April 21, 2021

+23 Cringy Notes That Teachers Wrote to Parents

Imagine being at home and the first thing your kid does when they see you is a handover note from their teacher. And we all know the feeling of seeing that note, I mean, teachers do a perfectly good job guiding their students towards a brighter tomorrow, but that note…

Below you can check out some of the cringiest notes teachers have written to poor mothers and fathers.

Too Pretty To Work

Violet’s (My Cousin’s Daughter) Drawing On The Right, Teachers Note On The Left


Experts say that it’s not unusual for kids to behave differently in different settings. And after all, we have to expect a child to act one way at a friend’s birthday party and another when visiting the grandparents. But the behavior of some kids – especially the behavior of those with issues like anxiety, learning disabilities, ADHD, and autism can vary much more markedly, especially when they’re at home versus school. This discrepancy will leave parents puzzled.

Stephanie Lee, PsyD, a clinical psychologist at the Child Mind Institute, said that children with ADHD, anxiety, autism, and learning disabilities “may be using a lot of their resources to follow directions or cope in the classroom.” Once all these kids get home, “it’s challenging for them to conjure up the same amount of resources to manage.” Also, she added that many kids benefit from the consistency, structure, predictability, and routine that come with their school environment. And it shouldn’t be repeated at home “because that’s not how life works.

“During Math Today Max Was Having A Hard Time Following Along. When I Asked Him Why He Wasn’t Doing His Work, Max Responded, ‘Well, I’m Just Too Good Looking!’”

Got A Note From The Teacher


“Amara Has A Worm In Her Pocket. She Did Not Want To Throw It Away. I Just Wanted To Give You A Heads Up”


Good News And Bad News

The Biggest Booger Ball

But for most kids, academic and social demands at school are beyond what they typically face at home, Dr. Lee pointed out, that may trigger problem behaviors they don’t exhibit at home. Example, children with social anxiety who worry about how they’re being perceived by others, or children who have anxieties relating to performance, might have fewer problem behaviors at home but when they get to school and have to do math or read a passage aloud, they might engage in some negative behaviors to avoid that. “Acting out in this particular situation might end up being functional for them because if they act a little silly, the teacher might scold them, but then they move on,” Dr. Lee said.

The Ultimate Juxtaposition Of Naughty And Nice Came Home In Allie’s Folder Today


Quiet Voices

These Kids Are Nuts


Picked Up My Toddler From School And Was Handed This Note. I’m Scared To Look


Let This Be A Lesson For Everyone, Never Under Any Circumstance Let Your Friends Smell Your Chapstick


Not The Best Day Back


Tatertot Has Special Talents!


Got Detention While Playing School With Our Youngest. Figures


“Demi Cut Her Hair Today. I’m So Sorry”

Seems Like A Decent Day At School To Me


This Little Note Was In X’s Folder When He Got Home… Sneaky Sneaky


“During Math, Aiden Told Another Student He Drew A Boy With A Penis, Pooping… I Explained That We Don’t Need To Talk About Penises And Pooping During Math”

A Note From The Teacher That Came Home With The Kid Today


“Today Haiden Had To Be Moved To The Library For A Time Out. While There He Ripped This Book”

Ryleigh, Really?!


“Raeya Used The Child Safe Scissors To Cut Her Hair Today. A Teacher Stopped Her After One Snip”


Notes From School


Sleeping In Class


 And This Is Why I Love Sean And Chad