April 21, 2021

Plans Unveiled For The First Geothermal Luxury Hotel At Iceland’s Blue Lagoon In 2021

2020 hasn’t been a top-notch deal for travel lovers, or anyone whatsoever, but we’ve put our hopes in 2021 (if we make it out alive!). And if you’re already looking for a treat after all this time of being trapped in, look no further.

A geothermal lagoon featuring breath-taking ocean views and a swim-up bar is set to open in Iceland next year, rivaling one of the Nordic country’s most popular tourist attractions.

According to its developer Pursuit, the Sky Lagoon will showcase “expansive ocean vistas punctuated by awe-inspiring sunsets, Northern Lights and dark sky views.” And it’s just minutes away from the country’s vibrant capital, Reykjavik.

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A new luxury lagoon and spa ready to open in the heart of Reykjavik next year

Image credits: Sky Lagoon

The new lagoon, called Sky Lagoon, will be located in Kársnes Harbour, Kópavogur, just a few minutes from Reykjavik and will not only give visitors a place to relax and rejuvenate but also offer incredible sights of the Atlantic ocean, as well as truly stunning sunsets, views of the Northern Lights and dark sky.

Image credits: Sky Lagoon

It’s one of Iceland’s most popular tourist destinations – a favorite of VIPs such as Beyonce and Jay Z, or various members of the Kardashian clan.

But the Blue Lagoon, set on the Reykjanes Peninsula in the island’s southwest, is also one of the country’s most crowded attractions. More than 700,000 visitors flocked to its mineral-rich waters in 2014 alone, and that number has only increased as Iceland’s tourist boom has continued to grow.

Image credits: Sky Lagoon

“We are thrilled to unveil plans to develop a remarkable geothermal lagoon experience along one of Iceland’s most stunning oceanfront locations,” said Sky Lagoon general manager Dagny Petursdottir. Petursdottir added that the lagoon “will enable guests to connect with mind, body, and spirit through the radiant powers of geothermal waters while taking in such impressive ocean views.”

Image credits: Sky Lagoon

The man-made lagoon is designed with the gorgeous landscape of Iceland in mind. It features A 70-meter (230 feet) infinity-edge that blends perfectly into the ocean landscape, as well as design elements that are influenced by traditional Icelandic turf houses.

“Spending time relaxing in natural geothermal waters is an integral part of our culture here in Iceland,” said Petursdottir. In addition to its updated yet traditional design, Sky Lagoon will also feature a cold pool, sauna, in-lagoon bar, dining, and shopping.

Image credits: Sky Lagoon

The opening date for Sky Lagoon is slated for Spring 2021. Iceland has announced its plans to open its borders to certain tourists once coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown restrictions lift on June 15. Anyone traveling to the country will have to have to take a coronavirus test, quarantine for 14 days, or present a clean bill of health in order to travel in the country.

Image credits: Sky Lagoon

Additional amenities will include an in-lagoon bar, dining experience, and unique retail offerings.

The lagoon’s design draws inspiration from the breathtaking and cinematic landscapes of Iceland, creating an oasis within the city. It has an un-obstructed 230-foot infinity-edge that will produce a visual effect of blending into the ocean just beyond.  Further design elements are influenced by Icelandic culture, creating a distinctive guest experience modeled after Icelandic turf houses. It will offer a restorative spa-like ritual rooted in Icelandic tradition.

“Iceland is one of those authentic and remarkable places that has the power to excite and inspire,” said David Barry, President, Pursuit. “Following the recent launch of our visually stunning FlyOver Iceland experience, we are strengthening our commitment to Iceland with the inclusion of Sky Lagoon.” FlyOver flight ride experiences can be found in Vancouver and Reykjavik, and are coming to Las Vegas (expected opening 2021), and Toronto (expected opening 2023).

Check out the promoting video of the luxurious Sky Lagoon.

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