April 17, 2021

Land Artist Uses Sticks and Stones to Create Mesmerizing Art

James Brunt is a Yorkshire- based artist who uses nature as a canvas to make art. His primary elements used in his artwork are all found in nature and his sculptures are really one-of-a-kind. His major is land art, which includes a wide range of locations, including sandy beaches, wooded parks and even lucky local schools. Wherever the location might be, he uses materials found on site to create his temporary installations, finding artistic value in everyday surrounding. Earthwonders reached out to Brunt to ask him about land art and why he choose to express himself in this medium. ” There wasn’t really a choice involved, I guess the whole artist journey was leading towards the point of finding the fulfilment of working outside in Nature,” explained the artist.

Mother nature is an endless source of inspiration, and the artist says the location is the biggest inspiration. “Making time to look and be inspired by little moments that catch my eye, presenting opportunities to stop and play, the time spent in Nature is intrinsically linked to my well-being and wellness,” says Brunt

The artist photographs each design once it’s completed in order to immortalize his temporary creations. His photos and prints capture the dramatic point of balance which are as both poetically fragile to look at and yet deceptively solid due to the nature of the raw material.

Brunt says that his art is something anyone can do if they just sit down and play outdoors. ” I hope my work encourages other to allow themselves to play. I don’t see my work as something others can’t do, it’s very very simple.”

More info: jamesbruntartist.co.uk | Facebook | Twitter |

You can check out his amazing creations below.














James Brunt: Website | Facebook | Twitter
h/t: [Colossal]