Straight Men Share “Gay” Things Every Guy Should Try At Least Once (20 Answers)

The cars run on electricity, artificial intelligence is now prevalent in our everyday lives, and driverless taxis take us from point A to B. Yet here we are, still judging what’s manly and what is not. However, judging by the recent events and how the conflicts are still being ‘solved’ with guns, it’s apparent that humanity still has a long way to go.

Yet, we are slowly learning, and more important social issues are brought to daylight. Thanks to the Depp v Heard court case, toxic femininity has finally brought wider attention to the public, reminding us that women can be abusers too. However, there are still many issues people have to overcome. As this thread on Reddit has shown, some of life’s mundane things are still divided into manly and feminine.

With over 24K comments, Redditors revealed, “What are the things every man should at least try even though they are stigmatized as “gay” or “unmanly”?” After reading through these, let us know where you stand with this. What else is considered feminine or “gay” but shouldn’t be?

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Crying. Just let it out, guys. You can do it! Don’t apologize for it or hide it either.


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Quality hugs for your bros. Don’t do the ol’ shoulders touch and pat on the back. Grab your friend and give them a hug!


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Moisturising. Take care of your skin boys.


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Shaving your legs until they’re smooth as glass, and then snuggling down under a soft, fluffy blanket. It’s like you’re sleeping in butter and it is a feeling everyone should experience in life.

Until the hairs start to come back.


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Anything I do is manly, because I’m a man and I’m doing it.

Crying over an emotional situation. Man card punched.
Having tea with my daughter. Man card punched.
Daddy dance time with the kids. Man card punched.
A “spa day” with a straight razor shave, mani/pedi and towel treatment. Man card punched.
Wearing purple or pink, (the colors of Royalty and Pussy!). Man card punched.
Having my prostate stimulated for the best orgasm of my life. Man card punched.

If you’re not insecure, you don’t miss out on experiences because of labels.


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Over the age of 30 or so, having friends and doing things with them. Most people I know, if they have friends at all, they’re either work buddies, or family get-togethers. But a couple of guys being friends and leaving the wives to go on a camping trip, etc. just seems weird.

I miss having friends.


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Telling your male friends you love them. Just at the end of highschool my group had several deaths occur. Car accident, cancer, suicide and a couple murders. Now in my current group we say love you after most conversation. Some people think it wierd but f**k em. People aren’t around forever. Better to let them know how you feel while you can.


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Cooking, f**king hell don’t rely on others for something you need everyday. Deliveries and take aways are expensive, and it’s really really satisfying when you whip up something and it’s delicious. Eating noodles and microwave meals all the time isn’t really that much better too. You can make a pretty good pasta for like $1-3 or so per portion.

And to those men who say “I’d just marry someone who cooks”, yeah right what if the “one” doesn’t know how to cook?


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Real men don’t give a s**t that other people think they’re being “unmanly”. I’ll confidently order a cosmo at the bar in my purple shirt because it’s a good drink and purple is my favorite color


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Y’all are not ready to hear this but: prostate orgasms. Get one of those toys made for that.


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Try sewing. I’m the seamstress (seammaster?) for my family. Fixing clothing and making curtains etc can be just as useful as fixing a car, and comes in handy more frequently!


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Also seeing a therapist. That s**t is fire.


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Getting a massage! My SO never had one and I convinced him to get one. He felt so relieved


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Thinking, talking about and understanding your emotions.


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I’m all in on the bidet. Bought it for my parents as kind of a prank gift and my dad wouldn’t let my mom keep it. “I don’t want water shooting up my ass!”. I kept it and wouldn’t go back. Way cleaner, suprisingly refreshing, and I was the one laughing when nobody could find toilet paper in the stores. A roll lasts me forever now.


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Being verbally and physically affectionate (if you’re comfortable with contact in general) with your boys.

I tell my boys I love them. I hug my boys. I kiss my boys before a night of wrestling and howling at the moon. Aragorn kissed Boromir. You gonna tell me Aragorn was unmanly? Good luck saving Gondor without your boys, coward.


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Being the little spoon.


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My husband paints my nails and helps me do my hair. I have a condition that makes those little jobs monumentally difficult. When we start dating as teens he took a make up course in school to help me do my make up, and pick complimentary colours. He was a metal head teenager in a make up course and I think it’s the most manly thing anyone’s ever done.


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Nice underwear. Underwear with a built in pouch are super comfortable while supporting your genitals. Also the sexier cuts with less fabric are so much cooler than wearing shorts under pants, the case with boxers. I’m a big dude working in manufacturing and I know you wouldn’t expect me to be wearing a thong most days.


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When my husband and I first started dating I turned him on to the magic of baths. We did face mask and bath bombs(which he really thought would explode) and bath salt(which he was worried would make him a zombie). Now he drags me into lush and ask if after our date nights if we can take a bath. I keep talking about “when we buy a house…” and he follows up with it needs a nice tub

This Man Tells His Fiancée That His House Is In His Teen Daughter’s Name As An Inheritance From Her Late Mother, The Woman Throws A Tantrum

In today’s age, the man doesn’t own the woman anything. So does the woman. Although the patriarchal society is still thriving and men are expected to bring their wives to their property, times have changed. Some are very lucky to invite their special someone to live together in their own place, but that is no longer the case for many. With house prices increasing every year, it’s tough, some might think even nearly impossible, to become a homeowner. And unfortunately, the amount needed to afford a house isn’t the sum of money you can save by giving up Netflix.

Well, this post isn’t exactly about inflation or homeownership being millennials’ distant dream. Instead, it’s about the woman who felt entitled to live in the house that lawfully belonged to her fiancé’s daughter. The story goes that the Original Poster got engaged to a widower whose late wife left their home to their 15-year-old daughter. The OP was appalled to find out that the house they planned to move into together was not rightfully his and threw a tantrum.

The OP turned to Reddit’s AITA community to describe her situation and help her realize if she was “AITA for calling [her] fiancé a jerk?” Other than being named the A-hole, OP also received the title of a gold-digger. Scroll further to read the full story and what Redditors had to say. What do you think? And when you are done with this one, check out our recent AITA stories herehere, and here

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The woman who got engaged to her boyfriend of two years found out that his home actually belonged to his teen daughter and made a huge scene out of it

Image credits: Brian Evans (not the actual image)

Image credits: AITA_516541

Her fiancé’s first wife passed away five years ago and left their home as an inheritance to their 15-year-old daughter

Image credits: Sonja Lovas (not the actual image)

The OP “wanted his daughter out of the master because it was [theirs]”

Image credits: AITA_516541

Not only the house but the car which OP used to drive was also registered to the 15-year-old

Image credits: crash71100 (not the actual image) 

“Things are over”: after OP’s fiancé found and read the post, he wanted his ring back

Image credits: AITA_516541

Readers were almost entirely unanimous on their decision – other than acting like a complete a-hole, the woman behaved like a gold digger too

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