Holland’s Largest “Flower Stream” Garden Bursts with 7 Million Colorful Blooms

Each year when spring arrives, one of the world’s largest flower gardens opens its doors to visitors, allowing millions to soak in its beauty. Stretching over 79 acres, the Keukenhof is indeed a spectacular garden located in South Holland. There are 7 million bulbs here each year, thus showing off the best Dutch flower producers.

Holland’s beloved tulips constitute over 800 varieties on display. But there are also hyacinth and narcissus, among other bulbous flowers, all arranged in neat, colorful rivers. This makes Keukenhof not only a stunning photo opportunity but a site where it’s possible to discover Holland’s incredible flower industry. While tulips are closely associated with the Netherlands today, they were actually introduced into the country in the 16th century by the Ottoman Empire. Their popularity grew throughout the 17th century when the Dutch Golden Age took place. During this time of extreme wealth, tulips were so coveted that they were actually traded as currency until the “Tulip Mania” bubble burst.

The Keukenhof’s history also dates back hundreds of years, when the grounds served to grow fruit and vegetables for Jacqueline of Bavaria‘s kitchen staff. Up to the present time, from mid-March to mid-May, visitors come from around the world to admire the colorful blooms at the Keukenhof. As one of the most beautiful gardens in the world, the Keukenhof thus helps keep the proud tradition of Dutch flowers alive and well.

So scroll down and look at this sea of beautiful flowers!

Keukenhof: Website | Facebook | Instagram

#1 South Holland’s Keukenhof is an incredible flower garden where nearly 7 million bulbs are planted annually


#2 A sea of flowers makes its way through the park


















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Travel Syndrome- Expectations Vs Reality of Vacation Destinations

It happens a lot when we see a picture of a certain place as a tourist we get to look at the best pictures. But soon as we go there the expectations tend to disappoint us. Crowded places, trashes everywhere, overall not the enjoyable experience we wish to have.
However, The syndrome of romanticizing places has come due to a very range of marketing of tourism. We tend to go to the places we find super romantic so we can be fulfilled and content with our trip.
Rather than that this also shows how misleading photography can be. A lot of people may be left disappointed when they meet the harsh reality of these places.

For example, everyone I bet would be expecting a very nice to the heart of the ancient trip to Egypt but instead, they would be waiting in long lines with very hot sunny weather above their head. Or visiting the great wall of china, a moment of wandering meditation up to grandeur wall but in reality, you have to squeeze to pass through all those people.”

But hey! Don’t be hopeless sometimes these places can be less crowded and stiff if you look at the “flux map” during the seasons. Is better to target the times when fewer tourist may visit the certain place.
And always be prepared for some letdown just in case your expectations were too high. Otherwise, just try to enjoy the best out of a place.

Now scroll down to see Expectation Vs Reality photo saga.

1. Taking Photos With Leaning Tower Of Pisa In Italy

Martin Parr

2. Taj Mahal


3. Relaxing On The Gorgeous Beaches Of Maldives

Alexander Brown

4. Watching The Stonehenge During Sunset, United Kingdom

Crisher Entertainment

5. Visiting Pyramids Of Giza In Cairo, Egypt

Edward Ewert

6. Climbing Mount Everest, Nepal

Barry BishopReport

7. The little mermaid


8. Visiting The Great Wall Of China

Zhu Difeng

9. The Acropolis


10. Walking By The Howrah Bridge In Kolkata, India


11. Exploring Antelope Canyon Arizona, USA

Cebb Photographies


12. Sunbathing In The Famous Beach Of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


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