“Somehow Unfortunate Designs”: 20 Of The Most Disappointing Designs People Encountered

Before, we had Crappy Design, where people created things that didn’t function as intended, or were completely useless. Then, we had A-Hole Design, where things did function as intended, but their catch was they were designed for profit, exploiting the user ultimately. Now, it’s time to complete the trilogy.

Presenting Unfortunate Design, where things didn’t go too well from planning to posting. The designs you will see below from the community will surely make you question how much planning went into creating the designs. Unfortunately, the disastrous outcomes of the designs will give you a good estimate of the amount of planning. Scroll below to see 20 of the terribly-planned and terribly-executed designs!

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#1 Youtube’s Character Limit On TV App

Image source: psychicowl

#2 This Unfortunate Choice Of Name For A Nut Butter… They Didn’t Think This One Out

Image source: rasputinriver

#3 What

Image source: ajcapes

#4 Marketing Lesson

Image source: littletear

#5 2meirl4meirl

Image source: reddit.com

#6 Menu Holders Suggesting A Questionable Diet

Image source: tizlaylor

#7 The Most Unfortunately Named Garden Tool ~ever~

Image source: TheWholesomeViking

#8 That’s Either A Sick Joke Or A Sales Ploy?

Image source: PammyRich

#9 Sign At Universal Grad Bash Implies A Very Different Kind Of Party

Image source: JCBAwesomist

#10 Gym’s Recent Renovation = Inspirational Quote Gone Wrong

Image source: bettercalljess

#11 3f Arts

Image source: GooseMeBro

#12 How Many More Times Will I Think The Bread Bag Is Suffering From Condensation?!

Image source: mashed_potatoes_yas

#13 Design Of A College Building

Image source: cowslayer7890

#14 I’m Lost And You’re Not Helping

Image source: minimand

#15 Very, Very Unlucky

Image source: frostmonsters2

#16 Was Lincoln Really The Best Example For A Movie Theater?

Image source: reddit.com

#17 This Oddly Shaped Pool

Image source: FishManGuy

#18 From “Love Dachshunds” – Promoted Ad On Reddit

Image source: musicallyunbalanced

#19 Seriously Tho

Image source: Olalafafa

#20 Unfortunate Spelling In This Simple Diagram

Image source: nugtz

20 Of The Best Interior Design Moments From The 1980s, As Shared By This Instagram Account

The 80s was such a great decade known for its bustling life. It was during the time that Michael Jackson released Thriller. Cellphones also became common, and of course, computers were starting to become widespread. Pop culture was thriving as well!

So when we think of the 80s, we think of a wonderful decade where life was way less stressful. However, we would often forget to think about something else — home designs! So strap your seatbelts as we’re going to travel back to the 80s and explore the wonderful homes of this era!

More info: Instagram

#1 Skylight Anyone? The International Book Of Lofts – Susan Slesin, Stafford Cliff, Daniel Rozensztroch 1986

Image source: the_80s_interior

#2 The Los Angeles Time: California Home Book – 1982

Image source: the_80s_interior

#3 Decorating On The Cheap – Mary Gilliatt 1984

Image source: the_80s_interior

#4 80s Home Spa Realness! Beyond The Bath: A Dreamers Guide – Thomas Cowan 1983

Image source: the_80s_interior

#5 The Complete Home Book – Pamela Ferguson 1983

Image source: the_80s_interior

#6 Is It Comfortable? Who Cares When Your Bathroom Looks Like This! Bathroom Design – 1987

Image source: the_80s_interior

#7 Me: I Just Want A Subtle Look To My Dining Room. Also Me:

Image source: the_80s_interior

#8 Pool Party Anyone? Sunset: Ideas For Swimming Pools – 1981

Image source: the_80s_interior

#9 Hanging Plants, Wicker And Windows! The Los Angeles Times California Home Book, 1982

Image source: the_80s_interior

#10 Bedroom Decor – 1981

Image source: the_80s_interior

#11 “Making The Most Of A Wonderful Location On America’s West Coast, The Architect Has Designed The House Around The Windows.” Terence Conran’s New House Book 1985

Image source: the_80s_interior

#12 My 80s Conservatory Is Better Than Yours!

Image source: the_80s_interior

#13 Cove Haven – Pocono Resorts. The Legendary And Kitschiest Of Couples Resort Boasts Honeymoon Suites With 7-Foot Champagne Glass Whirlpool Baths Overlooking Glass Heart-Shaped Pools. Promo 1989

Image source: the_80s_interior

#14 Who Wants To Snuggle Up In Bed In This Loft Apartment, Watching And Listening To The Rain On The Slanted Windows? Decor By Design – 1988

Image source: the_80s_interior

#15 Esplanade Mall 1988

Image source: the_80s_interior

#16 Was There Ever A More 80s Bedroom?

Image source: the_80s_interior

#17 Mall 1981

Image source: the_80s_interior

#18 I Wouldn’t Need A Holiday If I Had This Fabulous 80s Slide At Home!

Image source: the_80s_interior

#19 When Your Office Building Has A Foyer With A Restaurant, Waterfall With Pond, Skylight And Tropical Planting ? Commercial Interiors International – Grosvenor Press 1986

Image source: the_80s_interior

#20 Decorating On The Cheap – Mary Gilliatt 1986

Image source: the_80s_interior

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