April 23, 2021

14 Animals Who Know How To Strike A Pose

A lot of people would love to learn how to pose like a model. That’s why they always try to find many tips and tricks professional models use to take high-quality, flattering pics. And of course, our animal friends are just the same, and sometimes even better.

You may not believe it, but animals are better at modeling than most humans, and they even make us green with envy. Even though they don’t attend any fancy classes to learn how to work it for the camera, they know how to strike a pose and are more photogenic than most of us.

Scroll down and take a look at these photogenic animals.

1. A sweet baby with his favorite toy.

© dog_rates / Twitter

2. The toughest security ever

© blxckwasp / Twitter

4. There are no better pillows than a mother’s paws.

© TheSoulOfTheRose / Reddit

5. Kitten fell asleep on my husband for the 100th time

© ADoyy / Reddit

6. Why would we need a bed when we have each other?

© kevinowdziej / Reddit

7. Go and sleep in that cat house yourself.

© drunktwi / Twitter

8. Am I not better than your games?

© FIAman / Reddit

9. Look at the one who controls the socks in this house!

© scissorsistar / Twitter

10. My boyfriend fosters kittens and we came back to all of them asleep on his laptop

© cockchipmint / Reddit

11. The connection was successful.

© stashers / Reddit

12. Boyfriend is looking after my cat. He put the TV on and turned around to find this…

© tmklsh / Reddit

13. This is how you should take photos at places of interest:

© samelaanderson / Twitter

 14. When you know what posing is all about: