April 14, 2021

20 Before-And-After Pics Showing How Famous Cities Changed Over Time

The world is advancing at a rapid pace, it is changing every minute, although sometimes it’s hard to notice it. As we grow older, our surroundings change but we rarely notice the changes happening within. While we compare pictures of cities from today and years before, we start to see how big of a change has taken place.

The oldest continuously inhabited city in the world has existed for 11,000 years as of today. The town, Damascus, is the Syrian capital city, and surprisingly not much has changed behind this ancient city’s walls.

We can say that some of the world’s most famous cities have changed extremely over the decades.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 2000 and Now


Vilnius, Lithuania – 1900 and Now


Seoul, South Korea – 1900 and Now

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – 1970 and Now

theculturist.com, Predrag Vuckovic

Singapore, Republic of Singapore – 2000 and Now

Ong Wee Jin

Tokyo, Japan – 1945 and Now


Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – 1930 and Now

Rafael Rabello de Barros

Fortaleza, Brazil – 1975 and Now


Bangkok, Thailand – 1988 and Now


Melbourne, Australia – 1920 and Now


London, Great Britain – 1920 and Now

Slava Stepanov

Istanbul, Turkey – 1905 and Now

Public Domain

New York, USA – 1962 and Now


Chicago, USA 1937 and Now


Shanghai, China – 1987 and Now

Carlos Barria

Los Angeles, USA – 1940 and Now

San Francisco, USA – 1906 and Now

Geo. R. Lawrence Co.

San Francisco, USA – 1947 and Now

Redwood Empire Assn