Recently Divorced Guy Keeps Invading On Sister-In-Law’s Privacy In The Bathroom So She Installs A Lock, Family Drama Ensues

Sometimes, we would enter into agreements with someone – whether it be our friend, our husband or wife, or a brother. And those agreements often shape the way how we interact with one another. Agreements like these are also great for setting up interpersonal boundaries and knowing who can do what.

Despite us adhering to what we agreed upon with the other person, external parties might barge in and ruin the harmony. Take, for example, what happened to the Redditor Sands2019. In her recent post, she said that she and her husband agreed to not have locks at home. However, her husband’s brother took advantage of this and came to her room while she was still in the shower. Of course, OP found this creepy, but her husband didn’t do anything much, so she resorted to putting a lock on her door, breaking her agreement with her husband.

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OP and her husband agreed to not lock doors in the house. However, the husband’s brother seemed to be abusing it

OP later came back with a few updates

Image credits: Sands2019

The readers greatly sided with OP and found the brother-in-law’s action too creepy

20 Funny Pics Of People Standing Out Because Of A Strong Custom Character Energy, As Shared On This Online Group

With all of its routines and rules, life can be boring sometimes. You meet the same people doing the same thing wearing almost the same thing. So when something unique surfaces out in the sea of blandness, it receives so much hype.

And that’s what the subreddit “Custom Characters in Cutscenes” is for. There, they celebrate people that stood out because of how they acted or wear which is against how the crowd around them does. Below, you’ll see 20 people that acted so uniquely they deserved to be featured online!

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#1 When You’re Sick And Tired Of Traditional Death Metal Band Names And Logos

Image source: videoface

#2 Anti-Bolsonaro Protest In Rio De Janeiro

Image source: mikemonk2004

#3 For Our American Subscribers: This Is How An Election Count Looks In A Well-Functioning Democracy

Image source: erdtrd

#4 An Artist Among Artists

Image source: YoruNiKakeru

#5 When You Don’t Realize Your Sitting Next To A Celebrity

Image source: S0mecallme

#6 Me_irl

Image source: Shitposternumber11

#7 Every One Of My Characters Ever

Image source: 216horrorworks

#8 Hmmm

Image source: Lordooo

#9 My Buddy Was Told He Could Wear A Costume

Image source: _L3g10n_

#10 This Man With The Rarest Items

Image source: DreadedHaxorus

#11 I’m Amazed People Like This Exist

Image source: MalindaKuester

#12 Nah, It’s Cool I Can Carry Both

Image source: Johnniebthrowaway

#13 The Cutscene Before The Final Boss Fight

Image source: nyeusi_waasi

#14 A Police Convention In Russia

Image source:

#15 Elves, Not Elvis

Image source: GonzoElBoyo

#16 Dominoes

Image source: Sippio

#17 German Drag Queen Olivia Jones At The Federal Assembly In 2017

Image source: di77y

#18 Nasa “Mars 2020” Team Members

Image source: DakotaEngland

#19 Family Photo

Image source: The_Real_JT

#20 My Friend In High School Yearbook Photo

Image source: Novke1337

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