“Vintage Daily” Shares Rare Photos Of How Life Looked In The Past, Here Are 30 Of The Best Ones

Black and white images have just this calming and chilling aura in them. Without too much color, the images do not have any noise which allows us to appreciate and linger in the photo more. That’s why, some people, including us, just love looking at old pictures because of the nostalgia and the calming atmosphere they provide.

And that’s what we’re having today. We went over the Instagram Page “Vintage Daily.” There, they present quality old pictures that will make you reminisce and miss the old days. So buckle up because we’re going to take you on a journey to the past we once loved!

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#1 Evolution Of The Donut Hole

Image source: loverofthepast

#2 View Of The Pyramids During A Solar Eclipse, August 30, 1905. Photo: Gabriel Lekegian

Image source: loverofthepast

#3 Jumping The Puddle, Berlin, 1930. Photo By Friedrich Seidenstücker

Image source: loverofthepast

#4 “Being Deeply Loved By Someone Gives You Strength, While Loving Someone Deeply Gives You Courage”

Image source: loverofthepast

#5 Albert Einstein Before His Famous Photo With His Tongue Out

Image source: loverofthepast

#6 An Exhausted Young Couple During An All-Night Jazz Session At The Royal Albert Hall In London, 1957. Photo By Erich Auerbach

Image source: loverofthepast

#7 Surrounded By Others, A Couple Enjoys Some Privacy As They Embrace In A Hole In The Sand On A Beach In Santa Monica, California, July 4, 1950 (Photo By Ralph Crane)

Image source: loverofthepast

#8 A California Teacher Teaching The Physics Of Surfing, 1970

Image source: loverofthepast

#9 A Couple Drinking Water From Fountain. Michigan, 1940s

Image source: loverofthepast

#10 A French Soldier Feeding His Kitten, Indochina 1956

Image source: loverofthepast

#11 Newlyweds Ride A Train Headed To Tokyo, Japan, 1964. Photo By Bill Ray

Image source: loverofthepast

#12 A Group Of Five Trans Women In Paris, 1959 – Miriam, Nana, Jacky, Gine And Sabrina. Photo By Christer Strömholm

Image source: loverofthepast

#13 Audrey Hepburn, Paris, 1956

Image source: loverofthepast

#14 Audrey With Her Hair Down

Image source: loverofthepast

#15 Diana Ross Finishing A Rib, 1980s

Image source: loverofthepast

#16 3 Year Old Kisses A Puppy, 1950

Image source: loverofthepast

#17 Bonnie And Clyde’s Last Kiss A Few Hours Before They Were Killed, May 23, 1934

Image source: loverofthepast

#18 New York City Ballet, 1940. Photo By Larry Colwell

Image source: loverofthepast

#19 Marilyn Monroe, Startled By A Firecracker, Opens The Time-Life Building In New York, 1957

Image source: loverofthepast

#20 Love In Time Of War, 1944

Image source: loverofthepast

#21 1950s Teenagers Going On A Date

Image source: loverofthepast

#22 On The Observation Deck Of The Empire State Building, New York, Mid-1940’s

Image source: loverofthepast

#23 A Secret Love: To Buzz, L’il Always Remember The Times We Spent Together. All My Love, Your Tommy 26 March 1949

Image source: loverofthepast

#24 A Young Man Helping His Date Into Her Skating Kit, Tokyo, 1959. Photograph By John Dominis

Image source: loverofthepast

#25 A Gay Couple And A Lesbian Couple Outside The Bank, Idaho, United States, 1941. Photo By Russell Lee

Image source: loverofthepast

#26 Winona Ryder The Night She Met Johnny Depp

Image source: loverofthepast

#27 Young Couples At A Formal Dance Dreamily Sway On The Crowded Floor Of Dim, Chandelier-Lit Ballroom, 1940s. Photo By Nina Leen

Image source: loverofthepast

#28 Prince Charles And Princess Diana On Vacation In Bahamas, 1982

Image source: loverofthepast

#29 James Dean Signing Autographs In His Car, 1950’s

Image source: loverofthepast

#30 “Females At The First Chippendales Club, Los Angeles, 1979”

Image source: loverofthepast

20 Funny Pics Of People Standing Out Because Of A Strong Custom Character Energy, As Shared On This Online Group

With all of its routines and rules, life can be boring sometimes. You meet the same people doing the same thing wearing almost the same thing. So when something unique surfaces out in the sea of blandness, it receives so much hype.

And that’s what the subreddit “Custom Characters in Cutscenes” is for. There, they celebrate people that stood out because of how they acted or wear which is against how the crowd around them does. Below, you’ll see 20 people that acted so uniquely they deserved to be featured online!

More info: Reddit

#1 When You’re Sick And Tired Of Traditional Death Metal Band Names And Logos

Image source: videoface

#2 Anti-Bolsonaro Protest In Rio De Janeiro

Image source: mikemonk2004

#3 For Our American Subscribers: This Is How An Election Count Looks In A Well-Functioning Democracy

Image source: erdtrd

#4 An Artist Among Artists

Image source: YoruNiKakeru

#5 When You Don’t Realize Your Sitting Next To A Celebrity

Image source: S0mecallme

#6 Me_irl

Image source: Shitposternumber11

#7 Every One Of My Characters Ever

Image source: 216horrorworks

#8 Hmmm

Image source: Lordooo

#9 My Buddy Was Told He Could Wear A Costume

Image source: _L3g10n_

#10 This Man With The Rarest Items

Image source: DreadedHaxorus

#11 I’m Amazed People Like This Exist

Image source: MalindaKuester

#12 Nah, It’s Cool I Can Carry Both

Image source: Johnniebthrowaway

#13 The Cutscene Before The Final Boss Fight

Image source: nyeusi_waasi

#14 A Police Convention In Russia

Image source: reddit.com

#15 Elves, Not Elvis

Image source: GonzoElBoyo

#16 Dominoes

Image source: Sippio

#17 German Drag Queen Olivia Jones At The Federal Assembly In 2017

Image source: di77y

#18 Nasa “Mars 2020” Team Members

Image source: DakotaEngland

#19 Family Photo

Image source: The_Real_JT

#20 My Friend In High School Yearbook Photo

Image source: Novke1337

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