April 21, 2021

Japanese Artists Uses Old Amazon Cardboard to Create Mind-blowing Sculptures

A lot of us use cardboard boxes differently. Some people use them as a storage unit, some burn them for heating, cats see them as the perfect home, but Japanese artist Monomi Ohno sees them completely differently.

Monami is a formally trained 3-D animation artist, that has now started to create 3-D sculptures from cardboards. Instead of using other elements that would be easier to use like clay wood or other conventional materials, oddly Ohno has chosen cardboard to specialize in. She uses discarded Amazon boxes to create jaw-dropping sculptures.

She first started experimenting with cardboard after not being able to cover the cost of shop fees required for animation. As she sought another artistic outlet to take up, she found out that cardboard is fun medium to work with. Using recycled paper products, Ohno crafts an eclectic array of cardboard art.

Her patient toward the tiny details it’s mind-blowing. Surprisingly, she uses only a pair of scissors, a standard box cutter, a ruler glue, and masking tape. Each piece is composed of multiple parts intricately pieced together, allowing Ohno to impressively achieve various textures, patterns, and features. Below you can check some of her amazing creations, including high-spirited creatures and monsters, realistic representations of food and drink, functioning shoes, and elaborate vehicles.

More info: Monami Ohno: Website | Facebook

Monami Ohno: Website | Facebook