These Identical Twins Go Viral on the Internet for Resembling With Jennifer Aniston

Having a twin can be the biggest gift one can ever receive. It is so amazing having a special connection with someone who will be there to walk with you in all the adventures life will bring you. Blessed like these have been twins Leah Rose and Ava Marie.


Besides being blessed with having one another, these girls have gone viral on the internet as soon as their parents Jaqi and Kevin Clements shared a picture of their stunning beauty on social media. Soon after at only 6 months old,  they got a lot of offers from a lot of modeling agencies who wanted to represent them.  Another thing that has made these little beautiful girls stand out is the crowd it’s the resemblance they have with the famous actress Jennifer Aniston.


Jaqi, their mother, signed them in a modeling agency, but soon enough noticed that it’s not easy managing two modeling girls while having another 2-year-old son needing her at home. It’s undeniable that their life has changed a lot while growing up with a career, but Jaqi insists that besides that, the girls should prioritize on school and extracurricular activities.


Their beauty is truly a blessing, but aside form that, the twins are down to earth, kind and intelligent.


People Are Sharing Their Food Hacks That Everyone Should Know

Food is a very important part of our life. It gives us energy and most importantly helps us stay alive. Along with that, food can be very simple. However, it might require some tips and tricks to make it delicious and convenient for us. Besides that, people from all over the world are sharing their food hacks. And they are making our culinary skills easier. And we got to say, it is helping! So if you also want to know more food/kitchen hacks keep on reading. Also, don’t forget to share with us other food hacks that are worth for peeps out there to know.

1.Let’s use banana leaves and save the turtles.

2.Wrapping a tortilla never been easier. Watch the video to learn how to do that.

3.Somewhere of being and not being an ice cream.

4.When waffle and french toast collide.

5.Finally, we know how to open a pomegranate without splashing its seeds all over.

6.Well you got to do what you got to do.

7.Vacuuming your egg yolk? Why not! Watch the video below to find out how.

8.No knife, no problem. You can use your glasses instead.

9.Using frozen grapes as ice cubes seems like a good idea.

10.A super hack to remove the chewy part in a chicken breast.

11.Cool way to use office supplies to organize your bears.


12.Now you know. No more spoiled food!


13.No pizza dough? Beagles are here to help.


14.Say no more to store-bought dressing salad. Make your own.


15.Choose your warrior! Different names for fresh and dried chilies.


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