Coworker Blasts Guy With Texts Calling Him “Childless Man Child” Because He Refused To Cover Her Shift So She Could Attend Her Son’s 1st Birthday

Oh, the joys of working in retail. An employer who doesn’t miss an opportunity to remind you that they cay can replace you in a heartbeat. Rude, entitled customers who believe they are better than everyone else. And many more problems people working in retail and other customer service jobs face daily: understaffing, unrealistic job expectations, low pay, and long hours. Often, the only positive aspect to look for in a job is the colleagues. However, not everyone is lucked out with them either.

Recently, a man turned to Reddit’s AITA community with a rather interesting post. On his day off, the man received a text from his boss asking to cover his colleague’s shift because it was her son’s 1st birthday. The OP already had plans for that day, so he texted the manager that he couldn’t come in. “He then went off on me about how I was horrible and heartless,” the OP wrote in the post.

Soon enough, his coworker, named Brenda, whom he had to cover, texted him how awful he was and that the OP “could never understand because [he’s] a ‘childless man child.'” She also said, “it’s people like [the OP] that ruin childhoods.”

However, people in the community thought the opposite and believed that OP did nothing wrong. Continue scrolling to read the full story the OP has shared in the community and what the members of it had to say. What’s your opinion on this situation? And if you are interested in reading more AITA stories, check the recent ones we’ve covered by clicking herehere, and here!

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The coworker blamed a guy for not covering her shift and called him a “childless man child”

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A retail worker turned to the AITA community, asking for some perspective on a situation he ended up in

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The OP also made a post update, saying that the coworker herself contacted him, but he ended up blocking her

Image source: MayITakeYourGoat

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Redditors unanimously sided with the OP and were surprised by how rude and entitled Brenda was and by the very unprofessional behavior of the boss

Woman Embarrassed When TSA Checked Her Luggage And Found “An Abundance Of Pancake Mix,” Folks Share Similar Stories

Going through the TSA could be one of the most boring and annoying things you have to go through in an airport. After all, if you know you’re a law-abiding citizen, then you know that this process does not have anything out of the ordinary. You hand them your package, you run through the scanners, and you’re done.

Chelsea could have thought of the same, not until her luggage full of pancake mix made rounds online. In a Tweet, she posted a picture of a TSA officer inspecting her luggage containing pancake mix. She said that she apologized to the officer for such bizarre content, but the latter just brushed it off, saying, “Never apologize for being who you are.”

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The TSA finds a lot of objects inside people’s luggage every day, but one that is full of pancake mix is a unique find

Image credits: Chelsnii

She was then dubbed as the “Pancake Mix Girl” overnight, according to her tweet a day later

Image credits: Chelsnii

After the incident, Twitter users began to share their own weird, wacky, and funny TSA luggage stories

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Image credits: mrx7loma

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Image credits: hunterrrrrr

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