April 22, 2021

Mother And Daughter Duo Creates Impressive 3D Chalk Art

In northwest Fort Worth, there’s a mother-daughter artist duo sharing some cheer with their neighbors at the Marine Creek Ranch community with some amazing works of sidewalk art!

Jan Riggins and her 13-year-old daughter, Olivia, started putting their chalk pastels to good use last week, drawing several vibrantly colored images of various animals.

That same night, the two chalked out a butterfly together. Then an orca whale. By this point, Jan said Olivia was itching to do more and drew a beautiful jellyfish and frog on her own.

Neighbors have something to look forward to when they take a walk around the block to exercise during the quarantine. Now, Jan and Olivia are getting requests through their neighborhood Facebook group.

The duo started off by drawing koi fish and it quickly grew from there. Jan told us that the neighbors “really, really liked it,” so the two just kept going. They’ve now been drawing since late March and have already shared artworks of a butterfly, sea turtle, and even a baby Yoda.

Scroll down below to see the stunning artwork for yourself and let us know which ones you like the most!

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Credits: janrigginsart

“I became interested in chalk art about 5 years ago. Fort Worth (where I live), started a chalk art festival and I saw a posting on FB asking if anyone wanted to try something new. They had an amateur division with no cost to enter. I signed up and went and met one of the professional chalk artists. He told me to get ready, it is very addictive…and it is!” said Jan.

“After I won in the amateur division, I was invited to the professional division. Last year I participated in three festivals, and my goal was to participate in 6 festivals this year, and in March I was accepted to another festival. But when all of the festivals started getting canceled or postponed, I was really disappointed,” Jen told us. “That’s when I decided to just start using my sidewalk and driveway.”


Credits: janrigginsart – “Who knows if anyone else in my neighborhood will like this, but I do!”

“When all of the festivals started getting canceled or postponed, I was really disappointed,” said Jen, who also paints in watercolor and oils, “That’s when I decided to just start using my sidewalk and driveway.”

“So I went out to my front yard and chalked out the koi. That didn’t take long, so I added the tarantula, much to my arachnophobic husband’s dismay,” said Jan. “By then, my 13-year-old daughter wanted in on the fun and asked if she could help me with the next one.”


Credits: janrigginsart – “Remember the good ol’ days (last year) when we could do things like a spoon-and-egg race? I guess we can always pretend…”

“One Sunday I drew two little pieces, and then my daughter said she wanted to help,” the artist said. “I was actually a little tired by that pint, but she found a reference photo she really liked and got everything set up outside, so I sketched everything out and she chalked out half and I did the other half. Then she became as addicted as me.”

“I was working from home, and she started going outside a couple of hours before I got off work to get started and began sketching out her own pieces and chalking them, some of those I helped her finish. Now we usually work together by starting out with a sketch that I usually do, and then we divide up what parts of the piece that we will each work on. She definitely pulls her weight and does about half of the piece,” Jen explained.


Credits: janrigginsart – “Come at me, bro! Sometimes you just need to chalk out a defiant crawfish. I felt better after I finished this…not sure what that says about my mood tonight.”


Credits: janrigginsart – “Thought I would show some of the pretty old pastels I’ve been using. I inherited them from my grandmother. They had been in a box for years. I love using them to share these pieces with my neighborhood!”


Credits: janrigginsart – “I love anything shiny!”

“Neighbors really love our work,” Jen continued. “We have requests all the time, sometimes I get messages asking what is out there now so that people can walk down and look, and even our FedEx delivery driver said that he looks forward to driving down our street to take photos of what is new. Many neighbors have asked to pay us, but we aren’t doing this for money, just to give back. Some have been insistent that they help, and we have received several gifts of pastels to replace our diminishing stock.”

“We definitely want to continue this in the future…but probably not quite as often after all of this ends,” the artist told us. “I think it will definitely be for holidays and special occasions. My family has often commented that we are more connected with our neighborhood and community now, with social distancing, more than we ever were before.This has also been an experience with my daughter that I will forever be grateful for.”


Credits: janrigginsart


Credits: janrigginsart – “A little boy down the street was sad about not having a party for his birthday, so Olivia and I headed over early this morning to chalk out Mr Potato Head! It’s going to rain later, so we opted for the porch.”


Credits: janrigginsart – “My driveway was particularly warm and toasty as I was working on this…but as always, it was so relaxing and the perfect way to spend the evening. I really have about run out of room at this point.”


Credits: janrigginsart – “Waving goodbye to the sea life theme! We wanted to get in one more little creature…now we need to think of what to do for Earth Day!”


Credits: janrigginsart – “I did some solo chalking today. I missed my partner in crime…but I did have fun doing this as a photo op for a local church. I love all the winged creatures!”


Credits: janrigginsart


Credits: janrigginsart – “This time we went to my mother-in-law’s house to chalk out her favorite animal, an elephant!”


Credits: janrigginsart – “We did a little mini Baby Yoda tonight. It sure was hot when we started, but was a perfect evening when we finished.”


Credits: janrigginsart – “We had another birthday in the neighborhood today, so I headed over after work to leave a little present! It was cold, so I didn’t do anything complicated. I love my neighborhood!!!”


Credits: janrigginsart – “Decided we needed an early Easter present for our neighborhood”


Credits: janrigginsart – “My 13 year old daughter completed the jellyfish by herself today”


Credits: janrigginsart – “I’ve wanted to do this sea turtle for a while, but we honestly thought it would take too long to do after work. But, we started right at 5:30 and finished at 8, right before sunset!”


Credits: janrigginsart


Credits: janrigginsart –  “I’ve been thinking about how we could chalk this little fella out for the last couple of days. I busted out some good pastels to get the fuzzy details right.”