People Share 20 ‘Then And Now’ Pics To Show How Time Changes Everything (New Pics)

The world changes very fast. And in this regard, we are sure about two things. First, the present is no longer the same as what is written in history books. Second, the ground, the place that we’re standing and living on right now, has been there ages ago.

And that would sometimes invoke the question, “How did my place look like 50 years ago? Maybe a century ago?”

That is where rephotography comes into play. It is the process of taking pictures of the same place, in the same spot, but some length of time apart. This allows us to peek at the past by comparing the same place as it was a long time ago as if it was a temporary keyhole through which we can take a glimpse of history in the present.

We went to r/OldPhotosInRealLife to look for interesting “then vs now” or “before vs after” images of some famous cities. Scroll below to see our compilation of 20 intriguing and stunning images showing how our cities have grown. Be amazed by their transformation and tell us what you think is the best in the comments!

If you’ve kept some images like these, feel free to share them with us in the comments as well!

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#1 Poznan Old Square – Ww2 vs. 2021

Image source: DataOperator

#2 Kharkiv, Ukraine 2015 And 2022

Image source: Twizzyu

#3 Loket, Czech Republice 1900 And 2019

Image source: T-Pack

#4 A German Aa Battery In Aasenfjord, Norway. A Transparent Screen With A Photo From The War Is Placed So You Can See What It Looked Like When New

Image source: Anderssorte

#5 1916 vs. Now- Verdun Battlefield, France

Image source: DiosMioMan63

#6 Minami-Sanriku (Japan) 2011 vs. 2020

Image source: dctroll_

#7 Manhattan In 1851 And Today

Image source: ParaMike46

#8 Redlands Fire Department Group Photo 1958 And 2012 @ Intersection Of 35 Cajon St, Redlands, Ca

Image source: hankmeisterr

#9 Butchery Lane, Canterbury, In 1895, 1920, 1992 And 2022

Image source: cricklecoux

#10 Tiergarten, Berlin (1945 & 2021)

Image source: hankmeisterr

#11 Avril Lavigne’s First Album Shoot 2022 vs. 2002

Image source: Assbait93

#12 Haarlemmerdijk Street In Amsterdam, Netherlands (1971 And 2020)

Image source: Mackelowsky

#13 1000 Year Old Toghrol Tower In The City Of Rey, Iran. First Photo Taken In 1840’s

Image source: JohnBernhisel

#14 Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal. 100 Years Apart

Image source: hankmeisterr

#15 Torun, Poland

Image source: KomisarzLudowy

#16 Gooderham Flatiron Building, Toronto (1895 vs. Today)

Image source: jayatil2

#17 Boston – Elevated Highway Moved Underground, Replaced With Green Space. (1990s V. 2010s)

Image source: rrsafety

#18 Positano, Italy A Century Apart (1920/2022)

Image source: smartfuse

#19 1910 Great Flood Of Paris

Image source: hankmeisterr

#20 Roman Theatre Of Cartagena (Province Of Murcia, Spain) 1991 vs. 2021

Image source: dctroll_

Photoshop Troll Who Takes Photo Requests Too Literally Strikes Again, And The Results Are Hilarious (10 Pics)

For some, editing photos in Photoshop can be a hard task. There are just too many things to unpack, too many buttons that you have to learn what they do, and layers! What are they? So, if you’re a Photoshop newbie, you may just rely on someone to do the Photoshop work for you.

And there’s no better Photoshop artist we can recommend than the legendary James Fridman! Do you want to make your partner look remotely happy with you? Do you want to remove a person from the scene? No worries! James can get the job done. Below, we present the best 10 of his recent edits that really “fulfilled” what the client requested.

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Image source:  James Fridman


Image source:  James Fridman


Image source:  James Fridman


Image source: fjamie013


Image source: fjamie013


Image source:  James Fridman


Image source:  James Fridman


Image source: fjamie013


Image source:  James Fridman


Image source:  James Fridman

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