April 18, 2021

Drop Off Whatever You’re Doing And See This Dog Running Off With Owner’s Dentures

A dog is the best friend of a human.

Every dog owner has their own memories and stories about the pet, whether a good or bad memory it always refreshes the mind. Owners have experienced the chewed item by the puppy, and not only shoes, carpet but they also bite what they see at the moment.

Ben Campbell from Michigan is the owner of a dog who recently went viral on the internet.

This is Thomas.

This little mischief-maker was caught with a stolen pair of fake teeth and left his owner in stitches. Ben brought fake dentures to take some funny selfies to make others laugh. Even Thomas had an idea and tried them on. After sawing his loved pet with a mouthful of fake teeth he couldn’t stop the laugh.

Enjoy 🙂

His owner also shared a video of him getting scared of a carbonated beverage.

Here’s how people reacted

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