“She Couldn’t Even Try To Sleep On The Couch”: Guy Loses It After His Mother Makes His Pregnant Girlfriend Sleep On The Floor

One of the worst things that can happen when trying to start your own family is that your relatives won’t approve of the person you want to spend your life with. You are put in a position where you have to pick sides – your partner or your family. And either decision is equally heartbreaking.

Reddit user Roseonthefloor found himself in a situation where his mother started acting rude and disrespectful towards his girlfriend Rose. The Original Poster (OP) noticed a sudden change in his mother’s behavior when the couple announced they were expecting a child. “Something definitely switched in her,” the boyfriend wrote. The couple decided to keep their distance from OP’s mother “until she fixes her behaviour.”

Yet, unexpected circumstances happened, and Rose had to spend one night at the woman’s place when the OP was out of town. The mother forced the soon-to-be mother of her grandchild to sleep on the floor, despite having a spare couch where Rose could rest. She was worried that Rose would “ruin her couch.” Yet, it didn’t seem to be the real reason why the woman behaved this way.

After finding this out, the OP got into a big argument with his mother for being disrespectful toward his pregnant girlfriend. The OP turned to the AITA community to see if he was wrong for getting mad at his mother for making Rose sleep on the floor. Redditors were pretty unanimous about their decision. Read on to see the whole story and what the Redditors had to say. What would you do in the OP’s situation?

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OP’s mother made his pregnant girlfriend, whom she disliked, sleep on the floor despite having a spare couch she could rest on in her apartment

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OP’s brother told him not to make a “big fuss out of it”

NTA. Redditors sided with the man and thanked him for standing up for his girlfriend

This Man Tells His Fiancée That His House Is In His Teen Daughter’s Name As An Inheritance From Her Late Mother, The Woman Throws A Tantrum

In today’s age, the man doesn’t own the woman anything. So does the woman. Although the patriarchal society is still thriving and men are expected to bring their wives to their property, times have changed. Some are very lucky to invite their special someone to live together in their own place, but that is no longer the case for many. With house prices increasing every year, it’s tough, some might think even nearly impossible, to become a homeowner. And unfortunately, the amount needed to afford a house isn’t the sum of money you can save by giving up Netflix.

Well, this post isn’t exactly about inflation or homeownership being millennials’ distant dream. Instead, it’s about the woman who felt entitled to live in the house that lawfully belonged to her fiancé’s daughter. The story goes that the Original Poster got engaged to a widower whose late wife left their home to their 15-year-old daughter. The OP was appalled to find out that the house they planned to move into together was not rightfully his and threw a tantrum.

The OP turned to Reddit’s AITA community to describe her situation and help her realize if she was “AITA for calling [her] fiancé a jerk?” Other than being named the A-hole, OP also received the title of a gold-digger. Scroll further to read the full story and what Redditors had to say. What do you think? And when you are done with this one, check out our recent AITA stories herehere, and here

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The woman who got engaged to her boyfriend of two years found out that his home actually belonged to his teen daughter and made a huge scene out of it

Image credits: Brian Evans (not the actual image)

Image credits: AITA_516541

Her fiancé’s first wife passed away five years ago and left their home as an inheritance to their 15-year-old daughter

Image credits: Sonja Lovas (not the actual image)

The OP “wanted his daughter out of the master because it was [theirs]”

Image credits: AITA_516541

Not only the house but the car which OP used to drive was also registered to the 15-year-old

Image credits: crash71100 (not the actual image) 

“Things are over”: after OP’s fiancé found and read the post, he wanted his ring back

Image credits: AITA_516541

Readers were almost entirely unanimous on their decision – other than acting like a complete a-hole, the woman behaved like a gold digger too

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