have a “green thumb.” Finally, your plants can speak their mind. This matte white ceramic planter dipped in a glossy black coating and stamped with “Please Don’t Die” is the perfect new home for your little plant-babies.

This is truly the motto for many of us as we nervously go to give our plant baby a drink of water.

Etsy | Sabrina

For less than $10, I think it’s a good idea to give this pot a chance and see if it spikes the green thumb vibe.

If you’re looking for a more confident approach, check out this “I Will Survive” planter. If your plant’s home thinks good thoughts, then good things should happen, right?

Etsy | GoHugACactus

This planter is $15 from Etsy seller GoHugACactus.