“My Daughter Got 20k Followers On TikTok And Decided To Leave Her Husband”: 20 Times People Let The Smallest Amount Of Internet Fame Go To Their Heads

Fame always comes a long way. You need to build your name for a long time before achieving the standards of being famous. Of course, you may feel exalted at one point, but it’s just one of the peaks on the journey towards fame. So don’t hold your head too high and continue persevering on climbing to the summit.

However, some people celebrate their fame too early that people around them just felt cringy. As they were shared in this Reddit thread, people who have interacted with them have been repulsed by their boastful behavior even though there was not much to brag about. Below, you’ll find the 20 most cringy ways someone exuded their tiny fame.

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In college, a girl I knew was elected Student Body Vice President. She almost instantaneously became the most insufferable person I’ve ever met, complaining about the plight of having the lives of 20000 people rest “in her hands.” She would use it to try and get better service at restaurants. It was like something out of a comedy. We stopped being friends with her.


My ex girlfriend (bless her soul) had a Tiktok get to 1m views which I thought was cool! But she developed this notion that she all of a sudden had a dedicated and fanatical audience she had to please and thus TikTok,IG, and Twitter became her life and posted her entire existence (by extension me) This went on for some time till she recognized the addiction and left TikTok.

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An Ex of mine ran a Pokémon RP forum in the late 2000s, even designed the art for Fakemons of her own and coded the site and everything.

And boy howdy, did she think she was an absolute GOD to the like, 6 people that used that forum. Nobody even inflated her ego about it, it was as if she had stuck a bicycle pump directly to her head and never stopped pumping.

In a non-negative context she really did put A LOT of effort into the site and art and lore and I understand why she was disappointed all that work never amounted to anything but she took everything as an almost literal, purposeful attack on her digital baby. Her one Mod wasn’t present for the site’s official Launch Date and you’d have thought the Mod tossed her dog off a bridge. Again, she had ever right to be proud of the work she put in, honestly it was pretty great and took a lot of time and dedication- but it really, really went to her head and ego. Hell I even got scolded for not attending opening day- a date I wasn’t even told about.


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A classmate of mine got invited to a pyramid scheme through instagram. She started planning her entire influencer career. Got real mad when I wrote an extensive explanation on what a pyramid scheme is, and showed her I’d gotten dozens of those DM’s before.


Image source: ZayleeLeila, Ron Lach

A new local tv anchor woman was trying to pay for her dinner at a restaurant with a check. Restaurant doesn’t take checks, it’s posted all over the front door she walked through. She stands up and starts screaming at the waitress “Do YOU know who I AM?!?” The waitress says no and walks off to get her manager. She didn’t get to pay with a check…

Two weeks later, the same anchor woman comes into the department store I worked at. She has a mound of clothes in her arms and throws them on the counter and asks what kind of discount she gets for being a local celebrity. My co-worker tells her such thing does not exist. She pushes the pile of clothes off of the counter and tells my co-worker that she needs to learn how to treat the upper class better.

She’s not our local tv anchor woman anymore.


I entered a blog competition to my uni the summer before I started. I won, and myself and two others were given a free laptop on the understanding we’d keep publishing blogs as ‘Insiders’ for the uni to use as a marketing tool. I put one up a week, and enjoyed it. They were decently entertaining and linked to on the uni website, but probably got no more than a few dozen reads.

On my birthday a few months into the year the bouncers at a club wouldn’t let me in as I appeared too drunk. I got into a pedantic argument with them about whether the pavement was public property or not, then shouted at them I was going to write about it in my Uni-sanctioned blog.

I woke up hungover the next day and *did not* write about the incident in my uni-sanctioned blog.

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Ages ago the Washington Post used to have a free tabloid, one page featured quotes from various local blog posts.

My blog would get quoted sometimes and I’d think it was sort of neat, but some of the other bloggers got OBSESSED and would, like, go scoop up a thousand copies of the tabloid to hoard because they were now Famous Bloggers.


Image source: astaten0, Hannah Nelso

There’s a kid I work with who’s (I believe) 7 years old, and he’s a “YouTube influencer.” By that, I mean the kid’s parents made a YouTube channel that follows the same format as stuff like Ryan’s World, got lucky with one video that got around 10,000 views (all of their others barely have a hundred), and it immediately went to their head. The kid’s dad refers to himself as his “manager” and answers questions on the kid’s behalf, they hand out business cards with all their social media info, and they even GOT THE KID’S NAME LEGALLY CHANGED to the name he uses on YouTube.

The worst part is the kid seems indifferent at best to all of this. It’s 100% his parents pushing it on him.


Image source: HoneyMussy4goodBoy

Friend was in a video at a car meet that went viral back say 2011-2012. He said like 8 words and couldn’t see him but you could hear him. He would go around telling people after he is “famous” for being in a viral YouTube video. I was like “if you have to announce you are famous, you might not be as famous as you think Broski”


Image source: AnastasiaSheppard, Mateus Campos Felipe

I work for a company that books luxury travel, think $20000 packages.

A woman contacted us wanting a free trip in exchange for posting it on her blog, proudly proclaiming that she had 800 followers.

My coworkers’s dog photo account has more followers.


Image source: shroomssoup, Dmitriy Zub

This girl I went to school with was an… aspiring actress. She was in some low quality YouTube short film and she basically was trying to convince everyone that she was famous and that all these companies wanted her because of it. She even had these head shots that she would bring into class to show everyone… and nobody cared. She really thought she was better than everyone and even acted like a celebrity. Like she would come in with sunglasses and basically treat everyone as if they shouldn’t even be breathing the same air as her. It was honestly sad.


My friend’s family immigrated from the USSR. He was born and raised in the US and went in to the military. After some time in the service, like everyone else, gets a ton of participation ribbons. Those ribbons would got to his head. He would walk around in dress uniform when he was off duty and people would walk up to him and thank him for his service, never mind that only time he saw bullets fly was in training.

One day, he decides to visit his grandparents in his dress uniform. His grandfather looks at him and said “son, I fought from Stalingrad to Berlin and got one ribbon. How many planets did you have to invade to get all those ribbons?”

After that he never wore his dress uniform out in public again.

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Image source: the_original_toast, Ivan Samkov

I saw someone once act like they controlled the whole internet in person, threatening to show videos she recorded to her “leagion of fans”.

She had 1,000 followers. On instagram. No other big followings.


Image source: Vegetable_Salad86, mentatdgt

I was at a birthday party at a very popular restaurant that had a huge line out the door all night, every night. When the reservation was made, the host was warned that 30 minutes past that time slot, anyone who hasn’t showed up yet would have to wait in line with everyone else. Of course, some people showed up super late, made a scene at the door, and texted the host to tell them that they were just going to go to another party instead because the line was too long. The host decided the best way to handle this would be to go on social media and encourage his followers to @ the restaurant and make wildly false accusations. The host and his friends were boasting that the restaurant had no idea who they were messing with and would surely regret this once it blew up on social media due to his “very large following”.

The owner of the restaurant got a notification about the mention and knew it was our table because the host had already complained about the bouncer. The owner came over to very politely explain the reservation policy and ask that the comment be taken down since the restaurant did nothing wrong and this was uncalled for. The keyboard warriors shrank like children being scolded by their parents; I don’t think I’ve ever had more second-hand embarrassment.


Image source: love_my_aussies, petr sidorov

My daughter got 20k followers on TikTok and decided to leave her husband and 6 year old daughter to go be part of the convention circuit.

She dresses up and gushes about meeting “famous” people.


Back in high school I commented on a Childish Gambino instagram post and it got a like from the account. I proceeded to tell every single person in my class; my friends were singing my praises: that’s so cool, wow THE Childish Gambino, you probably got the biggest celebrity acknowledgement via social media, etc.

I find out later it was a Childish Gambino fan account with the same profile pic that liked my comment. I never told anyone.

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Image source: CorpCounsel, Yogas Design

I used to answer the unsolicited submissions email box for a very large consumer products company – basically the address where people sent in ideas, be they marketing or products or whatever.

I can’t tell you the number of people who tried to sell us a license to their “hit viral song” that had “nearly 10,000 views on YouTube.”

I appreciate the hustle but no one is paying to use a song with 10,000 YouTube plays. That is not “viral” or “famous.”


Image source: Graceland1979, Patrick T’Kindt

I worked with a guy and every time he met someone new he had to tell them he was an actor. He had a YouTube channel with 47 subscribers and called himself something embarrassing for a man his age.


Image source: FartAttack911, Davide De Giovanni

A guy from my hometown who was sort of a skeezeball helped some elderly folks escape a fire. The act itself was commendable and he deserved the recognition he received in local media and he went viral for a week or two but uh….5 plus years after the fact he was still using that as a way to try to get out of tickets or being cut off at the local bars after refusing to pay tabs. My brother encountered his Instagram recently and his self description says something like “Unspoken hero, DM me for details” lmao


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Salt bae. Sorry.

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