Husband Is In Shock After His Wife Bursts Into A Meeting To Scream At Him For Turning His Phone Off

It’s relatively easy to notice an abusive relationship looking at it from the side. However, people involved in an abusive relationship often fail to see the signs and recognize insulting behavior towards them. Because of the feelings and perhaps a sense of attachment, they tend to find excuses and justify the partner’s abusive behavior.

However, thankfully, closest people or even strangers get involved and warn us about the potential dangers of hostile relationships. Some time ago, a man turned to the famous AITA community with a concern of his, which screamed ‘red flags.’ His story goes that his wife barged into his workplace during an important meeting, but the security then escorted her out. The man asked, “AITA for watching and not doing anything while my wife was being kicked out of my company?”

Please scroll below to read the full story of how the OP ended up in this situation and learn all the background details because they are crucial to understanding the whole story. Also, below you will find what people from Reddit’s AITA community had to say about it and whether he was a jerk about it or not. What do you think? Do you see the signs of a controlling relationship in the OP’s case?

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A husband shared on Reddit how his wife interrupted an important meeting at his job to yell at him for turning his phone off

Image credits: RODNAE Productions (not the actual photo)

Source: throwra37736

Image credits: Vanessa Garcia (not the actual photo)

The security had to escort the woman out of the building because she caused actual mayhem at the meeting

Source: throwra37736

Redditors have unanimously sided with the husband and advised him to get out of the relationship ASAP

30 Photos That Provide A Different Perspective On Events, Places, And Things We Think We Know, As Shared On ‘Alternate Angles’

We often look at things from a certain point of view and judge them accordingly.  However, sometimes, the picture is turned and we are introduced to a whole new angle that we weren’t aware of before. In that case, our perspective about that thing or situation changes too.

Whether it’s a life situation or a photograph, different perspectives matter. The r/AlternateAngles subreddit shows some photos that might change the way you look at certain events and places. Scroll below to see some of their best posts.

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#1 The 15 Mile-Long Shadow Of Mt. Fuji In Japan

Image source: obviousoctopus

#2 Forbidden Angle

The worst angle for a picture of a seal

Image source: Jack7074

#3 Under A Mushroom Cap

Image source: PatatasFrittas

#4 The Inside Of A Cello

Image source: starwoodpeel

#5 Saturn’s North Pole Is A Hexagon

Image source: ignotuswithapurpose

#6 World, Pacific Ocean View

Image source: Blueblanketboy5

#7 Don’t Know About You, But I Very Rarely See Images Of The Grand Canyon Taken From Right Down At The Bottom. It’s A Very Long Way Down, And In A Sense A Much Longer Way Back Up – That Might Be The Reason

Image source: Craxy-Polly-Sparaxy

#8 Last Photograph Of The Last Run Of Ladder 118 As It Crosses The Brooklyn Bridge… None Of The Firefighters Would Survive

Image source: tenniskitten

#9 Hedgehog Getting An X-Ray

Image source: streepke

#10 The Two Sides Of A Neon Sign

Image source: JPScurry

#11 The Sahara Desert With A Snowfall On It

Image source: Frangifer

#12 Looking Up – The Eiffel Tower

Image source: Quizchris

#13 Great Pyramid Of Giza (From The Sky)

Image source: del_454

#14 Sunset From Space

Image source: valenTD925

#15 The Iconic Photo Of Michael Jordan Which Turned Into The Logo

Image source: Blueblanketboy5

#16 A Flying Giant Squirrel From India (Petaurista Philippensis) Caught In The Act On A Sunny Day

Image source: PatatasFrittas

#17 I’ve Never Walked Directly Under An Electricity Pylon Before! There’s Some Brilliant Symmetry

Image source: CondemnedHog

#18 Albert Einstein Before His Famous Photo With His Tongue Out

Image source: applejuicegrape

#19 New York’s Manhattan Without Skyscrapers

Image source: Okama_G_Sphere

#20 News Anchor From The Other Angle

Image source: bkuri

#21 John & Yoko Waiting For The Maid To Make The Bed So They Can Continue Protesting Against The System

Image source: HighMacGuy

#22 Penguin Feathers

Image source: imac1987

#23 Venice From Above

Image source: idk_what_a_name_is

#24 A Picture Of The Colosseum From The Sky

Image source: matiwi

#25 An Elephant Trunk Seen From Below

Image source: PatatasFrittas

#26 The Oval Office Between Presidents

Image source: fonziefonz

#27 Not Sure If This Counts But, The Grand Canyon View From A Plane

Image source: LexiaRaikkonen

#28 Mary Poppins Movie, 1964

Image source: still-at-the-beach

#29 The Sphinx From Above

Image source: Adventurous_Self_995

#30 Cars Never Claimed From Giants Stadium Commuter Lot After 9/11

Image source: ilovebostoncremedonu

#31 Mount Rushmore Before The Presidents Were Carved In. It Was Called Six Fathers At This Point

Image source: Craigsandrew

#32 Aerial View Of Over 400,000 People At The Woodstock, 1969

Image source: SeasonedTimeTraveler

#33 William D. Nuñez Took This Picture Of Aa Flight 175 On September 11th, Seconds Before The Plane Hit The South Tower

Image source: Kaffine69

#34 A Photo Of Central Park During The Great Depression (1933)

Image source: Kaffine69

#35 Queen Elizabeth Wax Figure

Image source: brkgnews

#36 A Picture From The Boom Operator Of Me Refueling On My 100th Mission Over Afghanistan

Image source: Kaffine69

#37 Michelangelo’s ‘The Creation Of Adam’ As Seen On The Sistine Chapel Ceiling

Image source: John-Piece

#38 C-3po

Image source: AnUdderDay

#39 Underside Of A Horseshoe Crab

Image source: rfc1118

#40 Ghostbusters Firehouse Cleaned Up

Image source: BallShapedMan

#41 Golden Gate Bridge Under Construction

Image source: Blueblanketboy5

#42 View Of Taj Mahal From One Of The Corners. Photo By Me, November 2021

Image source: doctorbrunner

#43 A Mall Christmas Display From Above. Also A Little Funny

Image source: thelaureness

#44 I’d Never Seen This Angle Of The Sydney Opera House And It Looked Different To Me

Image source: OutdoorSandwich

#45 The Space Shuttle From The Top

Image source: InsufficientFrosting

#46 Daft Punk Without Their Helmets On

Image source: TatersGonnaTate1984

#47 Alternate Hairstyles For Dorothy [wizard Of Oz]

Image source: Okama_G_Sphere

#48 A Rare Picture Showing Michael Jackson’s Vitiligo

Image source: Kaffine69

#49 The Mushroom Cloud From An Atomic Test Is Seen From Fremont Street In Downtown Las Vegas, 1955

Image source: Kaffine69

#50 Las Vegas Police Facing Mike Tyson After He‘D Just Bitten Evander Holyfields Ear Off 1996. What He Saw

Image source: SeasonedTimeTraveler

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