April 21, 2021

2021 Travel Hacks

Due the Covid-19, a lot of people spent 2020 exploring their own cities, a small town nearby, some had quick road trips to lakes, mountains, and beaches, or some even ended up on their own backyards. Something people will be looking forward to in 2021 is vacation, and hopefully traveling will return to normal soon. The travel industry experts have done their research on how traveling is going to look like in 2021 and here are some hacks that will help you have an enjoyable vacation.

Book your flight during weekdays

There are some very attractive prices on offer for this year, but  CheapAir conducted research to find out the optimal time to book an air ticket. Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest days to book a flight. And while you’re searching for one always go in Incognito mode, since airways use cookies to track your research, making the prices go higher.

Check the flexibility of your ticket

According to Expedia.ca, flexibility should be required not a “nice-to-have”. There’s been a lot of unpredicted things going on last year, and at the last second, you might’ve had to cancel your trip. Making sure that doesn’t happen again by booking a ticket you can easily move your dates or even cancel and get a refund.

Health and safety advancements are essential

2021 concerns about health and safety while traveling will continue to impact every aspect of trip planning. Always be careful with what accommodation you choose, where to go and who to travel with, in order to avoid crowds as much as possible.

Stay updated

It seems obvious with the rules and d guidelines changing constantly, make sure you’re checking for the latest updates at home and your intended destination frequently so you aren’t blindsided by some information you didn’t have when you booked the trip. Or even worse, you aren’t able to go because you weren’t aware of the new policies.

Pack light and smart

When planning a trip, we always overload our baggage with stuff we end up not using. There are downloadable packing lists that you can get from the internet to make things easy on you. It’s way easier and simpler.

Exchange your money at the right places and try contactless payments as much as you can

Usually, small kiosks found in malls have the best rates. But if you have the opportunity to pay with card, apply that to avoid touching as much as possible because of Covid-19.