Travelers From Around The World Share The Most Beautiful And Interesting Places They’ve Visited (25 Pics)

With growing vaccination rates, many countries started releasing their Covid-related travel restrictions, making it easier to finally plan a long-awaited vacation. Multiple countries, including the Netherlands, Iceland, the UK, Norway, and Hungary, have now lifted all remaining Covid-19 restrictions and permit restriction-free entry to all travelers. After nearly two years of complete isolation and sealing its borders for tourists, Australia has also recently decided to welcome fully vaccinated international travelers. Its neighbor New Zealand, known for its effective Elimination Strategy and applying some of the most rigid Covid-19 restrictions, will be reconnecting with the world from May 2, 2022.

Travelers know that the Travel subreddit is one of the best places to help make up your mind and discover the most beautiful, unexplored, and cost-effective voyages. A community of over 6.3M travelers shares pictures, questions, stories, and the best tips that will tickle your fancy. 

We invite you to hop on a virtual plane and travel to the most beautiful destinations on Earth, as shared by travelers worldwide. Maybe this post will inspire you to book a holiday soon? Let’s see!

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#1 One Of The Most Beautiful Restaurants I Have Ever Eaten At In The Mountains Of Lebanon

Image source: sethcscotty

#2 Visited Sørvágsvatn In The Faroe Islands And Proceeded To Have My Socks Knocked Off

Image source: BeardedMillenial

#3 My $2 Room View In Ghorepani, Nepal

Image source: deathbystools

#4 View From My Bed In An Airbnb In Beatenberg, Switzerland

Image source: sweaterpups17

#5 Not As Exotic As Most Destinations Posted Here, But Still Just As Beautiful – Seven Sisters, UK

Image source: ph0tora

#6 Breakfast In Cappadocia Yesterday

Image source: Kingissu

#7 Southwest China Is Kinda Nice

Image source: yezoob

#8 A Quintessentially Edinburgh Picture With My 2 Favourite Buildings

Image source: ani_svnit

#9 The Serengeti Absolutely Blew My Mind Away

Image source: mkz419

#10 I Visited North Korea Recently, These Are Some Of The Photos

Image source: _mitch_the_gr8

#11 Took This Photo On Thursday Traveling In My Own Country, Mauranger, Norway. The Blu Green Water Comes From A Glacier

Image source: HayashiH

#12 Morning Hike On The Island Of Capri

Image source: likestomove

#13 Wife And I Hate Big Social Events And Love Traveling. So Rather Than A Normal Wedding, Traveled To Switzerland And Did Our Vows In Private. Photo From The Day

Image source:

#14 Tulparkul – Kyrgyzstan. Is This Heaven On Earth?

Image source: Etchdphotography

#15 The Most Incredible Border Between Vietnam & China

Image source: EpicAdriann

#16 I Spent Four Days Camping Out In The Remote Algerian Sahara – Just Me And A Local Guide. I Took A Million Photos But This Was One Of My Favourites. Freezing Cold At Night, But Free Of All Light Pollution The Sky Was Breathtakingly Beautiful

Image source: xe3to

#17 Hallstatt, Austria Is Freezing Cold This Time Of Year, But Stunningly Beautiful

Image source:

#18 Beautiful Ukraine, Road Trip This Summer

Image source: bbriga

#19 Colmar, France. In The Litte Venice Neighborhood

Image source: IWishIwasAwhale1

#20 The Exact Moment I Took A Step Too Close To The Border Between North And South Korea And Got A Push On The Butt From Two NK Soldiers. What’s Your Favorite Travel Photo Of Yourself?

Image source: ingachan

#21 Under The Bridge In Slovenia

Image source: brianwlackey

#22 Our Airbnb Balcony In Catalan (Everything On The Table Is Local, Costing Less Than 10euros Collectively, Including Jamon Iberico)

Image source: katiemiddleton1994

#23 A Lit Up Westminster Abbey In London Tonight

Image source: 160938

#24 This Bridge Turned 300 Years Old In 2017! No Wonder The Village Of Carrbridge, Scotland Is Named After It

Image source: ani_svnit

#25 Pic I Took Of A Suspension Bridge In The Mountains Of Wakayama, Japan

Image source: nategolon

23 Y.O. Daughter Who Lives At Her Dad’s House Rent-Free “Exposes” Him On Social Media For Excluding Her From Family Vacation By Not Buying Her A Plane Ticket

Each parent has a different parenting style. With each parenting style comes a different way of showing a misbehaving child their wrongdoing, along with a different way of correcting such wrongdoings.

This father had a very terrible daughter. In his post in the Am I The A-Hole subreddit, he began by describing his daughter as someone who had a bad attitude and barely made it through high school. This is in contrast with her younger sister, who was the cream of the crop. To reward the younger, he thought of taking her on a fully-paid vacation. When the older heard of it, she wanted to come but agreed that she would pay her expenses. Come the day of the trip, the older hadn’t paid for her trip yet because she assumed that her father would vouch for her. Follow the full story below!

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This father is asking if he was wrong for not fully paying for her daughter’s vacation

Image credits: u/Minute-Commin-6625

The father received split reactions from those who believed he did nothing wrong and those who believed he practiced favoritism.

Image credits: u/Minute-Commin-6625

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