Teen Asks If She’s A Jerk For Being Rude After Mother Uninvited Her From Her Wedding

Before being held, a wedding takes a lot of two things – planning and drama. First is the planning. You have to put a lot of thought into the venue and the execution of the event. Also, you have to invite guests – and that’s where the drama comes in.

Take, for example, the case of the 15-year-old girl who recently went to Reddit’s Am I The A-Hole community. According to her, she was uninvited from her mom’s wedding because her mere presence could upset the boyfriend’s family. What happened next was the daughter, and her mother began to scream at each other. Now, OP asks the online community if she was in the wrong. You can follow her full story below and decide for yourself!

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A teen was uninvited to her mom’s wedding and now asks the internet for their thoughts

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There were confused people in the audience who asked for several clarifications

Though there are a lot who supported OP

Nurse’s Salary Expectation Is Too High So Job Recruiter Wants To Start A Negotiation But Isn’t Willing To Compromise On Their Part

One of the hardest parts of a job interview is the salary negotiation stage. You know you need the job to support your needs, but asking for a salary that might be too high for the company could cost you the job opportunity. It’s really a balance between your needs and the financial capability of the company.

A nurse that goes by the Reddit username Jbeez4117 made it clear in her application that her preferred minimum salary is $34 per hour. However, the clinic where she applied can only go $29 an hour as starting pay, but she was invited for a negotiation. However, the negotiation phase isn’t what you would have expected to turn out. Follow her full story below!

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A nurse went to Reddit to vent out about a one-sided negotiation she had with a clinic that offers pay lower than her preferred minimum

Image credits: u/Jbeez4117

OP was willing to talk about the salary that can be agreed upon by both parties. However, the employers remained adamant about the $29/hr rate

Image credits: u/Jbeez4117

Here are what the readers had to say

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