Vet Goes Viral After Naming 5 Dog And 4 Cat Breeds He Would Never Purchase

For most of the pet lovers there, we know we are choosing our pets wisely (if we have the chance to). Some things have to be considered, like our capability to raise the animal or the practicality of raising a certain breed. Because sometimes, you would be allured by the look of the pet and only realize that it would be hard to maintain the pet.

The veterinarian Ben ( shares the same viewpoint. So he published a video where he ran down the breeds of cats and dogs that would have the most disadvantages for him as a vet. Keep in mind that this list is from a veterinarian’s perspective and is subjective. This does not intend to foster aversion towards the mentioned breeds.

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This veterinarian listed down dog and cat breeds that he wouldn’t recommend buying

Here’s what the audience had to say

30 Times Animals Proved That They Are “Conscious Like Us”, As Shared In This Online Group (New Pics)

Whether we believe it or not, animals can also learn to act like humans. We, humans, have dominated much of the globe, and most of the time, it’s only us whom the animals can see and, thus, imitate. So, animals have quite acquired human-like attitudes as well.

Today, we’ll be looking at times when animals could do as humans could do. Below, we compiled 30 images of some animals adapting to the humans around them, that they were doing like them! The list below will surely make you find the animals cute, wholesome, and even funny! Scroll down to see our collection.

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#1 Bears May Feel Beauty

Image source: DankPhotoShopMemes

#2 “No! Just Don’t Touch Him, Okay?!”

Image source:  TheExtimate

#3 This Is Sooo Comfy

Image source: RandomThug1091

#4 Sheep Shows Gratitude To Dog Who Saved Herd From A Wolf Attack

Image source: gugulo

#5 An Orangutan Named Harry That Was Reintroduced Into The Wild From An Asian Zoo Is Seen Spear Fishing After Watching Local Fisherman, 1990s

Image source: gugulo

#6 A Bit Of An Anthropomorphization In The Description, But Certainly Interesting

Image source: darktsukih8u2

#7 Animals Engaging In Trade

Image source: IJustWantToLurkHere

#8 Just As A Human Baby Sucks Its Thumb, An African Elephant Calf Often Sucks Its Trunk For Comfort

Image source: jghaines

#9 In South America, Jaguars Seek Out The Roots Of Caapi Plant And Gnaw On Them Until They Start To Hallucinate. Jaguars Love To Get High, And It Is Widespread And Observable In The South American Forests

Image source: Tw1st36

#10 A Male Brown Bear And A Female Grey Wolf Were Documented In 2013 Hunting Together, Walking Together And Sharing Carcass Meals With Each Other During The Evenings

Image source: gugulo

#11 The Dog Sits Like A 40 Year Old Man Watching His Kids

Image source: Popcorn57252

#12 Otter Supporting Itself With A Stick

Image source: uJellie

#13 It’s Raining!

Image source: EveFluff

#14 Being There For Eachother

Image source: kingdom_tarts

#15 Awwwwwwwwww

Image source: aww_jeez_my_man

#16 It’s A Kid For Sure

Image source:  jizosomi

#17 Lil Boi Lookin Guilty Af

Image source: bkedsmkr

#18 He Knows Where The Good Bath Is Hidden?

Image source: light_myfire

#19 A Dog In Colombia Tried Purchasing Food With Leaves After Observing Students Buying Food

Image source: CoatOld7285

#20 Cow Turns On The Water When They Are Thirsty Then Turns It Off When They Are Done

Image source: lnfinity

#21 Dog Making Snowball

Image source: aaadmin

#22 A Cat Misses His Sister. He Sits Like This Every Day For Half An Hour. Animals Are Similar To Humans

Image source: gugulo

#23 Elephant Returns Child’s Shoe That Fell Into Zoo Enclosure

Image source: Master1718

#24 Cow Falls Asleep After Boy Comes To Comfort Them When They Weren’t Feeling Well

Image source: Flare_Starchild

#25 Blessed Crow

Image source: AddableDragon51

#26 Penguins Mourning ⚱️

Image source:  gugulo

#27 No One Left Behind In Ukraine: These Pups Were Found Protecting Newborn Kittens ?❤?

Image source: Backwardsunday

#28 Kitty Doing A Concern And Fever Check

Image source:  My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#29 Truce Between Termites(Top) And Ants(Bottom) With Each Side Having Their Own Line Of Guards

Image source:  gugulo

#30 Some Amazing Details About The Little Girl Who Fed Crows And The Gifts They Gave Her As Thanks

Image source: gugulo

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