Superfan of ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ Built His Own Real-Life Hobbit House

We all want to care about things, but the superfan goes to lengths that far surpass the regular fan.

If you’re a huge fan of fantasy books, you’ve probably wished to get sucked into that fantastical world at one point. But one Lord of the Rings fan did the unthinkable. Instead of fantasizing to live in a fictional world, he rather brought the fantastical world into reality. Redditor user Kahlum1986 posted photos of a real-life Hobbit house that was built by his uncle Stuart Grant.

Redditor KahlumG recently shared pictures of his uncle Stuart Grant’s real-life Hobbit house.

As a mega fan of Tolkien’s epic fantasy novel, Stuart began constructing his real-life Hobbit house in the 1980’s. The fantastical tiny abode is located near Tomich, Scotland. So, if you’re also a Ringer, you may want to include this place into your bucket list. Built right into a hillside, the adorable home features a round door, grassy walls, and mossy roofs. The exterior indeed presents the exact replica of Bilbo Baggin’s iconic house.

If you’re interested in seeing the real Hobbit house for yourself, KahlumG says that Stuart loves guests. With such low ceilings, you’ll have to duck inside. But, you can be as tall as an Ent and still enjoy the cheery pond and greenhouse that are outside.

Built in the 1980s, it is as cozy inside as it is outside.

Here’s Stuart in front of his handiwork about 10 years ago.

Architect Designs Hotel in Norway With a Glass Swimming Pool Suspended in Mid-air

Usually, the main aim of hotels is to provide a comfortable accommodation, offering safety and relaxing spaces for travelers. However, there are also unique hotels made to give guests a thrilling experience rather than just a relaxing stay. And if you wonder which one you would rather go for, it all depends on your personality type and spirit energy.

Turkish Hayri Atak Studio is the designer of the proposed Cliff Concept Boutique Hotel into Preikestolen, a cliff in southern Norway. The hotel, which is definitely not for the faint hearted, has become a popular tourist attraction. Such hotel features a swimming pool with a see-through bottom that juts out from the side of the cliff face. It features three levels of guest rooms and two observation decks, one at the top of the cliff and one at the bottom – alongside the swimming pool. The first of its kind, this swimming pool can be placed on top of a 55-storey luxury hotel!

Simply scroll down, and enjoy the views of this gorgeous hotel. Also, remember to upvote your favorite view!

More Info: Hayri Atak | Instagram

#1 Cliff Conceptual Boutique Hotel – Norway – 2019










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