April 21, 2021

20 of the Worst Travel Pic Fails (New Pics)

Because of this coronavirus pandemic, everyone’s plans have been canceled. And to be honest, we’re all sad about that. 🙁 During this pandemic, traveling and going on holiday is inadvisable because we risk catching and spreading the virus. So it’s okay if we daydream about our holidays. But fortunately, some airlines like British Airways, EasyJet, and Virgin Atlantic are letting passengers rebook flights for free.

An online travel agency Expedia UK said how the coronavirus is affecting the travel industry: “At Expedia, we believe in the power of travel: to create joy, to bring people together, to enrich our hearts and minds. The entire travel industry is experiencing an unprecedented increase in service requests from customers due to the overwhelming impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We’re really sorry for such long wait times due to the increase in call volumes. Every Expedia team member who can help is working to add more capacity, self-service options, and collaborating with many thousands of our global travel partners. At Expedia, one thing we know is that for people and communities around the globe, travel is a force for good. Whenever you are ready to travel again, please know that we are ready to serve you.

Also, some hotels in areas under quarantine are offering customers refunds or the possibility of rebooking their stay for a safe time in the future. It depends on your travel insurer because they might be able to cover various costs like hotel rooms and car hire, but also this depends a lot on each company and your particular situation.

And sadly, not all airline companies are the same when it comes to treating their customers well. For example, Ryanair has been accused of “ripping off passengers” when it became apparent it was charging 80 pounds more for some individuals to rebook canceled flights. Although, Wizz Air was still charging passengers to rebook flights to Bulgaria and Hungary even though both countries closed their borders. We hope that everyone can get the refunds they deserve and we can all go on holiday when the coronavirus outbreak is suppressed.

Good travel photographs always capture the very essence of a destination, whether it be a famous landmark, colorful culture, architecture, history, or local cuisine.
Here we have a list of the most unsuccessful travel pics that show that even the best-planned vacations can end up as fails. Enjoy!

Go to the Golden Gate Bridge they said. Get there early they said.


Hard-to-obtain permits for a 10-mile hike to see Havasupai falls.


Went to see the Taj Mahal this morning.


Wife and I visited the Eiffel Tower for our honeymoon.


This photo my dad took of me at Machu Picchu.


120-mile solo hike. Asked an elderly passerby to take a photo for me.


Woke up at 2.30 am to make a 2-hour drive up 10000 feet to see the sunrise atop Haleakala. Have you ever seen such beauty?


My moms first time visiting Paris.


My first time visiting the Grand Canyon and this happened.


The day I visited the Great Wall of China.


To the guys who finally got to see the Golden Gate Bridge & the Grand Canyon: this is my view of Mount Fuji, Japan.


My friend is on vacation in Hawaii, and she asked this man to take a picture of her. He told her, “I got a close-up.” bless this man.


I was in New York for the first time in my life.


Went to the Grand Canyon today.


I finally got to see Big Ben.


Went on vacation and paid extra for a room with a view of the mountains. The snowplow ran right outside our window.


Hiked one of Norway’s most beautiful trails for 3.5 hours through the rain to be rewarded with this stunning view.


Visited St. Louis for the first time and was told I had to see the famous gateway arch.


The view from my 65th floor “Grand Times Square view” hotel room.


Traveled 2,000+ miles to Mt. Rushmore. It is what it is, I guess.