12 Most Incredible Islands You Shouldn’t Miss

Travelling can give us the feeling of an adventure, making everything seem more thrilling and exciting.

Dreaming of an island far, far away? 

If yes, below you will find some of the most amazing islands surrounded by water with pretty landscapes, and greenery. Islands are cute little heavens, so I guess we should all experience heaven at least once in our lives, right?

Each of the following islands has a unique personality and offers visitors different types of experiences. If you aren’t sure which island is right for you, explore the islands by the type of experience you’d like to have — whether it’s heart-pounding adventures, total relaxation, or something in-between. 

Let’s scroll, buddy.

1. Lofoten Islands, Norway


Located 800 miles from Oslo and 95 miles north of the Arctic Circle, the Lofoten archipelago is known for its remote, rugged beauty. Painters and authors have long drawn inspiration from the islands, which make appearances in many Norwegian paintings. Lofoten is known for the northern lights, small villages, and the midnight sun. 

The tourism scene there has a very young vibe, with lots of budget accommodation, and even the luxury accommodation markets itself towards adventure seekers.  More importantly, the islands generally retain a wild and truly untamed feel for those nature lovers out there. You can go fishing, or hike the beautiful mountains with an extraordinary view.

2. Male Island: Best Island In Maldives


Male is the best island in the Maldives for a honeymoon for all those luxury-seeker couples and you should ideally visit this island at the very beginning of the end of your honeymoon. Although it is often dismissed as a destination with few sightseeing options, it must not be missed. For it is here that you experience the true Maldivian culture and it is the best island to stay in the Maldives for honeymoon.

This piece of beach paradise has always been on the list as one of the topmost beautiful islands in the world.

3. The Island of Bora Bora


Bora Bora is a Pacific island in the territory of French Polynesia, located on a dormant volcano island, set on one of the most beautiful and crystal-clear lagoons in the world, colored in a million shades of blue. Known for gorgeous luxury resorts and numerous adventurous activities, it is one of the northwestern islands that make up The Islands of Tahiti.

With a small population, Bora Bora is highly visited by tourists every year. All the luxurious resorts, fun activities, and crystal clear blue water make you want to spend all of your time in this lavish destination. No wonder why it is regarded as “arguably the most beautiful island on the planet” and “arguably the most famous island in the world.”

4. Mauritius

Image by wurliburli from Pixabay

With a variety of scenery, fantastic climate, and warm season, Mauritius easily justifies its status as a paradise island. Being one of the most beautiful islands on earth, Mauritius is often referred to as the star of the Indian Ocean. It is a volcanic island of lagoons and palm-fringed beaches with coral reefs surrounding most of the coastline.

Mauritius is a popular tourist destination and people are intrigued by its history, landscape and rich cultural tapestry. Do not ever doubt if you should visit Mauritius because there are activities for every kind of traveler in this natural paradise. 

5. Sardinia, Italy


The Italian beaches are all beautiful, especially Sardinia, which is a mainly mountainous region with a vast and charming, yet bittersweet, natural environment. After Sicily, it is is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

It is highly preferred for couples who want to experience an unforgettable honeymoon adventure.
It has some of the best nude beaches in the world, too! Yes, the sand really is that white, and the sea the bluest blue.
If you would prefer a more private beach, then visit Sardinia’s tranquil Island. Having such a vast area, this place doesn’t get crowded easily and you can be on your very own relaxation.

6. Bali, Indonesia

Timur Kozmenko

Also known as the Land of the Gods, Bali appeals through its sheer natural beauty of looming volcanoes and lush terraced rice fields that exude calmness and serenity. Bali has the most unique deeply spiritual culture. Which enchants with its arts and crafts, dramatic dances, and colorful ceremonies as well as with luxurious beach resorts and exciting nightlife. The diversity of rich culture, yoga, surfing, relaxation view, and shopping are just amazing to describe. Bali has always ranked among the most beautiful islands to visit because of its enchanting spirit and exotic culture.

7. Lombok, Indonesia


Lombok is one of those less-known island locales. However, this does not make it any less beautiful than the other well-known island, Bali. Lombok offers many empty and often isolated dream beaches, sociable and interesting people, tasty food, and fantastic nature.

One thing worth mentioning, this place has long been a favorite destination for holidays, especially for some travel bloggers. This place is something you just can’t miss.

8. The Gili islands


3 paradise islands: Gili Trawangan, the main island, Gili Meno, and Gili Air which seem tiny compared to Lombok – are located only 20 minutes away by boat. These three tiny little islands have become one of the most popular spots in all of Indonesia.

They are very popular for scuba diving and snorkeling but also for swimming, relaxing, and partying. You can also discover the colorful underwater world of the Gili’s by snorkeling on a day trip from Lombok.
With a little bit of luck, you can even spot turtles. The Gili islands are a must!

9. Tasmania, Australia


Lying about 250 kilometers across the Bass Strait, you’ll find the rugged beauty of Tasmania—Australia’s only island state. Tasmania isn’t a destination most people immediately consider, but it should be.

Tasmania’s natural beauty is captivating, its cultural experiences are diverse, and its food and drink offering is enviable. You should get a true taste of Tasmania in its fresh apple cider, cheeses, wine and oysters, and experience a dose of its serenity with its powder-white beaches and laid-back luxury. 

If you enjoy special events, there’s the Royal Launceston Show, the Royal Hobart Show, and the Tasmanian Lute Festival.10. Madeira Island


Madeira is a Portuguese island and is the largest and most populous of the Madeira Archipelago. It is one of Europe’s most beautiful travel places with many thousands of tourists returning year after year. Why?

It offers not only an all-year-round summer climate, as well as wonderful fauna and flora, but it is also one of the safest holiday destinations in the world. Madeira Island’s Nature is one of its biggest tourist attractions. It is the perfect place for those who want to live away from the hustle and bustle of a city as it is close to nature and an island lifestyle.

There are plenty of landscapes on the island that will take your breath away like the levadas, Cabo Girao skywalk, the Laurissilva Forest, Porto Santo beach, nature reserves, the highest peaks, and many more to see and explore!

11. Santorini, Greece


Even if you’ve never been to this Cyclades island in the Aegean Sea, you’d still recognize it immediately—its candy-colored houses carved into cliffs, sapphire waters, and chalk-white buildings topped with cobalt-blue domes. Santorini is a volcanic island in the Cyclades group of the Greek islands. It is located between Ios and Anafi islands.

Santorini has a unique landscape. It is famous for dramatic views and stunning sunsets from Oia town. The ultimate highlight of Santorini is, obviously, its magical sunset!

 12. Kauai, Hawaii


Kauai is Hawaii’s fourth-largest island and is sometimes considered as the “Garden Island,” which is an entirely accurate description. Kauai is an island full of splendor, raw beauty, and culture. An island that, like no other, represents the true spirit of aloha. Kauai is definitely a true hidden gem of sorts. Over 90% of the island cannot be reached by road. In fact, having no road near it is what makes this whole island unique – and most Kauai lovers like it that way.

Kauai’s geological and cultural history is rich, and the marvelous landscape can make the best trio of a lifetime.
If you’re lucky enough to be headed to this paradise, you will experience the best adventure ever.
Very few places on earth possess the incomparable beauty of Hawaii’s Kauai!

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Travel Syndrome- Expectations Vs Reality of Vacation Destinations

It happens a lot when we see a picture of a certain place as a tourist we get to look at the best pictures. But soon as we go there the expectations tend to disappoint us. Crowded places, trashes everywhere, overall not the enjoyable experience we wish to have.
However, The syndrome of romanticizing places has come due to a very range of marketing of tourism. We tend to go to the places we find super romantic so we can be fulfilled and content with our trip.
Rather than that this also shows how misleading photography can be. A lot of people may be left disappointed when they meet the harsh reality of these places.

For example, everyone I bet would be expecting a very nice to the heart of the ancient trip to Egypt but instead, they would be waiting in long lines with very hot sunny weather above their head. Or visiting the great wall of china, a moment of wandering meditation up to grandeur wall but in reality, you have to squeeze to pass through all those people.”

But hey! Don’t be hopeless sometimes these places can be less crowded and stiff if you look at the “flux map” during the seasons. Is better to target the times when fewer tourist may visit the certain place.
And always be prepared for some letdown just in case your expectations were too high. Otherwise, just try to enjoy the best out of a place.

Now scroll down to see Expectation Vs Reality photo saga.

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