Bold and Unapologetic Photoshoot Captures the Feminine Side of Masculinity

Nir Arieli is a photographer from Tel Aviv, who moved to New York right after I finished his mandatory military service in Israel, where he serves as a staff photographer of the military’s magazine. Later on, he got a scholarship to the School of Visual Arts and did my BFA there. His work has been displayed in galleries worldwide and it’s totally worth your attention.

“While photographing for the military I realized that I was less interested in the heroic classical masculine image but I was more interested in what I called “the in-between moments” when the soldiers were resting or just waking up and emotionally unguarded. When I was in school, I remembered these moments and decided to look for them in young men, and to make a point that being vulnerable is beautiful and legitimate, to men as much it is for women,” shared the artist when reached out by Earthwonders.

1. Robert

Nir Arieli 

One of his recent series Men, speaks up about gender norms and the role they play in our society. We are raised with a set of differentiates between genders. Focusing on boys only this time, the photographer highlights the stereotypes they’re raised throughout their lives. Boys don’t cry, don’t play with dolls, don’t wear dresses or heels. This great, inspirational shoot empowers men to embrace their feminine side.

“I like to think that my main inspiration comes from dance and dancers. Dancers, and particularly male dancers, have been the focus of my work for years and I learned to love and understand the complexities of this art form while shaping my own style of what I like. Some dancers that inspire me I tend to get back to for different projects, and some choreographers teach me about athletics and styles. To drop some names, I love contemporary powerful female choreographers such as Sharon Eyal, Crystal Pite, and Aszure Barton,” added Arieli.

2. Paul

Nir Arieli 

For his subjects, Arieli selects men who freely exhibit characteristics normally reserved for feminine territory. He tries to expose a component of masculinity that was buried in the course of human history under rigid gender conventions.

Gentleness, uncensored emotion, vulnerability – all of these became, under the influence of the social evolution, cursed and repulsive characteristics when manifested by men. The artist believes that both men and women are born with the same emotional spectrum and that we should all be allowed to feel and show it, and he hopes that by photographing these men he will look in the mirror, stand by their side and educate others.

Scroll down below to check out his work, and for more, you can visit his  Instagram | | Facebook.

3. Billy

Nir Arieli 

4. Bjorn

Nir Arieli 

5. Hanno

Nir Arieli 

6. Matt

Nir Arieli 


7. Mike

Nir Arieli 

8. Tal

Nir Arieli 


9. Ariel

Nir Arieli 

10. Kayode

Nir Arieli 

Instagram Vs Reality- This Internet Group Has Shared the Times Where Instagrammers Edited Their Photos Way too Much

With the beauty standards rising up every day people perceive that they have to look at a certain way. This weight falls mostly on women. How they have to look and behave is controlled by these beauty standards.

The filters over on every social media promoting the “perfect look” is trending and almost everyone uses them. Sometimes the before and after photos photoshopped or with filters are totally different from their natural ones.

Especially the selfie culture has changed the ways we see beauty beyond recognition. These filters and adjustments beauty tools can make the person on the photo anything but pretty.

I mean come on… they can be quite noticeable thus this group on Reddit has shared some of their Instagram vs. Reality saga.

Some of them will just leave you shocked or saddened by the harsh truth. Yes… I know seeing Kylie Jenner not being like that may break some of the hearts here.

But anyway, however, the case is let’s just focus on embracing our natural beauty and conform to some standards the society has made for us.

1. What she posted vs photos from the event


2. Instagram vs relaxed stomach


3. Instagram Picture vs. Livestream


4. The strange unproportioned look


My Friend Met This Girl And She Looks Nothing Like This


5. What She Posts vs. A Screenshot I Took From A Video


6. Body positivity


7. Hi Humans


8. Tagged vs. Posted. She Actually Looks Really Good For 72 Y/O But Can’t Help Herself With The Photoshop


 9. Intestines ? Never Heard Of Them


10. Skin Texture? Never Heard Of It


11. Fitness Model Transformation


12. The difference its uncanny


13. This side profile is……


14. This Model Makes Herself Look Easily 25 Years Younger And It’s Crazy


15. She Can Touch The Sky With Those Legs


16. I thought the post was a joke but she was dead serious


17. The filter/editing made him look like another humanoid Ken


17. When your diet makes your waist disappear


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