April 21, 2021

Photographer Makes the Moon Look Like a Giant Eye in the Sky

Adventurous photographer, Zach Cooley, has dedicated his career to bringin mesmerizing images of the moon. Shots like this require a high level of patience and determination, but the results of it are fascinating.

In his last shot taken at the end of October at Arches National Park in Utah, Cooley presented to the public images of a surreal moon peeking in the desert, giving you the impression of a large eye in the sky.

The moon was framed by the North Windows Arch, enhancing the impression of the eye. For this shot, Cooley had to use various photography apps to make sure when the moon it’s going to appear and where to stand when it does. It can be a stressful job that requires a lot of planning, but the results are breathtaking.

“It’s something we don’t normally see in our day-to-day life,” says Cooley. “Watching a sunset or a sunrise is common for many, but it’s not often that we witness the moon at the moment it peeks above the horizon, or as it sets and touches the landscape.”

That’s why his artwork keeps reminding us how marvelous our moon is.

H/T: Zach Cooley: Website | Instagram

Zach Cooley: Website | Instagram