20 Breath-taking Camping Adventures People Shared in This Online Community

If you’re looking to calm your mind, nature is the place to go. Nothing soothes your soul more than when you surround yourself with the green fields and fresh air. And one of the best ways to enjoy nature is to go camping. Although a lot go hiking or just on a picnic, after a good day in nature they go back to the comfort of their homes. But how about we change that for a sec? How about we spent a night out there in the wild and become one with nature?

r/camping subreddit is a place that brings closer a lot of people who share the same passion for camping. These campers are more concerned about the act of camping and less concerned about hiking long distances or light gear.

So far this community counts 2.1 million members who share their outdoor adventures together. Every pic they share makes you go buy a tent and rush to the mountains. The picturesque landscapes, the air, the mood, everything about it really makes you fall in love with nature even more.

1. My uncle left me a map when he died, he played it up to seem like it was a map to his life’s riches barried as if they were treasure, turns out it was just a map to his favorite campsite and his idea of a joke is the real treasure being friendship; what a cheap basted.


2. Excuse me while I toot my own horn. Single mom here. For my daughter’s 12 birthday, got her a dog and took her camping and fishing. Not something I’ve ever done alone. I think her dad would have been proud.


3. Paradise doesn’t have to be tropical


4. I’m 32. And last night I took myself and my dog on my first ever camping trip. I left later than I wanted; setup took 2.5 hours; probably overpacked; dog and I slept poorly; exhausted. Worth it.


5. $50 Walmart tent in a blizzard lol. I think we got close to 3 feet. It was hard crawling out of the tent this morning


6. A truly monumental sunrise.


7. Oregon, hands down one of the most beautiful states in the country.

8. Went from a 2 person backpacking tent to this 1981 pop-up trailer that I inherited from my Grandpa. Feels so posh!


9.Took my grandfather camping for the first time after 40 years, he’s 75.


10. Just your average night of vertical camping 🙂


11. I’m a single mom and the only active parent in my son’s life. I took him on his first camping trip in the Arkansas Ozarks! He loved it!


12. This might be the best picture I’ve ever taken.


13. Breakfast with a view


14. Waking up in Grand Teton National Park!


15. I slept alone in a tent for over 650 nights in 22 countries in 4 years 🌍 Camped in the snow, deserts, mountains, jungles, forests, rainforests, seaside, empty houses, under the bridges, fields, parks, rooftops. Photos from Vietnam, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia, India and Turkey.


16. First time camping and all on my own. It was a total disaster and I’d do it again.


17. Wedding in the Woods. My brother and sister-in-law reserved an entire campground for their wedding. Over 100 guests camping, BBQ for the reception, bridal yurt, off leash dogs everywhere. Best. Wedding. Ever.


18. Took my boy camping overnight for the first time. He is…wondering where the couch is. [Hoosier National Forest]


19. Woke up to a weird “phfffffooooo” sound. Looked outside just as this balloon flew overhead. Best alarm clock ever.


20. Hiked through the Italian alps to finally wake up to this view of the Matterhorn above the clouds on 2800m.


21. A couple of rock climbers portal edge camping on a mountainside in Yosemite.😮


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Incredible Clear Waters Around the World

There are a lot of wonders in the world and clear water is one of them. The magical turquoise waters, azure lakes, and crystal clear beaches are the jewels of this earth. Once you get into these waters you can see your whole body reflecting under or even from above the sparkling surface, various colorful fishes floating freely, and the sand or rocks just below your feet.

The warmth of the blue color can enlighten your soul and lift your spirit, anchoring the profound inner joy and relaxation. Fortunately for you, we found some, so here are the top five most incredible crystal waters in the world. Once you read about them you will want to make at least one of these places your next destination…

1.Pensacola Beach

Our first on the list is Pensacola Beach. This beach is anchored at the western tip of Florida, stretching miles along the Gulf of Mexico, this barrier island offers you a vast scope of experiences. Pensacola beach provides you with lively crowds and lifeguards to quiet beaches ideal for everyone whose main concern is relaxing and letting all the worries float away with the sea.

2.Corfu Island, Greece

Corfu Greece is one of the most exquisite and romantic islands of the Ionian island group. Waters being extremely clear boats of the locals look like they are floating in the air. But this is not all, this island is bound up historically in Greece mythology named after the beautiful nymph Korkyra, Corfu, making this Island ever wanted through centuries resulting in numerous battles and conquests.

Thus the tear-like waters and the historical sites of this island emerge to feed not only your mind and body but your soul as well. All you have to do is to explore and enjoy!…

3. Palawan Island Philippines

Image credit: theworldtravelguy.com/

Palawan is a piece of heaven on earth, lush waters in fjord greenery that teems with exotic diverse wildlife, attractive fishing villages, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Diving in the lazuline waters, and the limestone caves of Sabang to the exquisite fireflies dancing at twilight at the Iwahig River.

Palawan’s great indigenous people live on this island in groups of the Batak tribe, meeting and interacting with the locals will enhance the richness of your experience by witnessing daily Palawan life as it is. Clear waters and making new friends are all one might want!

4. Flathead Lake, USA

Flathead Lake is a large natural lake in northwest Montana and is the largest natural freshwater lake. The water is so clear it gives you an optical illusion that someone floating on the water’s surface seems to be levitating.

Nature explorer David Thompson once described this beautiful lake as a “fine sheet of water” A place where big mountains meet the soothing water, surrounded by pine trees and grand rocks. Its wildish nature makes Flathead Lake a good opponent to spend weekends at when you want to get some sun and fresh air.

There is no way to be different than that, the picturesque views of all the earth elements combined in one place, creating the most graceful sights imaginable.

5. Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is a famous tourist destination, especially for scuba divers. Sapphire waters and diverse marine life gives its title to one of the best diving sites worldwide.

Even though this place remained unknown to people outside the diving community for quite a while, now this place is no secret anymore, different resorts are built within the beach area making the place more frequented and populated. The spectacular underwater views never fail to amaze, all thanks to the water creatures that coexist with us.


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