March 3, 2021

Engineer Replaces His Bicycle Wheels With Circular Sawmill Blades So That He Could Ride It on the Ice

Subzero temperatures during wintertime can provide quite an exciting surface for those who love sports on ice.

Ice skating or ice hockey are just two of the options, but if you’re creative enough like this product-hacking engineer going by the name The Q, icy cycle can become quite a thing for you too.

“Icycycle” it’s the invention that this genius created with his bicycle by replacing its wheels with circular sawmill blades so that he could ride it on ice.

He carefully removed the original tires from the bicycle and replaces them with the giant steel disks with sharp blades on the edges. He went out to test it but the sharp blades cut straight through the ice and made it impossible to keep riding it. Then he took it back to his shop and added additional metal parts to each of the blades, turning out to be a success.

h/t: Laughing Squid

You can see the whole process of his work in the video below, and you can also check his YouTube page for more crazy inventions.

The Q: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube