Travelers From Around The World Share The Most Beautiful And Interesting Places They’ve Visited (25 Pics)

With growing vaccination rates, many countries started releasing their Covid-related travel restrictions, making it easier to finally plan a long-awaited vacation. Multiple countries, including the Netherlands, Iceland, the UK, Norway, and Hungary, have now lifted all remaining Covid-19 restrictions and permit restriction-free entry to all travelers. After nearly two years of complete isolation and sealing its borders for tourists, Australia has also recently decided to welcome fully vaccinated international travelers. Its neighbor New Zealand, known for its effective Elimination Strategy and applying some of the most rigid Covid-19 restrictions, will be reconnecting with the world from May 2, 2022.

Travelers know that the Travel subreddit is one of the best places to help make up your mind and discover the most beautiful, unexplored, and cost-effective voyages. A community of over 6.3M travelers shares pictures, questions, stories, and the best tips that will tickle your fancy. 

We invite you to hop on a virtual plane and travel to the most beautiful destinations on Earth, as shared by travelers worldwide. Maybe this post will inspire you to book a holiday soon? Let’s see!

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#1 One Of The Most Beautiful Restaurants I Have Ever Eaten At In The Mountains Of Lebanon

Image source: sethcscotty

#2 Visited Sørvágsvatn In The Faroe Islands And Proceeded To Have My Socks Knocked Off

Image source: BeardedMillenial

#3 My $2 Room View In Ghorepani, Nepal

Image source: deathbystools

#4 View From My Bed In An Airbnb In Beatenberg, Switzerland

Image source: sweaterpups17

#5 Not As Exotic As Most Destinations Posted Here, But Still Just As Beautiful – Seven Sisters, UK

Image source: ph0tora

#6 Breakfast In Cappadocia Yesterday

Image source: Kingissu

#7 Southwest China Is Kinda Nice

Image source: yezoob

#8 A Quintessentially Edinburgh Picture With My 2 Favourite Buildings

Image source: ani_svnit

#9 The Serengeti Absolutely Blew My Mind Away

Image source: mkz419

#10 I Visited North Korea Recently, These Are Some Of The Photos

Image source: _mitch_the_gr8

#11 Took This Photo On Thursday Traveling In My Own Country, Mauranger, Norway. The Blu Green Water Comes From A Glacier

Image source: HayashiH

#12 Morning Hike On The Island Of Capri

Image source: likestomove

#13 Wife And I Hate Big Social Events And Love Traveling. So Rather Than A Normal Wedding, Traveled To Switzerland And Did Our Vows In Private. Photo From The Day

Image source:

#14 Tulparkul – Kyrgyzstan. Is This Heaven On Earth?

Image source: Etchdphotography

#15 The Most Incredible Border Between Vietnam & China

Image source: EpicAdriann

#16 I Spent Four Days Camping Out In The Remote Algerian Sahara – Just Me And A Local Guide. I Took A Million Photos But This Was One Of My Favourites. Freezing Cold At Night, But Free Of All Light Pollution The Sky Was Breathtakingly Beautiful

Image source: xe3to

#17 Hallstatt, Austria Is Freezing Cold This Time Of Year, But Stunningly Beautiful

Image source:

#18 Beautiful Ukraine, Road Trip This Summer

Image source: bbriga

#19 Colmar, France. In The Litte Venice Neighborhood

Image source: IWishIwasAwhale1

#20 The Exact Moment I Took A Step Too Close To The Border Between North And South Korea And Got A Push On The Butt From Two NK Soldiers. What’s Your Favorite Travel Photo Of Yourself?

Image source: ingachan

#21 Under The Bridge In Slovenia

Image source: brianwlackey

#22 Our Airbnb Balcony In Catalan (Everything On The Table Is Local, Costing Less Than 10euros Collectively, Including Jamon Iberico)

Image source: katiemiddleton1994

#23 A Lit Up Westminster Abbey In London Tonight

Image source: 160938

#24 This Bridge Turned 300 Years Old In 2017! No Wonder The Village Of Carrbridge, Scotland Is Named After It

Image source: ani_svnit

#25 Pic I Took Of A Suspension Bridge In The Mountains Of Wakayama, Japan

Image source: nategolon

20 Mildly Disturbing Facts People Have Shared In This Viral Thread That You Might Regret Learning

There is so much information available on the internet- some of them are good, while some of them are horrible. Then comes the things that are interesting but mildly disturbing.

If you are wondering what are mildly disturbing things, someone on Reddit already asked the question”What is a fun fact that is mildly disturbing?” and many people shared interesting answers. Scroll below to read some of them

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Image source: NoThisIs-Patrick

Snow White is 14 years old, and Walt Disney instructed animators to make her look “old enough to marry”.


Image source: nunped, Thirdman

There’s a condition in which people become blind, but deny their blindness. The brain creates false perceptions to fill in for the lack of sight.

It’s called the Anton Syndrome


There are an estimated 35-50 active serial killers in the US. Famous serial killer Edmund Kemper (I think?) said he thinks that number is way higher because it was so easy not to get caught (he turned himself in).

Image source: rosewater___


Bunnies actually have the ability to scream, but they will only scream if they feel they are about to die.

Image source: The-Clever-Idiot


Image source: Mr_Sugar_Rush, Pixabay

Dolphins can and will pick stuff up and move it around using their penises.


Image source: jeg26, Fermin Rodriguez Penelas

The rescue dogs from ground zero on 9/11 developed PTSD and needed therapy afterwards because there were so few survivors and so many dead recovered that they thought they’d screwed everything up and done a bad job.


Image source: GonzagaPrep2021, Ann Buht

If we held a minute of silence for every victim of the holocaust we will be silent for eleven and a half years.


If you contract rabies it can lay dormant in your body for years until one day you get a headache, and by then its already too late and you will slowly go insane and grow an erratic fear of water and Inability to swallow – then you die.

Image source: swagxake


Two out of three people have herpes. So, you probably have herpes. There are tons of herpes viruses. Not all of them cause sores.

Image source: dmomonay


Octopuses have what is called, “decentralized intelligence” which essentially means that their limbs have their own “intelligence”. For example, if a severed human limb touches acid or fire or anything that would cause pain, nothing would happen however if an octopus limb touches acid or fire, it would recoil and avoid it, even though it’s been severed and is no longer attached to the octopus.

Image source: ZFoxyClean


Image source: lilchikinnugget, Pixabay

Moths will vibrate their genitals as a way to prevent bats from locating them.


They couldn’t give the firefighters from Chernobyl morphine, because their veins were literally melting.

Image source: BBRodriguez9


It isn’t your sweat that smells, it comes from bacteria living on your body essentially s******g stuff out after they feast on your secretions

Image source: riecrwz


Image source: anon, wikimedia

A Rat King happens when multiple rats become congealed together in a tangle of tails, dirt, hair and blood.


Image source: UEizo, pexels

The entire Universe outside our galaxy could have completely disappeared over 20,000 years ago and we still wouldn’t know it yet. Our view of the Universe is actually what it looked like anywhere from thousands to Billions of years ago -with no way to see what it actually looks like “right now”. Imagine if you looked out your front window and saw your yard as it was 6 months ago, neighbors house across the street a year ago, and houses a block or two away as they were several years ago. Also off in the distance you see the glaciers from the last ice age. That’s what it’s like looking out at the Universe.


Image source: thewhiterabbit223, picryl

If Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin got stuck on the moon the official policy was to cut communication and let them suffocate in silence, Nixon even had a speech prepared in case this happened.


Image source: Saziol

The phrase “shoot for the moon. If you miss you’ll land amongst the stars.”

The next nearest star is 4.3 light years away. If you miss the moon, you’re absolutely f****d


Image source: Vektorien, moein moradi

When you’re cremated, your teeth explode from the heat.


Image source: YourDailyDevil, Pixabay

Chimpanzees just flat out love to eat monkeys.

They love it so much they’ve feasted on certain breeds to local extinction.

Always found this mildly (moderately) disturbing because of the similarities in the species, like if wolves sought after puppies.


Image source: Freudian-Sips, John Finkelstein

In infants, their adult teeth are behind their eyes.

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