Boyfriend Demands Code To Safe Full Of Gems “As A Show Of Trust,” Causes Tension When Girlfriend Refuses

Trust is a cornerstone of any relationship. Being open with your partner about everything should be prioritized. However, not when it violates your personal boundaries and turns into disrespect, or even worse, gaslighting. Everyone has things they only keep to themselves, not because they don’t trust someone knowing it, but simply because it doesn’t affect them and they have nothing to do with it.

Indeed, some people trust their partners with their phone or bank passwords, and many own joint bank accounts. However, this is always a choice that the individuals must come to together. And if that choice is made, it’s usually only after years of living together and likely trusting each other with one another’s life. 

However, not everyone is willing to make that decision, especially if there’s no solid reason to do so or the relationship is not strong enough. What happened in the Reddit user’s safegfthrowaway case is that her boyfriend asked her to share code to a safe full of gems that the woman had acquired. His reasoning for knowing the code was, “because we are living together now I should trust him and give him the code.”

The woman turned to the AITA subreddit with a legit question, asking, “AITA for refusing to give my partner the code to my safe?” Redditors didn’t leave the woman hanging and gave objective insights about the situation. Continue scrolling to read the full story and what the Internauts had to say. Also, let us know what you think about it. And if you are interested in more AITA stories, find more of them herehere, and here.

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A woman recently shared how her boyfriend asked her to reveal the code to her safe full of valuable collectibles “as a show of trust”

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Realizing that something was not okay about this, the woman asked the Internauts to share their insights on the situation

Source: safegfthrowaway

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Source: safegfthrowaway

The woman also clarified a few things people asked about in the comments

Source: safegfthrowaway

NTA. Redditors unanimously sided with the user and expressed their support, saying she had every reason to get suspicious about her boyfriend’s sudden interest in learning the code

Woman Embarrassed When TSA Checked Her Luggage And Found “An Abundance Of Pancake Mix,” Folks Share Similar Stories

Going through the TSA could be one of the most boring and annoying things you have to go through in an airport. After all, if you know you’re a law-abiding citizen, then you know that this process does not have anything out of the ordinary. You hand them your package, you run through the scanners, and you’re done.

Chelsea could have thought of the same, not until her luggage full of pancake mix made rounds online. In a Tweet, she posted a picture of a TSA officer inspecting her luggage containing pancake mix. She said that she apologized to the officer for such bizarre content, but the latter just brushed it off, saying, “Never apologize for being who you are.”

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The TSA finds a lot of objects inside people’s luggage every day, but one that is full of pancake mix is a unique find

Image credits: Chelsnii

She was then dubbed as the “Pancake Mix Girl” overnight, according to her tweet a day later

Image credits: Chelsnii

After the incident, Twitter users began to share their own weird, wacky, and funny TSA luggage stories

Image credits: EmilyYV68

Image credits: anamaytions

Image credits: mrx7loma

Image credits: 3Baracuda

Image credits: to_jlawrence

Image credits: Artsy_Marxist

Image credits: gehennan

Image credits: ArtofAprilAnna

Image credits: beth_morton

Image credits: AdaMcVean

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