20 People Who Took The ‘Easy’ Road And Married Someone Rich Reveal What Their Lives Actually Look Like Now

No matter how much we romanticize relationships and idolize love, not everyone is in it for the “happy ever after.” Unless they equate money to happiness, then perhaps that is the motive. However, you would be surprised how many people get into a relationship or marriage with the pure intention of ensuring a financially secure future and comfortable living. But is it worth sacrificing love for financial stability and perhaps the luxury lifestyle only the rich can afford?

This Reddit thread might be the answer to the above. Hundreds of people went ahead and answered someone’s question about how life turned out after marrying for the money. The answers may surprise you as they provide an honest glimpse of what it’s like being with someone solely for their wealth. Please scroll below to read some of the responses that stood out the most to us. What’s your opinion? Is financial security more important than pure genuine feelings? Let us know.

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30 People Reveal How Their Life Went After They Married For Money

Image source: ACTimshel31, Jeremy Wong

While I didn’t marry for money, I found out he had a s**t ton of it.

I married young and was very stupid. The man I married, I though, was an average guy – not well off, but not struggling. He came from a very sophisticated and educated family, so I knew they weren’t idiots, but I didn’t realize how much money they had until after I married him.

As the marriage went on, the more money I realized that he had, and the more I realized he was a miser. His entire life his family had the money to spend, but chose to live as close to the bare necessities as normal. Now, I’m not knocking this, as evident by the fact that this money had more money than any other family I knew, and mainly because of the lifestyle that they decided on, but I am knocking how he ended up treating me.

I came into the marriage with nothing, as most 21 year old girls getting married come into a marriage. He, as I found out, had a lot coming into the marriage. Didn’t sign a prenup. He was also seven years older. From the day I said “I do” it was an indebtedness. I constantly “owed” him for everything he ever “bought” for me. And he made sure I knew that.

After I realized I had stopped eating because I didn’t want to explain why I was spending money, because he checked the bank statements daily, and would comment on “Somebody got breakfast this morning!” or “somebody bought x, y, z” today, I decided the marriage wasn’t worth it.

If I wanted to marry for money, I would have stayed in that marriage. His sister and brother just had babies – they got $30k a piece just for the kids from trust funds.

Money is the root of all evil. I avoid it like the plague.


30 People Reveal How Their Life Went After They Married For Money

Image source: just_be_me, Toa Heftiba

My girlfriend’s parents who are very wealthy always talk about giving us their estate, a job, etc. Although before meeting her this would have seemed amazing, now that I found my best friend and soulmate there’s nothing I want more than to live with her in a small cabin in the middle of nowhere.


30 People Reveal How Their Life Went After They Married For Money

Image source: MyPCOSThrowaway, Anh Nguyen

I dated someone super-wealthy and yeah, I definitely earned every penny. The dude was an emotional train wreck. I realized I could provide more for myself single and broke in terms of happiness and quality of life than with him.


30 People Reveal How Their Life Went After They Married For Money

Image source: reddit, Christopher Jolly

Dated a trust fund girl, she was alright looking but I was intrigued by the novelty of the money. Lasted 5 months. Got very tired of feeling like I’d be a kept man, and learned something about myself, in that, never date someone for any reason other than the fact that you love them.


30 People Reveal How Their Life Went After They Married For Money

Image source: anon, Văn Thắng

Married for money to help out a friend’s sister. We fell in love in the process. After a while, s**t got sour, and we fell out of love. After a long while, she got her citizenship. 1 year later we get an uncontested divorce. No attorney. We had a pleasant divorce and remain friends to this day. Not bad at all.


30 People Reveal How Their Life Went After They Married For Money

Image source: GirlWithAPast, Jonathan Borba

I have never married, but I have been living with 3 different men over the last 6 years.

My family fled from what is now Croatia when I was a kid. My family was pretty messed up, when I got an ‘offer’ to live with one of the more respected gang leaders in my area I left my family and haven’t spoken to them again.

Since then I have been sort of moving up the food chain and I am currently living with an middle-aged CEO who spoils me to no end.

I have never been in a loving relationship, and I’m not sure I know what that means, but I know I love my life the way it is now. I do plan for a future when I’m old and ugly, and I have enough set aside to still live a fairly decent life if I’m kicked out today.
Also, I’m not stupid enough to think this will last for ever.


30 People Reveal How Their Life Went After They Married For Money

Image source: Alvraen, Somchai Kongkamsri

One of my friends got married to her best friend, who happens to be gay in the military. She gets to live in her hometown in Japan, with free insurance and free place to stay/utilities. He gets about 3-4 grand more a month because of spouse benefits and rent benefits. All she does is household chores, and makes meals for them. I say that their “marriage” is a perfect union. They don’t plan on divorcing, and if she ever wants a baby, he’s more than willing to donate his sperm to the cause. Both are late 20s.


30 People Reveal How Their Life Went After They Married For Money

Image source: SuperOtter, Sharon McCutcheon

My best friend and I joke around all the time that we’re going to marry some rich old guys and then marry for love after they [pass away]. We happened to be saying this while on line at Victoria’s Secret one day when the woman in front of us turns around and says “I did it, it wasn’t worth it.”


30 People Reveal How Their Life Went After They Married For Money

Image source: anon, Christian Erfurt

I dated a trust fund girl who cheated on me repeatedly. I think in hindsight I stayed with her for the thought of money. It was not worth it.


30 People Reveal How Their Life Went After They Married For Money

Image source: katable, Mikhail Nilov

Yes. I grew up as an ex-pat in the middle east, moved away to go to uni, and couldn’t really handle uni as a poor student. Meet someone who cares a lot for me although, in the beginning, I was 100% in it for the money. Moved in together, and I actually became very attached to him. He loves me and treats me with great respect, supports my ambitions, and generally takes very good care of me. I wouldn’t say I am head over heels in love with him, but in my own way, I love him. Where I had never had any emotional stability before he provides it. I wouldn’t think of cheating on him or ending it because frankly, I think this works much better than any other relationship I could have.
He doesn’t cheat either.
Currently studying for a doctorate in geology and at the end of it I will be debt-free.


30 People Reveal How Their Life Went After They Married For Money

Image source: DCooper323, Diego González

I did. I was in the military and took part in a contract marriage. Basically, a friend of mine from back home agreed to go to the justice of the peace and sign the paperwork. she lived in Virginia, and I was stationed in Texas. It equaled out to me getting roughly $900 a month, plus the option to live off base, and a higher allowance for food. She got free medical benefits. when it was time for me to separate from the military, I went to legal aid, filed paperwork, and was divorced 3 months later, for about $61, the cost to file the paperwork where we married. we are still friends to this day. She has like 5 kids and is married.


30 People Reveal How Their Life Went After They Married For Money

Image source: Trapped_in_Reddit, Wu Jianxiong

My cousin married a Mexican girl that needed citizenship in the US. She got her citizenship, divorced him, and took half his money.


30 People Reveal How Their Life Went After They Married For Money

Image source: anon, Gift Habeshaw

I am currently dating someone who I am not as fond of as I should be considering how serious we are.. but it’s hard to think past the money.

Her immediate family has approximately 100 million+ in the bank, the largest and most dominant business in their respective market and she loves me beyond control.

Her driveway of Ferrari’s and Bentley’s and knowing that I could be handed a 6 figure job any time I want one if I’m willing to commit is troubling to my mind and my soul but I cannot get past the thoughts of “what if” …..


30 People Reveal How Their Life Went After They Married For Money

Image source: anon, Ahmet Polat

A friend of mine got married in the military to double his pay. He thought to ask a girl who was an ex but was who was also his seemingly toned-down stalker. She wasn’t toned-down at all. The money outweighed the thought I guess. It went horribly bad.

It’s been about four years now and she’s creepily sending him mail from her base and constantly, negatively harassing him even though they both agreed it was for the dough. She refuses to sign divorce papers so it’s making his life incredibly difficult to try and separate.

Though, he probably should have thought before marrying his stalker. In retrospect, he said, it wasn’t awfully worth it.


30 People Reveal How Their Life Went After They Married For Money

Image source: MistaWrek, Crypto Crow

Not me, but my aunt did. Her husband is a gigantic prick and she knows it, he is the most uptight man you will ever meet you could shove coal up his a*s and it would produce diamonds. He constantly hassles her about her weight (despite the fact that she is in excellent shape) and he does this in front of the family, I can’t even imagine what he says in private, last time my parents watched their kids he flipped his s**t because we had let them play angry birds, this was during their summer vacation from school and we volunteered to watch their kids because my aunt was currently going through chemo. I know she hates being with him but she won’t leave him because A: his family is loaded and B: they have two young kids and she doesn’t want to break up the family


30 People Reveal How Their Life Went After They Married For Money

Image source: cersiescnt, Andrew Neel


When I was 21, I met a girl from a very wealthy family. Well, not that wealthy, but wealthy to me, as I had grown up dirt poor, and I had spent the years from 18-21 living by my wits (stealing and scamming).

This girls parents were worth around 6-10 mil, and she was madly, I mean **madly** in love with me. I was a narcissistic druggy. I didn’t have anything else to do, so I married her.

I didn’t really exactly how estranged from her parents (and their money), she actually was. I kept waiting for the cushy job with dads company, the free house, the big payouts. They didn’t come. We got *some* stuff, a couple cars, a few trips to other countries, nice presents, but no big payout. After time, we had a kid, and the kid was spoiled rotten. I realized that even though I would never get my big payday, my child would never have to suffer and struggle the way I did when I was little.

Eventually, I came to love her, for who she was. This had more to do with me getting my s**t together than anything else. It’s been more than 10 years.

It hasn’t always been easy, but when I’ve wanted to leave, the thought that just another 5 or 10 years, and we will have enough money to travel and never work again, keeps me hanging on. I’ve definitely talked out things that I would have just said ‘f**k it’ if I hadn’t thought “I’ve put up with her s**t this long, theres no way I’m leaving before I get paid”

The way I see it, most people are going to work a job they hate for 50 years, to get a little payout one day, I can get more by just staying married than I could ever get working, and it’s not gonna take 50 years.


30 People Reveal How Their Life Went After They Married For Money

Image source: KillerJupe, Nick Karvounis

My good friend got fake gay married to a Danish guy for the health benefits… not a bad idea!


30 People Reveal How Their Life Went After They Married For Money

Image source: Mister_Jofiss, Nik Shuliahin

Well, about a month after I got my now ex-wife full custody of her child, I found out she was cheating on me. She didn’t give a single f**k. Roughly $20K spent on what she could never afford. I suspect she married me in part for money. At least the divorce part was easy.


30 People Reveal How Their Life Went After They Married For Money

Image source: rk889, Khadija Yousaf

My parents had an arranged marriage. Both my parents are Brahmin but my dad’s family is also very wealthy. My mom grew up middle class in the US (grandfather was a college professor, grandmother worked at a bank). My mom married my dad because he was a wealthy doctor from an appropriate family. They’ve been married for 25 years and have three children. I can’t say it’s a bad arrangement. Thanks to my dad’s money, my mom got to quit her job in programming (that she hated), go back to school, and become a teacher. I don’t think my parents are or were ever “in love.” However, they’ve never really fought or been bitter towards one another. Both my parents are really good, reasonable people at the end of the day. The money is just kind of a “perk” in their marriage.


30 People Reveal How Their Life Went After They Married For Money

Image source: if_only_you_knew, Federico Arnaboldi

My sister married for money. She had a big house, expensive cars, unlimited spending limit etc .. She was happy cause she got everything she wanted. We grew up poor and she worked hard for years before she met Sam. Well she didn’t love him and she cheated on him with the man she loved. She left her glamours lifestyle to live in a one bedroom apartment. She now works in the meat deli.
Do what you want but set up a bank account and some money for a rainy day. You may end up like my sister. Or you may grow to love this man your with in time.

“I Was Baffled”: Argument Arises When Friends Said This Man Can’t Take His 5 Y.O. Daughter Fishing With Them

What were the rules you had with your friends when you were growing up? Maybe the first one to get married would treat the rest? Maybe the rule was everyone should attend each other’s grand celebrations like graduation ceremonies, marriages, or birthdays!

It wasn’t much different than when Reddit user DaddynDaughterfish and his friends were young. Their rule was simple: every year, they would hold a fishing trip only for themselves. No wives, no girlfriends. The day would only be for them.

Though, sometimes, loopholes can be made in the rules. And it was shown when one of his friends, “Tim”, brought his son to the fishing day. This brought confusion to the friends, but they let it slide because after all, Tim did not bring a wife or a girlfriend. Also, Tim stated that he wanted to pass down their tradition to the next generation.

After some years, OP decided to bring his daughter who was around the same age as Tim’s son. A heated discussion ensued when his friends didn’t allow him to because it was “against the rule.” The confused OP brought this story to the Am I The A-Hole subreddit.

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OP and his friends would hold an annual fishing trip with the rule “No wives, no girlfriends”

Image credits: u/DaddynDaughterfish

One of the friends took his son with him and they had fun

Image credits: u/DaddynDaughterfish

However, when it was OP’s turn to bring his child, he wasn’t allowed to because it “breaks the rule”

Image credits: u/DaddynDaughterfish

The story received some confused reactions from the online community. But it appears that the final verdict is that the OP did not break their rule

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