May 11, 2021

Photographer Captures by Coincidence an Incredible Shot of a Plane Flying Across the Sun

The best things for sure are the ones that happen spontaneously for sure. The trill of the unknown that’s coming your way is way better than having something planned for a long time before-hand and turning completely different in the end.

A lot of people, mostly professional photographers were able to document these happenstances that appear in front of us, then disappear with the blink of an eye. One of these legendary photographers is Andrew McCarthy who experienced a magical moment while he was trying to capture the sun he accidentally shot a stunning pic of an airplane flying against the backdrop of the sun. Even though one might think it was carefully planned, actually it was all the result of a coincidence.

“I had set up my solar telescope to capture an image of the full disc of the sun,” McCarthy explains, “and since taking pictures involves using a high-frame-rate camera, I was in the middle of a batch of frames when the plane crossed, allowing me to capture that perfect moment when it was dead center! It was sheer luck.”

In McCarthy’s photo, the sun appears as a jubilant pink orb bobbing in the blue-gray sky that is punctuated with the silhouette of a commercial airplane. It looks so perfect that if you didn’t realize the entire composition was captured in-camera, you might assume it was Photoshopped.

He shared this picture on his Instagram account and that went viral. The artist says he was so thankful for the social media that allowed his image to be shared across pilot forums and eventually crossing the path of the pilot.

Check out McCarthy’s incredible images below.

Watch a video he captured by clicking on the arrows of the Instagram post.


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McCarthy has snapped other incredible images of the sun.

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