This Beach Overlooking the Sea It’s a Hidden Paradise Everyone Should Visit

Since everyone is eager to travel and it’s looking forward to a fun summer, here we have a travel destination that will make sure to give you the best time of your life. We are talking about Playa de Gulpiyuri, or Gulpiyuri beach which is located in the Llaned district, Asturias.

This wonderful place, at high tide, it’s a great spot for kids and adults to take a dip. While at low tide, the beach is a great place to sunbathe while offering the chance to see a natural sinkhole created when a sea cave collapsed in on itself.

The height of the town of Naves, east Asturias was declared a National Monument, and it’s considered to be the smallest in the world. But that’s not all when it comes to this wonderful place. Although it has sand and seawater, it is not facing the sea, its horizon is a cliff and behind it it has a green meadow. That’s quite an enigma for many, but not anymore. Scroll down below to learn how this happens, and many interesting places about this wonderland.


This beach is only accessible on foot, but you can leave the car outside the village of Naves or 1000-1500 meters away from the beach. You will also find a number of explorable caves in the immediate area making Gulpiyuri beach and its surroundings a must-see for anyone visiting Asturias.

The cave was created in the limestone rock due to the action of the sea, and over the centuries a hole of 50cm in diameter and 100 m in length was formed. This hole allowed the water to sink in, and through this sinkhole with the penetration of the water and sand, the Gualpiyuri beach was created.


If you’re planning to visit, the best time to be around it’s May and September, since there is a lower number of tourists and the weather condition are in your favor to see the high tides.

Since its formation depends exclusively on the tides and the wind, it is very important, when you go to visit it, that you take these factors into account to avoid finding the beach at low tide. That is why we advise you to consult the Llanes Town Council’s table of tides and winds, corresponding to that day.


This beautiful beach appears before your sight in the middle of green fields, with a barrier of rocks that separates it from the sea, through which the water filters, being able to even appreciate the rise and fall of the water with the tides. With a length of 50 meters, very fine white sand, and a depth that never exceeds one and a half meters, to get completely wet, you must lie down to do it.


If you’re planning to go, remember to bring a good supply of water, food and basic necessities, since the nearest town is Naves, and to get there you must make a short journey along an agricultural road. It lacks beach bars, hammocks, and showers and you will only find nature, which gives it added value.

Very close to Gulpiyuri beach you will find an extensive and varied range of accommodation. From five-star hotels to hostels, apartments, rural houses, and campsites. Prices vary from 40 euros, up to what you want to pay.

10 Best Places to See Cherry Blossoms

When pink clouds of cherry blossoms start blooming, that’s a sure sign that spring has officially arrived. Every spring, cherry blossoms erupt across the globe, drawing nature seekers far and wide to observe the stunning pale pink flowers in their prime. And if they are fluffy and pink, even better.

However, most of the time we’re not in a city that has many cherry blossoms. And other times, we will miss it by a couple of weeks. Since traveling to see them in person is out of reach for many right now, we’re bringing the bloom to you with the chance to experience them safely from the comfort of your home.

Here are some of the best places around the globe to walk or picnic under the cherry blossoms.

1. Kyoto, Japan
Japan remains at the top of the list when it comes to cherry blossoms. Cherry blossom season is taken very seriously here, with daily (often hourly) reports forecasting when the sakura (cherry blossoms) will start to bloom. Workers go on holiday, dress up, and picnic under the trees. The best places to see the blossoms in Kyoto include the Kiage Incline, the lonely Lake Biwa Canal, the popular Philosopher’s Path, Shirakawa Canal, and around the Kodai-Ji Temple. In the evening you can dine amidst the blossoms in Maruyama Park.

2. Washington DC
With thousands of cherry trees to its name, D.C. is one of the best places to petal-peep in the U.S. Washington celebrates the National Cherry Blossom Festival between March 20 to April 11, which gives a good indication of just how many trees there are in Washington bursting into blossom when the time is right. The best place to see them is in and around the Tidal Basin and along the shoreline of East Potomac Park, extending all the way to Hains Point, and around the National Mall.

3. Bonn, Germany

In Bonn, extra-vibrant cherry trees arch over the roadways to create tunnels of blooms. So even if you arrive late in the season, the carpet of bright pink petals underfoot makes for a gorgeous consolation prize.

4. Salem, Oregon

Formerly nicknamed Cherry City for its striking cherry blossoms, Salem’s picturesque flowers in shades of pale pink and white can be best found on the grounds of the State Capitol State Park. Visitors can learn about calligraphy and origami, enjoy a traditional Japanese ceremony, view authentic kimonos at a fashion show and learn about the Japanese tradition ofhanami while enjoying the blossoms. Throughout the month of March local businesses hold their own events to mark the bloom, including traditional dinners at Oregon wineries and a display of 30 parasols designed by Salem artists.

5. Buffalo, New York

With the arrival of spring in Buffalo, New York comes cherry blossom season. Buffalo is hands down one of the best places to see cherry blossoms in the United States. When spring comes and you find yourself daydreaming in pastels and cherry blossom blooms, the best place to see cherry blossoms in Buffalo is the grounds of The Buffalo History Museum. If you have the chance to visit the District during spring, you’ll find that the nation’s capital is accented in pink for the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

6. Paris, France

Paris is, as they say, always a good idea. But visit during cherry blossom season and you’ll get a special treat. For a week or two, Paris positively explodes with color and is even prettier than normal. Visiting at any other time, you don’t quite realize how many parks are perfect for cherry blossom viewing. Some particularly good spots are Square Marie Trintignant, at the edge of the Marais; Jardin des Plantes with its ancient Mount Fuji cherry tree; the hidden garden of the Petit Palais and alongside Notre Dame Cathedral; the Coulée Verte, the Paris equivalent of the NYC High Line; and the Martin Luther King Park in Batignolles.

7. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Rob Visser
Amsterdam Forest is home to 300 cherry trees blooming in early April. With cherry blossoms planted by the Japanese Women’s Club as a tribute to the victims of the tsunami in 2000, today Amsterdam showcases more than 400 trees that burst into bloom each spring in Westerpark, a charming green space that’s smaller than Vondelpark and Rembrandpark.

8. Macon, Georgia

Each March, Macon transforms into a pink paradise as more than 300,000 Yoshino cherry trees burst into bloom. For 10 days, festivalgoers are treated to one of the most extravagant displays of bright, springtime colors for the annual International Cherry Blossom Festival, where free nightly concerts, a street party, amusement rides and even a cherry blossom gala takes place. In fact, the town has been dubbed by Congressional Records as the Cherry Blossom Capital of the World.

9. Extremadura, Spain

The Jerte Valley in the Extremadura region of Spain is home to over 2 million cherry trees. In late March the rural valleys are covered in white petals for 10 days–their dry season makes this one of the shortest blooms in the world.

10. London, England

Several parks around London are home to the cherry blossom bloom in late March, peaking around the same time as the magnolia tree. The pink blends make for a beautiful picnic in Greenwich Park, home to a rose garden and cherry tree tunnel.

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