20 Hard-To-Swallow Truths About Our Society That No One Wants To Hear

Wouldn’t it be nice if people said only the nice things we wanted to hear? But that is not possible here because we don’t live in a dream world, unfortunately. We have to deal with some harsh truths sometimes.

We searched a few corners of Reddit and collected some of those hard-to-swallow truths listed by folks in various online communities. Scroll below to read them.


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Life is easier for attractive people.


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Voting Trump out of office won’t magically fix everything. He is a symptom of a bigger disease here in the USA.


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Just because you’ve been doing something longer than other people doesn’t mean you’re better at it (driving, job role, sports etc)


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No-one wants to hear your shitty music in public, especially in class.


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Just because someone is related to you doesn’t mean they are a good person.


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We need to stop consuming animal products the way we currently are. It’s absolutely unsustainable.

The amount of downvotes this post will receive proves the title of this post.


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Americans don’t want to hear that Columbus murdered and enslaved people.


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No one really gives a s**t what your eyebrows look like.


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You aren’t special.


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“You can achieve anything you put your mind to” is NOT true.

Not even close.

Genetics play a HUGE role in whether or not someone will be a good athlete, or a super successful scientist.

Can you be an “OK” athlete if you try really hard and practice really hard? Sure. Will you break world records or play for a professional team? No. You have to be especially gifted in the genetics department to do those sorts of things.

The same thing applies for mental pursuits. Not everyone is smart. Some people just don’t… get it. You can try a million different ways of teaching a subject and some people just… won’t… get it. Critical thinking (the ability to see a problem and visualize how to get a solution) comes MUCH MORE EASILY to some people than to others. Can you sit there and memorize things and get good grades and what not? Absolutely. Will you ever be a scientist who does extremely important research and solves the world’s next huge problem? Probably not, unless you get hired because of nepotism are dragged along by someone who IS good at critical thinking.

Furthermore, much of what you CAN do is limited by who you know. If you’re rich or your parents are rich and they know lots of people and have a large social network or a lot of people who want to please them for one reason or another, you’ll likely find a job in whatever career you want to extremely easily provided you’re not totally inept. If you’re the first in your family to get a degree and aren’t good at maintaining a social network you’ll likely have an extremely hard time finding a job, even if you are the person best suited for the jobs you are applying for. Even if the job you’re applying for is LITERALLY what you spent 5 years getting a PhD on, if you don’t know somebody, you likely won’t get that job.


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All children are innocent, but they’re not all good. Some people will grow up to be f*****g assholes regardless of what they’re exposed to.


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Money can actually make your life happier.


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You need to have your views challenged.

Being around and positively engaging with people who disagree with you is one of the healthiest intellectual practices we can do.


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Having an opinion doesn’t make you right.


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We don’t know everything and probably never will.


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Your friends and family likely talk tons of s**t about you behind your back


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No matter how nice you are, people will still just be assholes to you just cuz.


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Corona may never go away and be in our lives forever in some capacity.


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Everyone you love will die. Everyone you hate will die. Everything ends.


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The more children you have, the more you contribute to environmental decline. Literally nobody likes hearing this because HUMANS MUST REPRODUCE YADA YADA.

“I Was Baffled”: Argument Arises When Friends Said This Man Can’t Take His 5 Y.O. Daughter Fishing With Them

What were the rules you had with your friends when you were growing up? Maybe the first one to get married would treat the rest? Maybe the rule was everyone should attend each other’s grand celebrations like graduation ceremonies, marriages, or birthdays!

It wasn’t much different than when Reddit user DaddynDaughterfish and his friends were young. Their rule was simple: every year, they would hold a fishing trip only for themselves. No wives, no girlfriends. The day would only be for them.

Though, sometimes, loopholes can be made in the rules. And it was shown when one of his friends, “Tim”, brought his son to the fishing day. This brought confusion to the friends, but they let it slide because after all, Tim did not bring a wife or a girlfriend. Also, Tim stated that he wanted to pass down their tradition to the next generation.

After some years, OP decided to bring his daughter who was around the same age as Tim’s son. A heated discussion ensued when his friends didn’t allow him to because it was “against the rule.” The confused OP brought this story to the Am I The A-Hole subreddit.

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More info: Reddit

OP and his friends would hold an annual fishing trip with the rule “No wives, no girlfriends”

Image credits: u/DaddynDaughterfish

One of the friends took his son with him and they had fun

Image credits: u/DaddynDaughterfish

However, when it was OP’s turn to bring his child, he wasn’t allowed to because it “breaks the rule”

Image credits: u/DaddynDaughterfish

The story received some confused reactions from the online community. But it appears that the final verdict is that the OP did not break their rule

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