Sister-In-Law Ignored This Woman’s Request And Ruined Her Expensive Chair, Woman Asks If She’s A Jerk For Losing It And Insulting Her Weight

There’s a specific reason certain items and furniture pieces come with instructions and, if applicable, weight limitations. And the reason is to ensure safe and proper use, clear as the sky is blue, one might think. However, that’s not so apparent to everyone.

Recently, a woman turned to the famous AITA subreddit with a sincere question: “AITA for making my SIL feel like shit about her weight?” So apparently, a 35-year-old woman was accused of body shaming after she couldn’t contain her anger at her sister-in-law. While visiting, the latter broke her cherished hammock chair after being told it wouldn’t hold her weight. To make it clear, the chair’s weight limit was 250 lbs, and the SIL weighed around 420 lbs. Nevertheless, she still sat on the chair, and that’s when the woman heard ” a loud crash.”

The chair was a precious gift from the Original Poster’s eldest son, so it was a sentimental piece of hers. However, the SIL didn’t seem to be bothered too much by breaking OP’s gift. OP’s husband seemed to side with his sister and called it “just a [fricking] swing.” SIL didn’t even try to reimburse or apologize for the inconvenience. Instead, she has resorted to saying that the OP is a “[crap] bag for making her feel like her weight is a problem.” 

The OP turned to the AITA community to find out whether she was really the jerk in this situation. Redditors delivered a pretty unanimous verdict, but you’ll have to scroll to the very end to find it out. Also, what’s your opinion on this situation? Let us know in the comments. And if you are interested in reading more AITA stories, check out the recent ones we’ve covered by clicking herehere, and here!

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This woman recently revealed how enraged she was after her sister-in-law knowingly ruined her beloved hammock chair

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The story sparked a lot of discussion in the community, and here’s what people had to say about it

Woman Embarrassed When TSA Checked Her Luggage And Found “An Abundance Of Pancake Mix,” Folks Share Similar Stories

Going through the TSA could be one of the most boring and annoying things you have to go through in an airport. After all, if you know you’re a law-abiding citizen, then you know that this process does not have anything out of the ordinary. You hand them your package, you run through the scanners, and you’re done.

Chelsea could have thought of the same, not until her luggage full of pancake mix made rounds online. In a Tweet, she posted a picture of a TSA officer inspecting her luggage containing pancake mix. She said that she apologized to the officer for such bizarre content, but the latter just brushed it off, saying, “Never apologize for being who you are.”

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The TSA finds a lot of objects inside people’s luggage every day, but one that is full of pancake mix is a unique find

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She was then dubbed as the “Pancake Mix Girl” overnight, according to her tweet a day later

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After the incident, Twitter users began to share their own weird, wacky, and funny TSA luggage stories

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