Photographer Captures Northern Lights & Erupting Volcano and the Photos Went Viral

If you ever want to feel like you are in some mystic event, or you want your inner self awakened from the ordinary days. Then for sure, you have to see the Northern lights. The beautiful aurora lights forming in the sky is a lifetime experience, that can transform you. Or seeing another natural phenomenon like an erupting volcano blowing like a dragon’s mouth the fiery lava. But what happens when these two combine?! I wonder how magical that must be! Well someone out there had the golden luck to experience this.

The photographer Christopher Mathews had lived in Iceland for so many years and he enjoyed taking pictures of the countries wonderful sights. But when he heard that magma was flowing up towards the earth, detected by volcano monitoring systems. Mathews was more than ready to go there and take the shot. As he was monitoring the event since early 2020.

This would also be very special because the Volcano was silent for quite some time now. However, he had to go there at the exact moment so he could capture the action before it was too late. But Iceland has many volcanos thus it is called “the land of fire and ice”. And the Volcano itself is positioned in a good place because the valley is inhabited so it erupted freely. 

1.The viral photo of the northern lights over the erupting volcano.

Christopher Mathews

When March 2021 was right in the corners it was clear that the volcano will implode from his belly any time. So he was on board with this thus he stated that he began scouting locations for a possible photoshoot early in March. Because he was interested to be more familiar with the volcano area. Even though oddly he didn’t know all the places near home still he had to learn the best routes including some back roads that might be useful if the main road were cut from lava.

Even though Mathews had correctly guessed the path that sends you to the volcano area, still authorities had blocked the main road. Thusly all the photographer was able to get was the shimmering of lava in the clouds as the entire highway sat in silence. However, he was more than eager to get the shoot he was so waiting for; Geldingadalur with the northern lights in the background. He got an idea to rent a cottage house nearby and waited for the perfect weather conditions even though it was kind of difficult.

2. A closer look of the flowing lava.

Christopher Mathews

Even though the weather seemed like it wasn’t on the photographer’s side as the unexpected snowstorm moved in. Left by no other choice he had to return to the cottage but as he arrived he noticed the sky was opening and a shock wave of the sun was hitting the horizon, triggering bright aurora lights over the volcano “As chance would have it, this happened at midnight on March 24—my birthday. It‘s hard to imagine a greater gift!”

Well.. with this shooting outcome there isn’t much to say and the photos speak for themself. So, no wonder they went viral. As an old tale says with patience the ground can be turned into gold. Thusly Mathews said that this experience can be a lesson for everyone- “Luck plays a big part in taking a good photo—but so does planning, and above all persistence.”

3.Mathews faced obstacles when trying to photograph the Volcano because the roads were blocked.

Christopher Mathews

4.The sight of the volcano from the Blue Lagoon is otherworldly.

Christopher Mathews


Christopher Mathews


Christopher Mathews

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