Top 10 Romantic Places in Europe You Don’t Want to Miss

There are places in the world that wake up love like fire lit the woods. They are so romantic that the moments spending there one might never forget. Luckily Europe offers a myriad of romantic places. Even through, some of them may not be very obvious, however, we are here to help you choose the perfect destination. You will be thankful because all these places are so magical that you wont regret.

This post is solely for lovers. Therefore, when you travel to this beautiful continent, these romantic destinations in Europe we have put on the list are just a few of the many places you can check out. Also, note that these places are ideal for your honeymoon if you’re still discussing where to book your most important month. Or just simply you want to celebrate an anniversary or a birthday or just a lovey-dovey getaway.

However, whatever may be the reason you will be left with nothing but unforgettable memories. So if you are interested in a little lovely vacation, check the list below!

1.Venice, Italy

Pedro Szekely

Ahhh… Venice. You never get enough of this place Right?! Especially if you are a couple and want to enjoy this city while riding a gondola and eating the most delicious plates of pasta. But Venice has other things to offer. You can visit the ancient opera house located in San Marco and watch a romantic ballet or a live Opera show with your partner. Or just go to the San Giorgio Campanile and see the sun setting behind the lagoon. Emblem this everlasting moment with a kiss!

2.Santorini, Greece


The sheer beauty of this small exquisite Island of Santorini, Greece helps lend a hand to a romantic vacation. All you have to do while you are there is including the moments in the crystal waters, scenic walking trails, wine, and cozy cave hotels are some of the ways to spend the most magnificent time with your lover. Pretty sure you would want to come back again!

3. Prague, Czech Republic


Prague is packed with grandeur architecture, amazing views, charming alleys, maze-like cobbled streets, and incredible art galleries. It might not be as grand as other European cities, but there are plenty of romantic things to do in Prague. You can find delicious restaurants that offer a variety of foods. And after that, you can take a river cruise. Cruises are usually between 1 – 2 hours long and pass through the most famous landmarks in Prague. Wandering around maze-like stress like lesser town can guarantee you the most romantic moments with your partner.

4. Tulip Field, Netherland

Peter de Jong

The Netherlands are famous for their beautiful and colorful, never-ending fields of tulips. Keukenhof gardens tour is just a magical sight to behold. So honestly I can’t think of anything more romantic than wandering around these mystical flowers. It will definitely feel like you are a part of a romantic fairytale. Also, the tulip field is just 30 minutes away from Amsterdam.

5.Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland


Nestled between mountains and towering rock faces, the valley of Lauterbrunnen is one of the most attractive in the Swiss Alps. A pristine natural area covered in waterfalls, pretty valleys, and lush alpine meadows, Lauterbrunnen has plenty to offer especially for a romantic getaway. And if the couples are adventurous and like to hang out in nature, then this is the ideal destination. There are railways, sunny terraces, and cozy little houses covered in snow that will be the right romantic kick.

6.Strasbourg, France


The irresistible fairy tale atmosphere of Strasbourg is just the right thing to do when you want to have the most special moments with your significant other. One of the things to do is climbing up the north tower of Strasbourg Cathedral, thus you will be rewarded with a breathtaking panorama. For lovers of green spaces, you can visit the huge and beautiful Parc de l’Orangerie. You can even see the famous storks– they are considered to bring good luck and fortune.

7.Hallsatter, Austria

Mehmet Sert

They say this little town is the perfect place to spend the honeymoon. Hands down Hallsatter is probably the most idyllic alpine village in the world. Nonetheless, a stroll through the charming town is the right thing to do if you want to enjoy its countless amazing sights. Like seeing the swans floating in the lake or hiring a paddleboat to explore the hidden corners of the lake. And in the end, you can have a romantic lakeside dinner to end the day gracefully.

8.Montenegro, Adriatic coast

Getty Images

We can say that Montenegro is a small country, but a country that is full of contrast. From the wild nature to the coast seas combined together to give the most peculiar moments. Sveti Stefan is an unusual place that came into existence in a unique way. The pink sandy beaches of St. Stefan, Milocer, and Queen’s Beach are part of the coastline. And the most perfect thing to do there is waking up in the morning to enjoy the best coffee while watching from the distance the vast sea.

9.Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

Nikon Geek

The Romantic Road winds up the picturesque German landscape. Absolute venue for a romantic vacation, this german city offers charming medieval towns, quaint villages, and fairytale castles. And when you get hungry something to start of is a ball of piecrust to enjoy as an afternoon snack. This town in the winter can be just like in the Hansel and Gretel stories. So make sure to stop by the Kathe Wohlfahrt Christmas Store for an ardent and magical Christmas or New Year’s Eve time.

10.Copenhagen, Denmark

Lasse Bruhn

Copenhagen has a lot to offer but here are some of the reasons why you should choose this place if you are a couple. One of the best ways to see Copenhagen is by cruising the idyllic canals that line the streets. It is truly relaxing to just sit down with your lover while you enjoy the sights of the city. However, other attractions include the Copenhagen Opera House and the Little Mermaid statue which is perhaps the city’s most iconic landmark. Nonetheless, with everything this city has to offer your only challenge will be to allow yourselves enough time to experience all that it provides.

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30 Times People Took The Most Unfortunate Photos While On Vacation

With an abundance of travel photos on Instagram, we expect our pictures to turn out as good, if not better, if we go to the exact location. Yet, as the old Yiddish proverb says, “We plan, God laughs.” You can have all the steps meticulously thought out, all bases covered, but fortune will likely hold a different agenda for you. The attraction might be closed, tourists will likely photobomb your every pic, or it will start pouring out of the blue.

It’s even worse when you travel long distances to get to the site, and it looks nothing like the pictures. Then all your hopes to take an insta-worthy pic go out the window. Eh, maybe that’s the horoscope at fault? Nah, that’s just one of the few lemons that life occasionally throws at people. That’s a bummer, but what can we mortals do?

Don’t get upset if you didn’t luck out with your recent trip and had nothing to post on Instagram. You are far from being the only one who lucked out. Some hiked miles to get to the mountain’s highest point just to see the fog blocking all the beautiful landscape. Others had their phone die at a picturesque location. Enough babbling, scroll below to check out the most unfortunate photos taken on vacations!

#1 Trying To Explain To The 70-Year-Old Swiss Man Who Offered To Take Our Pic That His Finger Was Covering The Lens

Image source: Inesmu

#2 Visited The Grand Canyon. Pictures Don’t Do It Justice

Image source: bostontom

#3 Expectation vs. Reality. London Edition

Image source: anticlimaticveg

#4 Go To The Taj Mahal At Sunrise, They Said. It’ll Be Beautiful, They Said

Image source: the_breadlord

#5 Waited Forever For The Crowd To Dissipate To Take A Picture, Then This Happened

Image source: Shaneblaster

#6 Thanks Tour Guide For Taking Such A Great Photo Of Everyone

Image source: finnicko

#7 The “Waterfall” My Family Drove Two Hours To See

Image source: Single_Savage

#8 Told My Girlfriend To Use The Last Piece Of Film We Had With Us To Get A Picture Of Me In Front Of Some Mountains

Image source: JasonLDB

#9 Flew 13 Hours To Hawaii To See Volcanoes National Park

Image source: P-dubbs

#10 It Was Always A Personal Dream To Be Able To Go And Visit This Remarkable Oak Tree In The Shawshank Redemption

Image source: Aadarsh18

Turns out that people after the film released took away all those stones from the little wall that led to the tree away to their homes and lately in 2016 the tree fell in a thunderstorm.

#11 This Guy Having A Selfie With Mona Lisa

Image source: tarandfeathers

#12 Not Mount Rushmore, But I Woke Up At 3AM And Hiked Up Machu Picchu To Be There At Sunrise

Image source: ranzprinzessin

#13 I Traveled From UK All The Way To Germany To Take Photos Of The Devil’s Eye, But When I Got There

Image source: AlleDs

#14 Expectation vs. Reality. At Least It Was Just A Four-Hour Hike

Image source:

#15 The Only Photo I Have Of Myself On My Camera From My Only Overseas Trip

Image source: Neon_state

#16 It’s All About The Journey Though Right?

Image source: xoShaaan

#17 Me, Outside The Duomo In Milan, Getting Photobombed. By A Pigeon

Image source: wilko2205

#18 Guy Took Week Off Of Work To Climb Mountain Kilimanjaro And Raise Money For Charity. This Is The Picture His Guide Took At The Summit Before The Phone Died

Image source: crash288

#19 I’ve Noticed This Guy Just Now, A Few Days After I Took The Photo And This Photo Will Be In My Tourist Association Book

Image source: Monaj1

#20 We Hiked 3 Hours To Get A Good Picture Of Our Hometown. Our City Is On The Left

Image source: 97Hshk

#21 Finally Able To Travel To Paris And The Arch De Triumph Looks Like This. It’s An “Art” Project

Image source: hhyyerr

#22 Climbed North Europa’s Tallest Mountain At 8100 Feet, And Got This Picture

Image source: White_Plastic_Cup

#23 Going To Cristo And Taking A 3D Photo Is Priceless

Image source: Pedromendonca15

#24 Smile

Image source: cheekytlacuache

#25 On Our Honeymoon In Hallstatt Austria

Image source:

#26 Missus Taking A Photo Of Me With A Llama vs. Me Taking A Photo Of Her. When The Llama’s Rear Becomes Your New Hairstyle

Image source: jacksonjdsouza

#27 Travelled To London To Go On The London Eye

Image source: thiccnuthair

#28 Tried To Grab A Quick Photo While Driving Past The Washington Monument

Image source: spiggerish

#29 My Sister Rented A Flat Here In North Of Iceland For Christmas, This Is Her View

Image source: maggipedia

#30 Travelled Nearly 300 Miles To The Northernmost Point Of Vietnam So I Could See China – This Was The View

Image source: siyoung91

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