Injured Postal Worker Maliciously Complies With This Rude Customer’s Demand, Teaches Him A Lesson About Not Messing With Union Workers

Some customers are so entitled that they don’t even realize that the people working in offices are humans too. Recently, a Redditor shared one such incident that happened while she was on duty at a postal station.

The OP explained that she once had a foot injury, and getting around was NOT easy for her while she was on her shift. “Have a customer come in about an hour before closing, hands over two ‘Pick up your mail’ forms for certified letters”, she further revealed. As the OP was unable to move around and look for hundreds of letters in the trays, she “hobbled to the longer-term storage area, about 10 feet from the door. I finally find both letters, and go to the window”.

The customer, however, was far from impressed as he got angry for waiting three minutes to get his mail and asked her to call the manager as it was totally “unacceptable”. Read the full story below to know how the employee maliciously complied with the customer’s demand.

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Image credits: pxhere (not the actual photo)

Image credits: Andrea Piacquadio (not the actual photo)

Many people thought how awesome it was to work for the post office and have a union behind your back

Others couldn’t wrap their head around the fact the customer was frustrated to wait a mere three minutes for the registered letter

20 Funny Pics Of People Standing Out Because Of A Strong Custom Character Energy, As Shared On This Online Group

With all of its routines and rules, life can be boring sometimes. You meet the same people doing the same thing wearing almost the same thing. So when something unique surfaces out in the sea of blandness, it receives so much hype.

And that’s what the subreddit “Custom Characters in Cutscenes” is for. There, they celebrate people that stood out because of how they acted or wear which is against how the crowd around them does. Below, you’ll see 20 people that acted so uniquely they deserved to be featured online!

More info: Reddit

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Image source: S0mecallme

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Image source: _L3g10n_

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Image source:

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