NASA Astronaut Shares the Amazing Sights of Space From His Spacecraft’s Window

If you have ever wondered about the astronaut’s view from their spacecraft, NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins gives you a very good answer. Even though, out of our planet, he still finds a way to connect with us by tweeting the images of the earth as seen from the International Space Station.

Mike is currently serving as a Crew-1 Dragon Resilience Commander. He and a team of 3 other scientists launched on November 15, 2020, and they spent six months on the Resilience spacecraft until the new team took over. This was Hopkins’ third trip to the International Space Station after previously serving as a flight engineer for Expedition 64.

Even though on a tough mission, Hopkins make sure to keep us updated what goes on on space. Through the images he shared on his Twitter account we were able to see how the space looks like from an astronaut’s point of view.

This incredible snapshots show how beautiful the space is is, and it’s really breathtaking to look at it from that point of view.

Daylight view is surely amazing, but the night time in space though… Just incredible!!!

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Architect Designs Hotel in Norway With a Glass Swimming Pool Suspended in Mid-air

Usually, the main aim of hotels is to provide a comfortable accommodation, offering safety and relaxing spaces for travelers. However, there are also unique hotels made to give guests a thrilling experience rather than just a relaxing stay. And if you wonder which one you would rather go for, it all depends on your personality type and spirit energy.

Turkish Hayri Atak Studio is the designer of the proposed Cliff Concept Boutique Hotel into Preikestolen, a cliff in southern Norway. The hotel, which is definitely not for the faint hearted, has become a popular tourist attraction. Such hotel features a swimming pool with a see-through bottom that juts out from the side of the cliff face. It features three levels of guest rooms and two observation decks, one at the top of the cliff and one at the bottom – alongside the swimming pool. The first of its kind, this swimming pool can be placed on top of a 55-storey luxury hotel!

Simply scroll down, and enjoy the views of this gorgeous hotel. Also, remember to upvote your favorite view!

More Info: Hayri Atak | Instagram

#1 Cliff Conceptual Boutique Hotel – Norway – 2019










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