May 11, 2021

This 230-Ft Organ Uses The Sea To Make Haunting Music In Croatia

It is amazing what art can mankind do when it collaborates with nature elements, and this was proven by the architect Nikola Basic. He designed the sea-organ in Croatia, which is 230 feet long. The sea-organ works by the energy of the wind and waters of the Adriatic sea to create random but soothing and harmonized notes.

Water and wind enter through holes at the bottom of the steps, where they are channeled into resonating chambers. The sound travels into these chambers, then exits through the holes of the steps above.

The sea-organ, or “morske orgulje” as it’s know in Croatian, was opened to the public in 2005.  But when you look back, this is was completely different. During WWII, this place was entirely devastated, the reconstruction of Zadar left it full of ugly concrete constructions, and they’re also was a long concrete shoreline. Fortunately, this transformation changed this site forever. Now, this is quite a popular area, a typical lunch-spot for locals and tourists as well.

Scroll down to hear how it sounds!

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