25 Times People Discovered Infuriating Things About Their Homes And Shared Them Online

Many of us probably had a vision that by the age of 25, they will have a good-earning job and a roof above their heads and maybe a family by the time they’re 30. Can someone explain how the average earning person in his mid-20s can have enough money to purchase their first home? Even a one-bedroom apartment at the other end of the city costs way more than the average person could afford. Unless you’ve invested in Bitcoin early enough or started selling NFTs, then, lucky you.

Not everyone came from a wealthy background or was lucky enough to find an affluent spouse or a partner. Of course, there is an option to take out a loan (because a student loan wasn’t enough). Yet, not everyone is eligible to do that, and interest rates can fluctuate drastically. Not everyone wishes, or has the option, to stay and live with their parents. Therefore, renting seems to be the only available solution for many.

Let’s say you finally rented out your first place, and very likely, it was on the lower end of the price range. And you probably have no clue what people lived here before you. In this popular thread on Reddit, people share “Mildly Infuriating” things they’ve located in their rented homes. Below we’ve selected the most annoying examples, so sit back and call yourself lucky if you don’t have any “mildly infuriating” things in your home!

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#1 A Lovely Paint Job

Image source: Scaulbylausis

#2 I Am Forced To Look At This Every Time I Get Up

Image source: rwhereemy

#3 To The Guy That Said His House Is Infinite Content For This Sub.. I Call Your Crooked Floor Vent And Raise You 3/4 Of An Electrical Outlet

Image source: Cityboy216

#4 Found This On Instagram

Image source: ilomaphys

#5 The Door I Had To Get Through Last Night To Get To My Room

Image source: swimingle

#6 Woke Up This Morning To My Light Full Of Water. Our Apartment Is Brand New

Image source: euphoricbirthdaycake

#7 I’m Doing Renovations And My Roomba Found A Tiny Piece Of Sheetrock

Image source: AStrangerSaysHi

#8 I Get Mad Every Time I Walk Past This

Image source: littlecasiosounds

#9 Woke Up And Saw My Door Removed By My Parents. I Asked Them “Why?” And The Replied With “Privacy Isn’t Necessary”

Image source: MadaraJaeger_69

#10 Sitting Under This “Vent” All Summer Wondering Why I Wasn’t Getting Any Cooler…

Image source: studiojiggly

#11 My Father Forgot To Tell Me The Renovations Would Be Taking The Stairs Out Today

Image source: murderously-funny

#12 The Cable Guy Installed The Cable Through Our Hula Hoop That We Left Out

Image source: reddit.com

#13 I Feel Like This Happens To Me More Often Than It Should

Image source: CryOky

#14 Can You Feel The Heat Of My Fury?

Image source: Linorelai

#15 The Door On This House

Image source: Hoarselyoutgrow986

#16 My Brother’s Girlfriend Moved In With Us, And She Refuses To Use Cutting Boards. This Is What Our Kitchen Table Looks Like Now. They’re All Over It

Image source: urinternetmom

#17 This

Image source: chefmacari

#18 Bro How Stupid Can You Be

Image source: xedox7

#19 The Image Speaks For Itself

Image source: CricketMeson

#20 So I Just Bought This Chair And None Of The Reviews Mentioned This…

Image source: milksteaku

#21 Sunlight Through The Window Melted My Keyboard

Image source: thecheesycheeselover

#22 House Sitting For Uncle. Reached The Final Boss Of The Game “Unfamiliar Shower Controls”

Image source: GundoSkimmer

#23 Turns Out My “Thermostat” Is Actually Just Hanging On A Nail And Doesn’t Control The Temperature Whatsoever. Shout Out To The Best Landlords Ever

Image source: batlex

#24 Our Landlord Keeps Saying There’s Nothing Wrong With Our Shower…

Image source: Cheddar18

#25 Removing A Cheap Mirror Glued To The Wall, Only To Find An Even Cheaper Mirror Glued To The Wall Beneath It

Image source: musicalvoyyeur

30 Examples Of “Reverse Pinterest” When An Item Is Brought Back To Its “Original Glory” After Someone Ruined It

On Pinterest, we find all sorts of aesthetically pleasing objects. Some of those objects were refurbished and recolored to make them look warm, young, and fresh. However, modifying objects like that could ruin their original aesthetic.

That’s where the Reverse Pinterest community comes in. The members of the community showcase their works that undo the modifications Pinterest could have done to their objects. Below, you’ll see 30 such de-modification and you’ll be surprised at how amazing the original structures look!

More info: Reddit

#1 Stripping Paint Is The Absolute Worst. Three Weeks After Staring I’ve Finally Made It, Boys. Just Picked Up Another Similar Dresser Painted Brown. Why Do I Do This To Myself

Image source: teaphillips

#2 American Of Martinsville Dresser That I Tried My Best To Restore

Image source: LaneyWynne

#3 Restauration Process, Finished!

Image source: Cristi57875e

#4 60s/70s Wine Bar Restoration

Image source: huddythef5th

#5 Under 3 Coats Of White Paint And 1 Coat Of Green, Was This Beautiful Rimu Timber

Image source: kombilyfe

#6 Facebook Marketplace Makeover

Image source: Unpurified-Water

#7 Before And After

Image source: jose01337

#8 The Abuse Is Finally Over

Image source: Antiquarryian

#9 Johnson Carper Ronda Saved From Teal Spray Paint

Image source: Snail-Party

#10 Painted Antique Mantle Restoration Transformation

Image source: senor_roboto

#11 Stanley Furniture “Linear Precision” Credenza

Image source: Mike_Michaelson

#12 Forgot To Take A Pic Of The Finished Product Without Stuff On It But! My First Reverse Pintrest On This $10 Genuine Mahogany Dresser That Had Been Spray Painted

Image source: stanleysteamers

#13 I Bought This Coffee Table In 2018 For $15 At A Flea Market Because It Was Cheap And I Needed Something For My Living Room. Finally Got Around To Stripping It This Weekend

Image source: account-info

#14 The ‘Distressed’ Console That Caused Me Such Distress

Image source: Ioewe

#15 Reversed This $10 Fb Marketplace Kroehler Side Table

Image source: sevem

#16 I Saw This Desk On Cl For $50 And Drove From San Antonio To College Station To Pick It Up. Restored It In American Oak And Black Lacquer

Image source: noljos

#17 Was Told To Post Here. Before And After De-Pinteresting

Image source: subatomic50

#18 Restored This Johnson Carper Fashion Trend Desk. This Paint Did Not Want To Come Off

Image source: kevinciviced7

#19 Something I Did A Few Weeks Ago. 🙂

Image source: CobraMarmalade

#20 Behold, The Most Satisfying Reverse Pinterest Of 2021

Image source: teaphillips

#21 Thrift Store “Rescue”

Image source: Nayiru

#22 Lane Acclaim Side Table Hidden Under Pea Green Paint!

Image source: Bittersweet025

#23 Thought Y’all Might Appreciate My Efforts

Image source: Mike_Michaelson

#24 Beautiful Wood Grain Revealed

Image source: omgcatss

#25 I Put Two Months Of My Time On Weekends And After Work To Remove The Awful Paint From This Gorgeous Danish Teak Desk With Floating Legs!

Image source: PoachedPears

#26 Heard You Guys Like A Good Before And After

Image source: mkgw0530

#27 Thinking My Recent Rehab Of This Pre-Pinterest Paint Job Would Be Enjoyed Here

Image source: mlkandtoast

#28 First Time Rehabbing A Piece. Broyhill Sculptra Dresser. Few Mistakes With The Finish Due To Impatience. But I’m Happy With It For A $30 Thrift! All Thanks To Dashner Restoration Youtube Channel

Image source: CheesyChips

#29 Vintage Console I Stripped A While Ago

Image source: SusieOPath

#30 I Was In Desperate Need Of A Dresser And Bought This Cheap. 7 Layers Of Paint Later I Found This Beautiful Wood Underneath

Image source: jillybean41

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