Top 8 Hidden Gems Around Canada That Are Worth Visit

Many big places around the world are already known for their most popular attractions. However, sometimes these big places can also hide gems under their “earthy cloak” Such is Canada a big place but nonetheless with naturally fascinating beauty. Along with breathtaking landscapes, lush rivers, picturesque mountains, and much more. It is so vast it looks impossible to grip.

Anyhow, planning a trip following our top 8 best-hidden destinations we garantue you a lifetime experience. Scroll down below to make sure you take notes to get through the marvelous places. And in the end, decide wisely which one is going to be the first on your list.

1. Dinosaur Provincial Park- Alberta

This place is the perfect stop for everyone who likes more edgy places. It’s prehistoric creatures given the fossils and other relics you left you fascinated. Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta is rightly named “The Grand Canyon of Canada” due to its strikingly similar terrain including 35 species of dinosaurs from 75 million years ago. Nonetheless, at night you can hear coyotes howling freely. For those who love to lay down and counting starts this place offers the chance to see the clear night sky perfect for stargazing views.

2. River Surfing, Kananaskis River, Alberta

Although Alberta is home to a large number of lakes their size and physical characteristics make them unsuitable for surfing, leaving rivers and their standing waves as the only viable option. The wave is conveniently located at an hour’s drive from Calgary and is free for riding. Bonus – the unbelievably beautiful scenery surrounding the wave makes for an interesting backdrop for practicing your surfing skills. Kan (as it is referred to locally), can be run in playboats, creek boats, and rafts. There are loads of challenging moves and fun rapids along the way. Freestyle paddlers have a range of options including waves and holes to get their playboat on in.

3.Cabot Trail-Nova Scotia


Rising from the sea and clinging to mountains, the 298-kilometer-long Cabot Trail is a winding mix of roadway, paths, stairs, and stunning beauty that takes you from unreal ocean vistas to quaint fishing villages. Located in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, the Cabot Trail is a one-of-a-kind hiking adventure that offers stunning views of the region. A picnic in this scenic place is all you really need.

4. Haida Gwaii, British Columbia

Greg Stevenson

The Cabot Trail is considered one of the world’s most scenic destinations, with stunning ocean vistas, old-growth forests, prehistoric rock scarred by glaciers, and the mysterious Cape Breton Highlands. A visit to the Cabot Trail is a multi-day (3-5 days) experience.  The best way to enjoy this off-the-beaten-path beauty – pack a picnic hamper and take the two-hour trail. Along with delicious local seafood, music events, and much more.

5.Northern Lights in Manitoba

While the natural wonder known as the northern lights or the Aurora Borealis can be seen throughout all of Manitoba, Churchill experiences the phenomenon nearly 300 nights a year. With its ideal position under the auroral oval, Churchill draws in wildish nature all those fanatics to see its beauty. Watching the sky dazzling in greenish and azure color is a unique experience to not be missed.

6. Haida Gwaii, British Columbia

The islands, collectively known as Haida Gwaii, date back to time immemorial, but until relatively recently they were known on maps everywhere as the “Queen Charlotte Islands,” the name given to them by European explorers in the 18th century. Haida Gwaii is an isolated archipelago nestled off the BC western coast. Visitors can enjoy hiking, mountain climbing, pitching a tent on the shore of Agate Beach, and much more. Haida Gwaii is a marvelous site that transmits the power of nature, and a testament to the bravery of the humans who inhabited the area over the millennia.

7. The Grotto, Ontario

Irene Steeves

You have to see it believe it. This natural beauty is something you have to experience in person, and it’s just a four-hour drive from Toronto. The hike to the Grotto and Indian Head Cove is roughly one hour round trip, according to Parks Canada. Established in 1987, the park represented a pioneering departure for the national park system. With its lush water you can jump into the most refreshing and rejuvenating water you’ll ever enjoy swimming in.

8. Acid Lakes, Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario

Killarney is one of Canada’s best-kept secrets. It’s the beautiful scenery of white mountains to lush greenery. Grounds to lots of hideaway cabins. Due to the lake being acidic from the rainfall in the mid-20s, you will witness the crystal clear waters. Nonetheless, all those who visit can see the pristine waters and fishes below water level. A unique experience that can’t be missed

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Architect Designs Hotel in Norway With a Glass Swimming Pool Suspended in Mid-air

Usually, the main aim of hotels is to provide a comfortable accommodation, offering safety and relaxing spaces for travelers. However, there are also unique hotels made to give guests a thrilling experience rather than just a relaxing stay. And if you wonder which one you would rather go for, it all depends on your personality type and spirit energy.

Turkish Hayri Atak Studio is the designer of the proposed Cliff Concept Boutique Hotel into Preikestolen, a cliff in southern Norway. The hotel, which is definitely not for the faint hearted, has become a popular tourist attraction. Such hotel features a swimming pool with a see-through bottom that juts out from the side of the cliff face. It features three levels of guest rooms and two observation decks, one at the top of the cliff and one at the bottom – alongside the swimming pool. The first of its kind, this swimming pool can be placed on top of a 55-storey luxury hotel!

Simply scroll down, and enjoy the views of this gorgeous hotel. Also, remember to upvote your favorite view!

More Info: Hayri Atak | Instagram

#1 Cliff Conceptual Boutique Hotel – Norway – 2019










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