30 Household Objects That Many People Don’t Realize Are Actually Life-Threatening

Not everything comes with its own safety warnings. This applies mostly to common household objects like knives because, well, they’re common, they’re used a lot, so why do we need to inform people how to use knives if they use them every day?

However, it’s worth noting that carelessness is one of the major causes of injuries. And as the folks from this Reddit thread pointed out, there are objects at home that spell doom if used or operated incorrectly. So if you have any of these 30 objects at home, please take caution in using them. After all, a can opener can still cut you even if you’re not a can, and a butter knife can’t tell if you’re a butter or not!

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Smoke detectors, if you forget to change the battery or you don’t check if your smoke detector is still working, undetected smoke at night when you are sleeping could kill you.

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Image source: pfghost, Alabama Extension

Pressure cooker


Image source: Novel-Structure-2359, cyclonebill

A peanut

The number of idiots who think it is so cool to catch peanuts in their mouth. The risk of it sailing into your lungs is far higher than you think.



Improperly handling just about any food can easily kill you or leave you wishing you were dead.

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I have an important story!!

When my dad was a kid, one of his good friends died by inhaling Pam cooking spray. The boy was a good, smart kid and just thought inhaling Pam would get you a little high, like sniffing a Sharpie or whatever. But Pam coats your lungs and very quickly suffocates you if you breathe it in. He had no idea how dangerous it was and he was dead in minutes. It was absolutely devastating for everyone who knew him.

TLDR; never ever inhale Pam and be very careful leaving it around kids! Make sure your kids are aware that it is deadly!


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The two most common types of accidental death in the home are falls in bathtubs and from ladders.


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Candles. Just because they’re trendy and smell nice, doesn’t mean they’re not still a naked flame that can cause a housefire that can kill you in your sleep.


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Not sure if this is entirely related but i feel like it’s surprising that most people don’t know that you can’t put out a grease fire with water


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Using compressed air cans near a stove.


Inserting a copper penny into a screw-in fuse box circuit as a “temporary measure” until replacement fuses can be obtained.

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I remember all the boilers being super dangerous when I was younger. I can’t really remember why because they where being fazed out in the UK when I was growing up but it was either carbon monoxide or they could blow up

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Acetaminophen (Tylenol).

OD’ing on it only takes about twice the amount on the box’s directions, which is very low compared to other common medications. Its negative effects are kidney failure, which starts with kidney pains, but quite quickly leads to a painful death.

It is scarily common. People first take Tylenol for a good reason but they take too much, so they start feeling kidney pain, so they take more Tylenol for that kidney pain, because they think it’s harmless and should help to feel good. By the time it gets bad enough that they go to the ER, they’re already dead, their body just doesn’t know it yet.

Always follow medication directions, particularly on Tylenol.

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A humidifier

I thought I cleaned it well but apparently you need to drown it in bleach and or hot water to get all that bacteria out from giving you a severe lung infection


A stovetop espresso maker.

The method of operation is the water in the bottom chamber boils, and the steam pressure pushes up the hot water through the coffee grounds into the upper pot.

There is only one safety on these things, and it’s the valve on the water tank. If the water is filled too high so it covers the valve, you’ve made a pipe bomb. If the coffee is ground too fine or tamped and the safety valve is blocked it WILL explode and send boiling coffee and water everywhere.

Luckily this is very easily avoidable. Never fill the water over the safety valve, and never tamp the coffee in the basket.

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Too much of certain spices. Some spices contain small amounts of exotic substances, that when consumed too much of, can easily cause organ failure.


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Bleach and other cleaners accidentally mixed together.


Garage door opener – specifically the springs. Those springs have a crapload of tension in them and if you mess with them they can mess you up. I had a contractor working at the house and he set up his work area in the garage. While he was working, one of the springs just broke on its own. He was okay, but he said it was so loud he thought a car had crashed into the garage.

Source: Thirty_Helens_Agree


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Car jack.

If it fails and you didn’t use jack stands, and you can’t bench press a couple thousand pounds….. you gonna die.


Image source: anon, Peachtree Pressure

Pressure washers. The jet immediately penetrates the skin, injecting whatever’s inside the washer or lining the washer into the blood stream. Even new, first time use cases can cause severe damage to the body. Do NOT play with pressure washers.


Image source: Flowy_Aerie_77, Charles Brewer

Wet floors, usually bathrooms. Anything that can make hitting your head easier can kill.

Also, rotten potatoes exhale a gas that can be bad if you are in a closed room with a fairly large amount of them. It can kill within seconds.

Brew did a video about it on YouTube.


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Every electrical appliance and outlet because it only takes about 10ma of current to start causing a heart to stop beating. And most homes have at least 100 amp main breakers and I know my place has a 200 amp main, they won’t pop when it kills you either.

Tons of the stuff in our homes has some sort of plastic in it. They get hot and can give off fumes that will at the very least make us sick and may even start to smoke but not be hot enough to cause the smoke to rise to set off a smoke detector.


Image source: MedChemist464, danielle_blue

Unsecured free-standing shelves are pretty dangerous, ESPECIALLY for kids who might try to climb on them.


Image source: chut2906, Siyavula Education

Apparently people can die from hair dryers catching fire. Because they sleep with them.

Reading warning labels on household objects really gets me questioning how humans aren’t all dead from idiocy.


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Cold and flu products/pain killers containing paracetamol . You’re suffering. You taken paracetamol, then lemsip, then more paracetamol, then more lemsip etc, before you know it you’ve had 8g of paracetamol. Your liver starts to fail.

Read medicine labels. Don’t mix paracetamol products.


Image source: no-one-p, Ramesh NG

Lithium batteries, idk if this is a normal household object but it burnt my whole 3200 sq ft house in 30 mins


Image source: Quixidiocy

Dryer lint causes nearly 3,000 fires every year. Source: Karen Kilgariff’s dad.


Magnets. Toddlers will put *anything* in their mouth. If they swallow one magnet, they’ll likely be fine. If they swallow two, they can have intestinal perforation. Without the words to communicate what’s wrong, it can easily be deadly

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Eye drops, like the kind that removes redness. Slipped into a drink for example even a small amounts can cause cardiac issues or even death as the vasoconstricting properties can stifle blood flow to the heart

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you should clean ur toaster bc if too many bread crumbs collect they could actually catch fire thru the heat of the toaster.


Due to certifications like UL, and GFCI outlets in kitchens and bathrooms, there is way more safety built into things than decades ago. Certain woodworking tools are the first to come to mind, but most people realize they are dangerous. Using a table saw wrong and having it launch a board at your face? Or pulling yourself down onto it could easily cause fatal injuries if someone isn’t around to offer quick medical assistance. Lathes, mills, or drill presses can be super dangerous if they snag any loose clothing or hair and pull you in. It seems the people who are least aware of the danger are people who are fairly new to using them so they know the basics but end up overconfident and assume they know everything they need to know.

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30 Examples Of “Reverse Pinterest” When An Item Is Brought Back To Its “Original Glory” After Someone Ruined It

On Pinterest, we find all sorts of aesthetically pleasing objects. Some of those objects were refurbished and recolored to make them look warm, young, and fresh. However, modifying objects like that could ruin their original aesthetic.

That’s where the Reverse Pinterest community comes in. The members of the community showcase their works that undo the modifications Pinterest could have done to their objects. Below, you’ll see 30 such de-modification and you’ll be surprised at how amazing the original structures look!

More info: Reddit

#1 Stripping Paint Is The Absolute Worst. Three Weeks After Staring I’ve Finally Made It, Boys. Just Picked Up Another Similar Dresser Painted Brown. Why Do I Do This To Myself

Image source: teaphillips

#2 American Of Martinsville Dresser That I Tried My Best To Restore

Image source: LaneyWynne

#3 Restauration Process, Finished!

Image source: Cristi57875e

#4 60s/70s Wine Bar Restoration

Image source: huddythef5th

#5 Under 3 Coats Of White Paint And 1 Coat Of Green, Was This Beautiful Rimu Timber

Image source: kombilyfe

#6 Facebook Marketplace Makeover

Image source: Unpurified-Water

#7 Before And After

Image source: jose01337

#8 The Abuse Is Finally Over

Image source: Antiquarryian

#9 Johnson Carper Ronda Saved From Teal Spray Paint

Image source: Snail-Party

#10 Painted Antique Mantle Restoration Transformation

Image source: senor_roboto

#11 Stanley Furniture “Linear Precision” Credenza

Image source: Mike_Michaelson

#12 Forgot To Take A Pic Of The Finished Product Without Stuff On It But! My First Reverse Pintrest On This $10 Genuine Mahogany Dresser That Had Been Spray Painted

Image source: stanleysteamers

#13 I Bought This Coffee Table In 2018 For $15 At A Flea Market Because It Was Cheap And I Needed Something For My Living Room. Finally Got Around To Stripping It This Weekend

Image source: account-info

#14 The ‘Distressed’ Console That Caused Me Such Distress

Image source: Ioewe

#15 Reversed This $10 Fb Marketplace Kroehler Side Table

Image source: sevem

#16 I Saw This Desk On Cl For $50 And Drove From San Antonio To College Station To Pick It Up. Restored It In American Oak And Black Lacquer

Image source: noljos

#17 Was Told To Post Here. Before And After De-Pinteresting

Image source: subatomic50

#18 Restored This Johnson Carper Fashion Trend Desk. This Paint Did Not Want To Come Off

Image source: kevinciviced7

#19 Something I Did A Few Weeks Ago. 🙂

Image source: CobraMarmalade

#20 Behold, The Most Satisfying Reverse Pinterest Of 2021

Image source: teaphillips

#21 Thrift Store “Rescue”

Image source: Nayiru

#22 Lane Acclaim Side Table Hidden Under Pea Green Paint!

Image source: Bittersweet025

#23 Thought Y’all Might Appreciate My Efforts

Image source: Mike_Michaelson

#24 Beautiful Wood Grain Revealed

Image source: omgcatss

#25 I Put Two Months Of My Time On Weekends And After Work To Remove The Awful Paint From This Gorgeous Danish Teak Desk With Floating Legs!

Image source: PoachedPears

#26 Heard You Guys Like A Good Before And After

Image source: mkgw0530

#27 Thinking My Recent Rehab Of This Pre-Pinterest Paint Job Would Be Enjoyed Here

Image source: mlkandtoast

#28 First Time Rehabbing A Piece. Broyhill Sculptra Dresser. Few Mistakes With The Finish Due To Impatience. But I’m Happy With It For A $30 Thrift! All Thanks To Dashner Restoration Youtube Channel

Image source: CheesyChips

#29 Vintage Console I Stripped A While Ago

Image source: SusieOPath

#30 I Was In Desperate Need Of A Dresser And Bought This Cheap. 7 Layers Of Paint Later I Found This Beautiful Wood Underneath

Image source: jillybean41

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