April 22, 2021

Graffiti Based On The Coronavirus Speaking Some Hurtful Truths

Lockdown caused by the novel coronavirus has put our lives on hold on so many aspects, and unfortunately, for some others, it has turned it into zero ground level. Streets are empty everywhere, giving an eerie sensation to everything around us.

But those who were always loyal to the streets, the street artists, once again are here to give voice to this deafening silence of the empty streets. After all, these artists are no strange to risks, such as law, even during safe times, and now it’s no difference. Besides, they wore masks before this became a “trend”, and judging by the graffiti they made, they are quite well aware of the risk from coronavirus. So we’re pretty sure they used protective equipment and washed their hands after they created these sadly beautiful murals and street graffiti.

Take a look for yourself below and let us know which ones you like or relate to the most! Stay safe, Earth Wanders!

1# Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Jules Muck


2# London, UK. Artist: N/A


3# Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Ruben Rojas


4# Copenhagen. Denmark. Artist: Andreas Welin


5# New York, USA. Artist: Jilly Ballistic

Jilly Ballistic

6# United Kingdom. Artist: Gnasher


7# Dublin, Ireland. Artist: Subset Collective


8# Bristol, UK. Artist: John D’oh


9# Melbourne, Australia. Artist: Lush Sux

lushsuxTranslation from Chinese – “Nothing to see, carry on.”

10# Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Jeremy Novy


11# Bristol, UK. Artist: John D’oh


12# Bryne, Norway. Artist: Pøbel

pobel.no“In these challenging times, I hope this piece can be a positive contribution and spread some joy. Be safe and take care of one another.”

13# New York, USA. Artist: Jason Naylor


14# London, UK. Artist: Pegaus


15# Tartu, Estonia. Artist: Princess Täna

princess_t2na“Living in a bubble. Just to be more ironic, a soap bubble.”

16# New York, USA. Artist: Crkshnk


17# Bristol, UK. Artist: Angus


18# Miami, USA. Artist: Sean “Hula” Yoro


19# Warsaw, Poland

cdn.natemat.pl Translates to: Not every hero wears a cape. Thank you! (Translation credit: Draco Malfoy)

20# Barcelona, Spain. Artist: Tvboy


21# Glasgow, UK. Artist: The Rebel Bear


22# Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Corie Mattie


23# Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Rasmus Balstrøm

balstroemBalstrøm who is originally from Denmark did this last mural before he had to flee the country.

24# Pompei, Italy. Artist: Nello Petrucci


25# Malmö, Sweden. Artist: Richard Juggins

Richard Juggins

26# Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Artist: Aira Ocrespo

Translation from Portuguese: “Bolsonaro’s mask against the Coronavirus.”

27# Los Angeles, USA. Artist: Ponywave


From the artist’s Instagram: “We all are going through this together. There is a reason which we will see after all. It’s time to look at ourselves. Take a look at what are we doing with the planet and our lifetime. Maybe we should change our priorities? Maybe we should slow down? Maybe we should take a look around and start respect our planet and all those with whom we share it? Maybe someone is trying to hide some changes? Or economic collapse? Maybe one more step to a new world order?” 

28# Barcelona, Spain. Artist: Tvboy

tvboy – “Divided we stand. Together we fall.”

29# Copenhagen, Denmark. Artist: Welinoo


30# Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Artist: Fake

iamfakeFake says to have painted this “Super Nurse” as an ode to all healthcare professionals around the world.