20 Tech Support Workers Who Saw Hardware Disasters So Bad, They Just Had To Share Them Online

IT is a young, interesting, and rewarding field of expertise. Young in a sense that there are still a lot of possibilities and you’ll grow with it as well. Interesting for a fact that there are problems that can be solved by just plugging the thing out and plugging it in again, while there are those that require intensive brainpower. Rewarding, well, you get to apply your skills and get compensated well.

However, the IT industry isn’t always smooth. Below, we compiled the worst problems that some tech support guys have encountered in their profession. These eye-squinting messes are so terrible that you’ll wonder if they can even be fixed by turning them off and on again. So sit back and pray to everything holy that these messes were fixed by whoever was tasked to fix them.

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#1 Hey, Our Network Is Down, Can You Look Into It? Me: I Think I See The Problem

Image source: smohk1

#2 Please Do Not Turn This Fan Off It Is Keeping 5 Camera Control Units Cool

Image source: Oportunistic_DIY

#3 I. See. You

Image source: hlebspovidlom

#4 Someone Offered Me A Cheap Msi Gtx 1080ti. Glad My Case Was Big Enough

Image source: koopz_ay

#5 Before And After Of A Network Switche Refresh For A School District

Image source: TheAmateurRunner

#6 Thanks To Poor Planning, This Is How I Have To Service This Equipment

Image source: sp00nix

#7 Friend Complained Why Cpu Is 90 Degrees While Idling

Image source: Dyotic

#8 “My PC Gets Slower When I Turn My Space Heater On”

Image source: PatrikMansuri

#9 “I Watched A Video On How To Upgrade The Ram, But Now It Won’t Turn On”

Image source: Miyari__

#10 Some One Dropped This Off, Check That Screen Burn. It’s Off

Image source: flamewingdragon

#11 Why Won’t The Temp Go Down?… Oh

Image source: ShermanLiu

#12 Customer: “Laptop Fan Seems To Be Going Bad, My Son Uses The Laptop As Ashtray”

Image source: hypoflexx

#13 Why Does My Mining Rig Keep Shutting Down?

Image source: HarvestWisp

#14 Cleaning Chromebooks In The School I Work In, This Is 4th Grade. Completely Dead To The World

Image source: Slow_Cryptographer14

#15 Client Said The Cpu Was Running Hot

Image source: Nambruh

#16 My Bosses Surfacebook He Refuses To Retire

Image source: cmull123

#17 There Is Sawdust In This PC!

Image source: G1cin

#18 I Have Been Wondering Why I Kept Finding Random Ants On My Work Table

Image source: pembalhac

#19 Why Yes That Is A Hole In The Roof Leaving Their Dp, Switch & Routers Exposed To The Elements!

Image source: Imnotarealdog

#20 Found On Twitter

Image source: WonderfulShake

Game Of Thrones Fan Used AI To See What The Characters Would Look Like Based Entirely On Book Descriptions (20 Pics)

Can you believe that it has already been 11 years since the first season of Game Of Thrones hit the screens? Feel old yet? We thought so. When GoT first appeared on screens in 2011, it became an instant hit. Soon enough, the entire world was familiar with the legendary phrase “winter is coming” and fell in love with the cast. However, the true fans perhaps have read the books and noticed that not all characters and their descriptions were entirely accurate in the TV series adaptation. 

But the book-to-film adaptations don’t have to be 100% accurate, nor they should attempt to. The adaptation as a piece of work must be able to stand on its own within its own medium. What makes a good book does not always make a great film or TV series. While fidelity is important, the adaptation can’t be utterly faithful, as it’s impractical and expensive. Therefore, adaptations usually include a story twist and a slight change in details or descriptions. And perhaps that’s why GoT remains one of the best IMDB-rated TV series of all time.

Speaking of the differences between the book and the adaptation, one digital artist decided to illustrate them. MsBananaAnna used artificial intelligence to make character portrait reconstructions based on the original book descriptions. And while some characters in the book aren’t even shown in the series, some descriptions (and AI recreations) resemble the cast pretty well. And some are surprisingly different. Take a look.

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#1 Jon Snow

Image source: msbananaanna

#2 Arya Stark

Image source: msbananaanna

#3 Brienne Of Tarth

Image source: msbananaanna

#4 Joffrey Baratheon

Image source: msbananaanna

#5 Daenerys Targaryen

Image source: msbananaanna

#6 Tyrion Lannister

Image source: msbananaanna

#7 Jaime Lannister

Image source: msbananaanna

#8 Catelyn Stark

Image source: msbananaanna

#9 Sansa Stark

Image source: msbananaanna

#10 Asha Greyjoy

Image source: msbananaanna

#11 Shiera Seastar

Image source: msbananaanna

#12 Melisandre

Image source: msbananaanna

#13 Loras Tyrell

Image source: msbananaanna

#14 Cersei Lanister

Image source: msbananaanna

#15 Arianne Martell

Image source: msbananaanna

#16 Lyanna Stark

Image source: msbananaanna

#17 Ned Stark

Image source: msbananaanna

#18 Margaery Baratheon

Image source: msbananaanna

#19 Varys

Image source: msbananaanna

#20 Ser Jorah Mormont

Image source: msbananaanna

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