April 18, 2021

These Vintage Images Show How Architects Worked Before Technology

Before technology, everything needed was done manually. There were a lot of tools used and a lot of workforces needed to finish a job, but the advance of technology made a lot of these professions useless.

Nonetheless, some technologies made peoples’ jobs easier.  Until 1982, drafters used to do all of their plans by hand, using huge tables and many measuring tools.

But then came AutoCAD, and 12 years later was being used worldwide, making drawing by hand something of the past. Except for a computer, nothing else was needed to finish your plan on AutoCAD.

Below is a collection of vintage pictures showing people while making their drawings by hand.

h/t: boredpanda.com













Event though AutoCad has helped on easing people’s job, still some are nostalgic about the simpler times they used to life without the influence of technology.